Some WA Fires To be Contained | Sept 16 2017

POST SUMMARY |  Western  Washington State wildfires are due to get some much-needed relief from a future heavy rainfall due to hit multiple areas in the upcoming week.  This should aid fire crews in providing some mutual aid in getting these fires contained quickly.  Eastern Washington and Oregon are due to expect some cooling temps.

We are currently reporting on 25+ wildfires and we have merged several sources into one single post.  Here is the recap for Saturday, 9/16/2017.  NOTE:  Fire map is reporting wildfires in size of 300 acres or more.  Credit:  NIFC

1.  AMERICAN FIRE.   Okanogan – Wenatchee NF.  11 miles W of Cliffdell, WA.  Start 8/10/2017.  Lightning.

Moderate fire behavior with group torching, backing and creeping.  Fire has been active on North side of SR 410. Crews will continue to improve line and mop-up.  3,739 acres. 0% contained. 0 resources.

110 homes threatened. $950,000 cost-to-date.  (Sources:  NIFC, NWCC, Inciweb)

Level 1 - Be Ready, Level 2 - Be Set, Level 3 - Go

If there were Evacuations where you are during a wildfire? Would you know what the Evacuation Levels mean? Here is a great way to prepare you and your family.

2.  CHETCO BAR FIRE.   Rogue River – Siskiyou NF. 17 miles W of Selma and E/NE of Brookings, OR.  In the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.  Start 7/12/2017. Lightning caused.  Burning in the 2002 Biscuit Fire and 1987 Silver Fire burn scars.  Timber (litter/understory), medium logging slash and chaparral (6′). 

Moderate fire behavior with creeping, backing and torching.  189,562 acres. 40% contained.  1,676 personnel. 56 crews, 44 engines and 12 helos. ( includes 3 Type 3, 3 Type 2 and 1 Type 1 helicopters, 3 National Guard type 1 Helicopter) East Zone alone:  14 Type 2 crews, 6 engines, 3 fallers, 1 feller buncher, 4 dozers, 5 water tenders, 6 masticators, 2 chippers, 1 skidder and 1 grader.

30 structures lost. Still threatened are 413 homes, 197 non-residential commercial  and 197 mixed use commercial/residential structures.  $53.2 M cost-to-date. (Sources: NIFC, NWCC, Inciweb)

Colorful smoke cloud in the distance at sunset with Lake Selmac and tents ofn the grass in the foreground.

Chetco Fire – East Zone Fire Camp at Lake Selmac.

3.  DESOLATION FIRE.  Ochoco NF.  20 miles NE Prineville, OR in the Mill Creek Wilderness.  Started 9/9/2017.

Moderate fire behavior with flanking and backing.  2,763 acres. 0% contained.  206 personnel.  7 crews and 12 engines.

31 homes, 33 mixed commercial/residential structures and 90 other minor buildings are threatened. $800,000 cost-to-date.  (Sources: NIFC, NWCC, Inciweb)

Burnout Operations,September13, picture2

Burnout operations on the Desolation Fire on 9/3/2017.

4.  DIAMOND CREEK FIRE.   Okanogan – Wenatchee NF.  27 miles N of Winthrop, WA. Started 7/23/2017. Cause under unknown & under investigation.

Moderate fire behavior with torching and uphill runs.  125,300 acres. 30% contained. 215 personnel. 7 crews, 9 engines and 2 helos.

3 structures lost.  500 homes threatened with 6 mixed commercial residential and 150 minor structures as well as 50 non-residential commercial properties. $11.7 M cost-to-date.  (Sources: NIFC, NWCC, Inciweb)

Firefighters use hand tools to clear fuel on a rocky hillside

Building a handline through rocky terrain.

5.  EAGLE CREEK FIRE.  Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. 1 mile from Cascade Locks, OR.  Started 9/2/2017.  Human caused & under investigation.

Moderate fire behavior with group torching, backing and creeping.  45,579 acres. 32% contained.  

Archer Fire.  260 acres. 100% contained.

Total Resources. 1,060 personnel. 27 crews (5Type 1, 14-Type 2, 8 Type 2 Initial Attack) , 61 engines, 12 helos, 9 bulldozers, 18 water tenders.

4 structures lost.  5,461 homes threatened.  $15.8 M cost-to-date. (Sources : NIFC, NWCC, Inciweb, Facebook)

A squad of firefighters surveys the Eagle Creek Fire

Firefighters conducting surveys on the Eagle Creek Fire.

6.  EAST CRATER FIRE.  Gifford Pinchot NF.  12 miles W of Trout Lake, WA. Started 9/3/2017. Cause unknown. Estimated containment date is 10/31/2017. 

Moderate fire behavior. 483 acres.  0% contained.  33 personnel.  1 crew and 1 engine. $424,000 cost-to-date.

 No structures are not currently under threat.  (Sources: NIFC, NWCC and Inciweb)

Large column of smoke,various shades of grey, rising above the forested landscape in the Indian Heaven Wilderness. A small pristine mountain lake is visible in foreground with high alpine trees bordering the lake.

Credit: USFS


7.  HIGH CASCADE COMPLEX.   Rogue River – Siskiyou NF.  9 miles NE of Prospect, OR.   IMT also managing Spruce Lake Fire.

Active fire behavior with single-tree torching, uphill runs and backing.  61,508 acres.  18% contained.  805 personnel.  12 crews, 44 engines, 5 helicopters. 


Spruce Lake Fire.  15,789 acres. 27% contained. Minimal fire behavior. Crews are working to strengthen fire lines.

Blanket Creek Fire.  31,632 acres. 20% contained. Crews continue to hold and strengthen containment lines to the north and east. Structure protection in Mazama Village in Crater Lake NP.

North Pelican Fire. 3,589 acres. 25% contained. Crews working to the build containment lines on the North side, pushing the fire back into the wilderness. 


Broken Lookout Fire.  70-member US Army Strike team continued work on helping aid fire crews and giving them much-needed rest. Strike team has been deployed due to extreme fire conditions and when resources are scarce.  

Fire managers are watching potential fire growth near Jackson Creek, where several structures are supporting stream restoration, spawning and brood habitat for Chinook salmon and the endangered Coho salmon. Structure protection is in place for fire lines.

Pup Fire. Fire crews are continuing to scout for potential containment lines. Hazard trees will be removed.  Working to secure the eastern edge of the fire.


69 homes, 23 mixed commercial/residential, 100 other minor structures threatened. 1 minor structure destroyed. $44.5 M cost-to-date. (Sources:  NIFC)

Smoke column near Crater Lake NP

Smoke plume west of Crater NP’s West entrance.

8.  HORSE CREEK COMPLEX.   Willamette NF.  7 miles S of Belknap, OR.  IMT is also managing Rebel Fire.  Started 8/21/2017. Cause unknown and is being investigated.  Timber, litter and light logging slash.

Active fire with single-tree torching, flanking and backing.  32,567 acres. 0% contained.  357 personnel.  10 crews, 24 engines and 2 helos.  

42 homes, 688 mixed commercial/residential structures and 150 other minor buildings.  $5.5 M cost-to-date.  (Sources: NIFC)

Rebel Fire.  Willamette NF. 22 miles N of Oakridge, OR. Started 8/4/2017. Cause unknown. 8,653 acres. $6.3 M cost-to-date. Was covered as a separate fire but is part of this complex.  141 personnel. 2 crews and 3 engines.

Roney Fire.  3,548 acres.  Fire is being monitored.

Avenue Fire.  2,962 acres. Being contained on the North by burnouts along forest roads and bulldozer lines. Fire continues to move West on the ridge top South of Horse Creek and down to King Creek. Wind direction changed producing an increase in unhealthy smoke levels around McKenzie Bridge. Smoke grounded air resources on the North side on Friday. East edge of fire is slowly moving towards the Roney Fire. 

Separation Fire.  17,747 acres.  Firefighters finished protection efforts near the Melakwa Boy Scout Camp and starting mop-up operations. Resource advisors visited the Camp to assess what their environmental needs are. They are also working to protect resources at Scott Lake Campground and Frog Camp.

Sept 15 - Firefighters protected buildings at Camp Melakwa by laying firehose and setting up sprinklers.

Hose lines protect Camp structures. (Structure protection)

Nash Fire.  6,738 acres.  Fire crews hiked in 7 miles in to the fire using bladder bags (backpacks water pumps) to manage movement of the wildfire.  It is currently smoldering and creeping through ground cover on the South perimeter.  Little movement has been observed on the SE edge as it continues towards the Cascade Lakes Hwy.


Total 41,220 acres.  Total Resources:  542 personnel. 13 crews, 2 helicopters, 27 engines, 4 bulldozers, 6 water tenders, 1 masticator and 2 skidgens.

Briefing at McCoy Spike Camp.

9.  HORSE PRAIRIE FIRE.   OR DOF – Central Unit.  15 miles NW of Canyonville, OR. Started 8/26/2017.  Cause unknown.  Timber (litter and understory) and medium logging slash.

16,436 acres. 90% contained. 286 personnel. 7 crews, 10 engines and 3 helos. 

2 structures lost.  9 homes and 2 other minor structures threatened. $16.2 M cost-to-date.  (Sources:  NIFC, NWCC, Inciweb)

Horse Prairie Fire Panoramic Photo

10. INDIGO FIRE.  8 miles E of Agnes Creek, OR.  Fire active again on Friday, 9/15/2017.

521 acres mostly to the West. Fire behavior is active with short uphill runs and group tree torching.  (Sources:  NIFC, Inciweb)

Forested hills with smoke columns and cloud of smoke above. Old sngas from the Biscuit Fire are in the foreground

Fire seen of the Indigo Fire. Foreground are snags from the Biscuit Fire.

11.  JOLLY MTN FIRE.  Okanogan – Wenatchee NF. 13 miles NE of Cle Elum, WA. Started 8/11/2017. Lightning. 

Fire behavior has been knocked down from active fire to moderate fire with group torching, spotting and backing.  Transfer of command from IMT Type 1 will go back to the local unit on 9/18/2017.   Containment date is expected on 10/15/2017.

34,221 acres. 30% contained.  788 personnel 13 crews, 46 engines and 5 helos.  

4,204 homes and 1,073 minor structures threatened. Evacuation orders Level 3 reduced to Level 2. $22.5 M cost-to-date. (Sources: NIFC, NWCC, Inciweb)

Hoselay Removal

Hoselay removal.

12.  JONES FIRE.   Willamette NF.  10 miles NE of Lowell, OR and 9 miles East of Fall Creek reservoir.  1 mile North of Clark Butte, OR.  Burning in the Little Fall Creek watershed. Started 8/10/2017. Lightning.  Timber (grass and understory), closed timber litter and lichen/moss in trees creating aerial fire fuels.  Some have been known to spread fire.

Moderate fire behavior with single-tree torching and flanking.  9,562 acres. 54% contained. 259 personnel. 4 crews, 15 engines and 6 helos. Estimated containment is 9/30/2017.

1 structure lost. $19.4 M cost-to-date.  (Sources:  NIFC, NWCC, Inciweb)

A Fire crew posing in front of a burnout fire.

Burnout operations crew.  Credit:  Marcus Kauffman

13.  KELSEY CREEK FIRE.  NEW!!  Willamette NF. 11 miles E of Oakridge, OR.  Burning on the Middle Fork Ranger District. Timber. Reported on 9/9/2017. Lightning caused. 

Extreme fire behavior with group torching, uphill runs and spotting.  Estimated containment status of 10/31/2017.   300 acres. 0% contained.

81 personnel. 1 crew, 2 helicopter and 6 engines.  NW IMT Team 7 will take command on 9/17/2017.

(Source:  NIFC, NWCC)

 14.  MILLER COMPLEX.  Rogue River – Siskiyou NF. 17 miles E of Cave Junction, OR.  Started 814/2017 around 1400 hours PDT.  Timber, mixed conifer understory with Shasta Red Dir dominance and numerous snags.  NW IMT Team 9.

Abney Fire. Fire crossed the West Fork of Dutch Creek and traveled up/over the handline placed upon the ridge above the creek.  In the Joe Bar area, fire has now backed down to the creek.  It is expected that it will go through many locations.  Joe Bar is under an evacuation order.

Burnt Peak Fire.  Suppression repair is the next  fire tactic to be used. The fire is almost near completion.

Creedence Fire.  Near completion and along the same lines as the Burnt Peak Fire.

Bigelow Fire.  Near completion and with the same future tactics as the Burnt Peak and Creedence Fires.


Moderate fire behavior with isolated tree torching, flanking and backing.  35,845 acres. 59% contained. 530 personnel.  14 crews, 28 engines and 3 helicopters.   Incident Cooperators include Harbor Rural Fire Protection Dept., OR State Fire Marshal, OR DOT, OR DOF, RRSNF.  

$23.7 M cost-to-date. (Sources: NIFC, Inciweb)

Incident Meterologist monitoring balloon date.

15.  MILLI FIRE.  Deschutes NF.  9 miles W of Sisters, OR and burning in the Three Sisters Wilderness. Started 8/11/2017.  Cause unknown & under investigation. 

Minimal fire behavior.  24,025 acres. 60% contained.  27 personnel. 4 engines.  

$16.4 M cost-to-date. (Sources: NIFC, Inciweb)

Successful burnout operations

Burnout operations on the Milli Fire.

16.  NORSE PEAK FIRE.  Okanogan – Wenatchee NF.  11 miles W of Cliffdell, WA. Fire has been broken into 2 different zones (North and South). Started 8/11/2017. Lightning. Timber (litter and understory), heavy dead and down materials.

Moderate fire behavior with group torching, backing and creeping.  Transfer of command from IMT Type 2 to IMT Type 1 to change over on Sunday, 9/17/2017.  56,355 acres. 12% contained.  635 personnel. 17 crews, 24 engines, 2 bulldozers, 10 water tenders and 4 helos.

320 homes threatened.  1 structure lost. $15.1 M cost-to-date. (Sources:  NIFC, NWCC, Inciweb)

Sept. 16 ICP Photo

These are the men/women faces behind those who work at the Incident Command Post. (DNR + WA National Guard)

17.  POTATO HILL FIRE.  Willamette NF.  20 miles NW of Sisters, OR in the McKenzie Ranger District and West of FS Rd 2690/South of Hwy 20.  Started 8/29/2017. Cause unknown, under investigation. Heavy logging slash and timber.

Minimal fire behavior.  199 acres. 95% contained.  1 personnel. 0 resources. $484,000 cost-to-date.  (Sources:  NIFC, Inciweb)

View from US20 of helicopter dropping water


18.  SAWMILL CREEK FIRE.   Fire is still threatening the City of Tacoma watershed, industrial timberland and DNR and Forest service lands.

Point-of-Interest:  The 1,098 acres is the size of 57 Seattle Seahawks training complexes and 1,450 football fields…. Good to Know!

No structures damaged or destroyed reported.  $3.1 M cost-to-date.   (Sources:  NIFC, NWCC and Inciweb)

Great energy at the ICP

19.  UMPQUA NORTH COMPLEX.  Umpqua NF.  50 miles East of Roseburg, OR.   (6 fires) Started 8/11/2017. Lightning caused.  Timber, forest litter, grass and shrubs are fire fuels. Great Basin IMT 3, a Type 2 IMT team assumed command on 9/15/2017 @ 1900 hours PDT.

Fire 625.  Burning in Devil Canyon area. Lightning caused. 1.5 acres. Contained. 

Devils Fire.  Hoselay and pump established along a 5-active portion of the fire to spray water. 

Happy Dog Fire.  Min fire growth

Ragged Ridge Fire.  Min fire growth.


Active fire behavior with uphill runs, group torching and backing.  42,775 acres. 38% contained.  763 personnel.  13 20-person crews, 35 engines,5 bulldozers, 13 water tenders and 5 helos.

79 homes, 48 non-residential structures and 21 other minor structures threatened.  13 non-residential structures damaged. 1 structure lost.  Evacuations are still in effect. $33.5 M cost-to-date. (Sources: NIFC, Inciweb)

Point-of-Interest:  255 JBLM soldiers from the 23rd Brigade Engineer Battalion and 1-23 Infantry Battalion have been deployed to assist with this Complex. (Source: NIFC)

Burn Operation in Toketee Falls

Burnout operations in Toketee Falls.

20.  UNO PEAK FIRE.   Okanogan – Wenatchee NF.  16 miles NW of Manson, WA.   Started 8/30/2017. Cause unknown.  Timber, grass fire fuels. Rugged terrain.

Minimal fire behavior with isolated torching, flanking and backing.  8,726 acres. 15% contained. 297 personnel. 6 crews, 12 engines and 5 helicopters.  Fire remained 2 miles upslope from Lake Chelan and is slowly backing downhill within the 2001 Rex Creek fire area.

13 homes and 22 other minor structures threatened. 1 cabin lost.  $5.1 M cost-to-date.  (Sources:  NIFC, Inciweb)

Hand crews work constructing containment line on the Uno Peak Fire

Hand crews work to establish a containment line.

21.  WHITEWATER FIRE.  10 miles E of Idanha, OR. Moderate fire behavior with isolated torching, flanking and backing.  

14,005 acres. 35% contained.  341 personnel.  7 crews, 11 engines and 2 helos.  

143 homes, 1 mixed residential/commercial building, 2 non-res commercial structures and 54 other minor buildings. $33.4 M cost-to-date.  (Sources:  Inciweb Last updated 9/15/2017, NIFC)

Crews work to secure the edge of the Scorpion Fire

Firefighters securing the edge of the Scorpion Fire on the Whitewater Fire.

22. CRAB CREEK FIRE.  NEW!!  BLM – Spokane District Office. 28 miles NE of Moses Lake, WA. Brush and grass as fire fuels. Started 9/9/2017. Cause unknown & under investigation.

Active fire behavior with running and flanking. Structures/sage-grouse habitat threatened.  300 acres. 0% contained. 81 personnel. 1 crew, 6 engines and 2 helos. $750,000 cost-to-date.

1 homes and 2 minor structures threatened. (Source: NIFC, NWCC)


FIRE IMAGES.  All Fire Images are provided by the Courtesy of Inciweb which are taken by various unknown fire personnel and uploaded into this multi-agency SitRep format. We have given those Photo Credit to the best of our ability and do not lay any claims to these images. All content (excluding images) is copyrighted.

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