New Wildfires Ignite on Labor Day | Sept 4 2017

POST SUMMARY | Due to the vast number of wildfires breaking out, we will be only covering any wildfire over 10,000 acres in detail, while those under this total will be summarized at the end of each of their States respectively.  

Here are the wildfires for the State of Washington. Oregon will be posted shortly.

DIAMOND CREEK FIRE .   27 miles NNW of Winthrop and 12 miles North of Mazama, WA. Start 7/23/17. Burning within the Pasayten Wilderness.  The fire crossed into Canada on August 29, 2017.

Fire continued to move East 2-3 miles further into the Ashonola drainage and into farther North in BC. Smoke could be seen to the West, moving into the Little Willie drainage. Fire is expected to move towards Spanish Camp, Remmel Lake and Ptarmigan Creek areas.  Smoke to impact air quality in upper Methow Valley.  Large smoke columns expected to impact nearby trails.

mopping up along the fireline

75,000 acres.  65% contained.  Estimated containment is 10/15/2017.

Cause is unknown, under investigation.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency. 50 personnel. 2 engines and 1 helicopter.

1 home and 2 minor structures were destroyed and 4 minor structures are threatened.

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JOLLY MOUNTAIN FIRE.   11 miles NW of Cle Elum, WA on the Okanogan – Wenatchee NF.  Start 8/11/17 by lightning. Timber (litter and understory).

 20,975 acres. 0% containment. Estimated containment is 10/15/2017.

Extreme fire behavior with crowning, long-range spotting and flanking.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency.  677 personnel. 12 crews, 77 engines and 5 helicopters.

Heavy smoke settled into the valleys and did not lift until 1600 hours.  Fire behavior increased but not as significantly as it did on Saturday allowing fire crews to make good progress in the Teanaway Valley area. Crews continued burnout operations throughout the night to further secure communities and values at risk. Aerial resources helped slow the fire’s forward progression along the Sasse Ridge and on Hex Mountain.

Incident Operations Chief Brad Sawyer at Community Meeting August 31, 2017

4,204 homes and 1,073 minor structures are threatened.

Evacuations, which impacted homes, shelter info. Contact the EOC at 509-933-8305.

$10.8 Million CTD.

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NORSE PEAK FIRE .  11 miles West of Cliffdell, WA on the Okanogan – Wenatchee NF. This fire along with the American Fire are being managed by the same IC IMT team and resources. Start 8/11/2017 by lightning. Timber (litter and understory), heavy dead and down material.

PUBLIC MEETING.  9/5/2017 @  1830 – 1900 hours. Nile Valley Community Church, 60 Bedrock Lane in Naches.

Smoke is coming from a wilderness area, with a yellow view around them.

 Inversion conditions remained in place, giving firefighters opportunities to make progress on containment lines.  Brushing operations continued along 462 Rd. to the West.  Prep work continues along FS Rd. 1900 to the East between 410 and Kaner Flat.

USDA Forest Service lead Agency. 330 personnel. 6 crews, 28 engines , 7 water tenders and 2 helicopters.

 Incident Cooperators are the Nile – Cliffdell FD, WA DNR, Yakima Valley OEM and USFS.

An Engine Crew wating for a large orange tank of water to fill up. Crew members are sitting by the supplies setting some up and making sure the Tank fills properly

110 homes are threatened.   Level 1 Evacuations.  All facilities along Bumping River Road and the 1900 Road up to Kaner Flat Campground.

An Engine Crew waiting for the orange  portable tank of water aka Pumpkin to fill up.Forest Closures List.

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American Fire.  364 acres. 0% contained. Estimated containment 10/1/2017. 2 personnel. $396,000 CTD.  Fire being managed with the Norse Peak Fire.  Fire is located 11 miles West of Cliffdell, WA on the Okanogan-Wenatchee NF.

Bridge Creek Fire.  3,696 acres. 75% contained. 311 personnel. 4 crews, 9 engines and 6 helicopters. $14.8 Million CTD.  fire is located 11 miles NE of Keller, WA in the Colville Agency, BIA managed lands.

Jack Creek Fire.  1,200 acres. 0% contained. 20 personnel. 0 resources. $25,000 CTD.  Fire is located 15 miles SW of Leavenworth, WA on the Okanogan-Wenatchee NF.

Uno Peak Fire. 2,151 acres. 1% contained. 166 personnel. 4 crews, 1 engine, 2 helicopters. 1 structure lost. $650,000 CTD.  Fire is located 16 miles NW of Manson, WA on the Okanogan-Wenatchee NF.


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