POST SUMMARY |  Some parts of Washington State and Oregon are getting a fresh look at how Mother Nature is now helping, instead of hindering fire suppression efforts. This, we are pretty sure is what firefighters and those that have been impacted by wildfires have been looking for all summer long.

Here is our recap for Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

Welcome FALL, we thought you’d never come along but now – here you are. 


Okanogan – Wenatchee NF.  11 miles W of Cliffdell, WA.  Start 8/10/2017.  Lightning.

 Moderate fire behavior with backing, creeping and smoldering.  3,583 acres. 95% contained. Minimal fire behavior due to rainfall over fire area.  $1.1 Million cost-to-date (NIFC)


Rogue River – Siskiyou NF. 17 miles W of Selma and E/NE of Brookings, OR.  In the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.  Start 7/12/2017. Lightning caused.  Burning in the 2002 Biscuit Fire and 1987 Silver Fire burn scars.  Timber (litter/understory), medium logging slash and chaparral (6′). 

Incident Cooperators include the Red Cross, BLM, USDA Forest Service, Brookings Fire & Rescue, Coos FPA, Curry County, Harbor RFPD, Illinois Valley FD, Josephine County (JoCo), OR DOT – Trip Check, ODOF and the OR State FMO’s office.

Minimal fire behavior with backing, creeping and smoldering due to rainfall over the area.  190,512 acres with a 77% containment status.  1,440 personnel. 47 crews, 50 engines and 8 helicopters. 30 structures lost. $55 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)

A Prineville Hotshot Crew member monitors a “burn out” near the confluence of Meadow Creek and the Pistol River on September 15, 2017.



Ochoco NF.  20 miles NE Prineville, OR in the Mill Creek Wilderness.  Started 9/9/2017. Lightning.  Burning in the 2000 Hash Rock Fire scar.

Moderate fire behavior with flanking and backing.  3,428 acres with a 20% containment status. 195 personnel. 7 crews, 12 engines and 4 helicopters. $1 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)

Burnout Operations,September13, picture3


 Okanogan – Wenatchee NF.  27 miles N of Winthrop, WA. Started 7/23/2017. Cause is unknown & under investigation. Fire still burning in the United States and in Canada where it crossed over.

Minimal fire behavior with backing, creeping and smoldering. Rain fell over the fire area help aid firefighters. 129,000 acres. 30% contained. 294 personnel.  9 crews, 11 engines and 3 helicopters. 3 structures lost. $12.5 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)

Firefighters use tools to clear debris from work area  


Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. 1 mile from Cascade Locks, OR.  Started 9/2/2017.  Human caused & under investigation. ICP breaking down camp and moving from the HRV Fairgrounds to Cascade Locks.

Minimum fire behavior due to rain that fell over the fire line helping reduce fire activity. 48,665 acres. 46% contained.  353 personnel. 6 crews, 10 engines, 4 helicopters and 2 water tenders.  $18.9 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)



Gifford Pinchot NF.  12 miles W of Trout Lake, WA. Started 9/3/2017. Cause unknown. Estimated containment date is 10/31/2017. 

Minimum fire behavior due to substantial rains moving into the area assisting firefighters.  483 acres. 0% containment. 8 personnel and 1 engine.$454,000 cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)

Large column of smoke,various shades of grey, rising above the forested landscape in the Indian Heaven Wilderness.  A small pristine mountain lake is visible in foreground with high alpine trees bordering the lake.
Credit: USFS


Rogue River – Siskiyou NF.  9 miles NE of Prospect, OR.  

Minimal fire behavior with backing, creeping and smoldering due to rainfall over the fire line.  79,342 acres. 32% contained.  905 personnel. 22 crews, 44 engines and 5 helicopters. 1 structure lost. $46.5 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)

Smoke filters through the trees on the High Cascade Complex East Zone


Willamette NF.  7 miles S of Belknap, OR.  IMT is also managing Rebel Fire.  Started 8/21/2017. Cause unknown and is being investigated.  Timber, litter and light logging slash.

Minimal fire behavior with creeping due to moderate to  heavy rainfall over the fire area. 32,567 total acres with a 0% containment status. 348 personnel. 7 crews, 23 engines and 2 helicopters, 2 bulldozers and 6 water tenders. $7.1 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)

Firefighters stand around a large puddle after mornning briefing at the Rebel Fire Base Camp on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017. Mother Nature has helped suppression efforts with 2+ inches of rain in the past two days. Tim Mowry/Alaska IMT
Credit: AK IMT



OR DOF – Central Unit.  15 miles NW of Canyonville, OR. Started 8/26/2017.  Cause unknown.  Timber (litter and understory) and medium logging slash.  

Minimal fire behavior. 16,436 acres with 95% containment status. 57 personnel. 1 crew, 4 engines and 1 helicopter. 2 structures destroyed. $16.3 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)

National Guard Troops have demobed from the Horse Prairie Fire
National Guard unit demobilizing




Okanogan – Wenatchee NF. 13 miles NE of Cle Elum, WA. Started 8/11/2017. Lightning. 

Fire behavior is minimal with rain hitting the area. 36,808 acres. 40% contained.   136 personnel. 5 crews, 13 engines and 2 helicopters. $24 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)

Image may contain: sky, outdoor, nature and water
Credit: Kittitas County Sheriff Office


Willamette NF.  10 miles NE of Lowell, OR and 9 miles East of Fall Creek reservoir.  1 mile North of Clark Butte, OR.  Burning in the Little Fall Creek watershed. Started 8/10/2017. Lightning.  Timber (grass and understory), closed timber litter and lichen/moss in trees creating aerial fire fuels.  Some have been known to spread fire.

Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering . 10,522 acres. 75% contained.  200 personnel.  5 crews, 13 engines and 3 helicopters. 1 structure destroyed.  $20.4 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb).

Intense Fire Activity


Willamette NF. 11 miles E of Oakridge, OR.  Burning on the Middle Fork Ranger District. Timber. Reported on 9/9/2017. Lightning caused. 

Minimal fire behavior. 527 acres. 10% contained. 202 personnel. 5 crews, 6 engines and 3 helicopters. $950,000 cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)



 Rogue River – Siskiyou NF. 17 miles E of Cave Junction, OR.  Started 814/2017 around 1400 hours PDT.  Timber, mixed conifer understory with Shasta Red Dir dominance and numerous snags.  NW IMT Team 9.

Incident Cooperators include Harbor Rural Fire Protection Dept., OR State Fire Marshal, OR DOT, OR DOF, RRSNF.  

Minimal fire behavior with rain over the fire ground. 36,302 acres. 65% containment. 409 personnel. 10 crews, 16 engines and 3 helos. $25.6 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)


Deschutes NF.  9 miles W of Sisters, OR and burning in the Three Sisters Wilderness. Started 8/11/2017.  Cause unknown & under investigation. 

Minimal fire behavior. 24,079 acres. 65% contained. 14 personnel. 3 engines. $16.5 Million cost-to-date.

Milli Fire on 8-16-17 at 4:00 p.m.


Okanogan – Wenatchee NF.  11 miles W of Cliffdell, WA. Fire has been broken into 2 different zones (North and South). Started 8/11/2017. Lightning. Timber (litter and understory), heavy dead and down materials.

Minimal fire activity with rain falling over the area. 52,502 acres. 80% containment. 654 personnel. 14 crews, 25 engines and 5 helicopters. 1 structure lost. $ Unknown cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)

View from Pyramid Pass 9-3
Credit: Ken Didion


 South of the Tacoma Watershed, Washington. Started 9/4/2017 around 1930 hours. Cause is unknown and under investigation. 

Incident Cooperators include the Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA, King County, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie NF, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Oka-Wen NF, Pierce County Sheriff, Tacoma Water(shed), WA State National Guard and WSDOT.

Min fire behavior with backing, creeping and rain over the area. 1,016 acres. 0% containment status. Total personnel 654 personnel. 19 crews, 27 engines, 5 helos, 1 bulldozer and  9 water tenders (shared among Norse Peak, American, Sawmill Fires). $3.9 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)

Sawmill Creek Fire Sept. 12, 2017


Umpqua NF.  50 miles East of Roseburg, OR.   (6 fires) Started 8/11/2017. Lightning caused.  Timber, forest litter, grass and shrubs are fire fuels. Great Basin IMT 3, a Type 2 IMT team assumed command on 9/15/2017 @ 1900 hours PDT.




Min fire activity with flanking, creeping and backing. Rain fell over the area. Total 43,139 acres with a 38% containment status. 572 personnel with 11 crews, 22 engines and 5 helicopters. 1 structure lost. $35 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)

Standing in the Shadows of Fire


Okanogan – Wenatchee NF.  16 miles NW of Manson, WA.   Started 8/30/2017. Cause unknown.  Timber, grass fire fuels. Rugged terrain.

Min fire activity due to rain that fell over the area. 8,726 acres. 20% containment. 223 personnel. 4 crews, 9 engines and 1 helo.  1 structure lost. $6.2 Million cost-to-date. (NIFC, Inciweb)

National Guard rolling hose
National Guard rolling hose.


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