WILDFIRE RECAP: Current Active Fires Burning in U.S. | Monday, June 11 2018

UNITED STATES – There have been so many wildfires burning during this crazy and most expected Fire Season but we know if we capture them one-by-one for each wildfire, we would probably cause your Social Media pages to implode, so we are doing a Wildfire Recap of  all current and active fires from several acres to thousands of them.

377 (AZ)

The 377 Fire is burning on Apache-Sigreaves NF lands about 5 miles northeast of Heber in timber and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. 4,833 acres. 90% contained. 57 personnel. 1 crew. 2 engines. 1 helicopter. $1M CTD. #377Fire

416 (CO)

The 416 Fire is located in the San Juan National Forest, about 13 miles north of Durango in timber and brush.  Active fire behavior is present with group torching, single-tree torching and spotting.  Structures are under direct threat, while evacuations, road, area and trail closures remain in effect.  22,131 acres. 10% containment. Fire was said to be growing largely to the west. 813 personnel. 18 crews. 47 engines. 8 helicopters. $6.6M CTD. #416Fire


The Airline Fire is burning in the area of the San Benito-Monterey unit (CAL FIRE) about 16 miles north of King City in brush and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior is reported.  1,314 acres. 92% containment. 136 personnel. 2 crews. 20 engines. $4.1M CTD. #AirlineFire


The Apple Fire also burning in the same unit as the CHROME FIRE is burning 5 miles northeast of Flournoy in brush and tall grass.  It too, has a minimal fire behavior showing. 2,956 acres. 90% containment. 28 personnel. 7 engines and 9 structure lost. $141K CTD. #AppleFire


Bocco Fire is a new fire in the last 24 hours that is burning in the district of the Colorado River Valley Field Office on BLM lands about 3 miles northwest of Wolcott in chaparral and short grass.  Moderate fire behavior is present with flanking, backing and creeping.  Structures and sage-grouse habitat is being threatened.  415 acres. 20% contained. 148 personnel. 5 crews. 7 engines. 2 helicopters. $450K CTD. #BoccoFire


The Burro Fire is burning about 14 miles south of Rico in the San Juan National Forest.  Active fire behavior is occurring with short-crown runs, flanking and torching.  Roads, area, trail closures are in effect.  1,000 acres. 0% containment. 123 personnel. 5 crews. 1 engine.  $400,000 CTD. #BurroFire


Burning 10 miles east of the Reserve on New Mexico, this wildfire behavior is moderate with backing, flanking and torching.  Structures are still under threat. 41,227 acres.  69% contained.  405 personnel. 8 crews. 9 engines. 4 helos. $10.8M CTD. #BuzzardFire


The Chrome Fire is burning in the area of CAL FIRE’s Tehama-Glenn Unit about 5 miles northwest of Chrome in brush and tall grass with minimal fire activity showing.  2,290 acres. 50% containment status. 250 personnel. 10 crews. 20 engines. 1 helo.  1 structure lost. $389K CTD.  #ChromeFire


The Eagle Canyon Fire is burning in the southeast area of the Oklahoma DOF’s lands, about 9 miles east of Cloudy in timber.  There is extreme fire  behavior that is running. 300 acres. 50% containment.  16 personnel. 7 engines. $18K CTD. #EagleCanyonFire


The Eastern Fire is also burning in the same CAL FIRE Unit’s area but 6 miles east of Bitterwater in brush and tall grass with minimal fire behavior.  513 acres. 92% containment. 312 personnel. 8 crews. 30 engines.  $1.9M CTD. #EasternFire


The Emery Gap Fire is burning 8 miles north of Folsom in timber, brush and short grass.  Fire behavior is active with group torching, single-tree torching and spotting. 850 acres. 25% containment.  122 personnel.  3 crews. 14 engines. 2 helicopters. $145K CTD. #EmeryGapFire


Horseshoe Fire is burning in the Sal Lake Field Office on BLM lands, 5 miles northwest of Lakeside in short grass.  983 acres. 0% contained.  20 personnel. 3 engines. $20K CTD. #HorseshoeFire


The Judd wildfire is burning three miles north of Bisbee in brush and tall grass where minimal fire behavior is occurring.  4,093 acres. 85% containment.  163 personnel. 7 crews. 1 engine. 1 helo. $500K CTD. #JuddFire


The Molybdenum Mountain Fire is burning in the SW Area Forestry in the AK DOF area that started on BLM land, 18 miles north of Chuathbaluk.  It is burning in timber and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior has been observed.  650 acres. 60% contained. 27 personnel.  1 crew. 1 helicopter. $210K CTD. #MolybdenumMountainFire


Otter Bay Fire is in the National Forests in Florida and 7 miles northeast of Lake City burning in southern rough.  Fire behavior is moderate with smoldering and flanking. 120 acres. 50% containment. 13 personnel. 2 engines. 1 helo. $5K CTD. #OtterBayFire


A new fire as of 2302 broke out in the area of 18600 block x W Pasadero drive in Los Angeles dispatching units:  Engines 100, 273, 293, 83, 84 88 90.  This is at the top of Reseda Blvd near Braemar Country Club in Tarzana.


The Pine Ridge fire is burning in the Vernal Field Office on BLM lands, about 14 miles northwest of Vernal in timber, brush and short grass.  The fire has minimal behavior.  521 acres. 85% contained.  2 personnel. 1 engine. $728K CTD.  #PineRidgeFire


This wildfire ignited in the last 24 hours in the Oklahoma Department of Forestry’s area, about 2 miles south of Kenton. Brush and short grass are this fire’s fuels which is burning up the lands.  Extreme fire behavior with running and short-range spotting is present.  Homes are threatened.  5,000 acres. 10% contained.  61 personnel.  15 engines. $132K CTD. #PorterFire


Reindeer Lake fire is burning on the same areas as the MOLYBDENUM MOUNTAIN FIRE but this one started on Doyan Regional Native Corporation land about 20 miles east of Holy Cross.  Fire is burning in closed timber litter and showing minimal fire behavior.  320 acres. 90% containment. 42 personnel. 2 crews. 1 helicopters. Unknown CTD. #ReindeerLakeFire


The Rim Fire is burning in the area of Upper Snake Field Office and Bureau of Reclamation, about 10 miles southwest of American Falls in brush and tall grass.  Fire behavior is moderate with creeping. Structures are being threatened. 873 acres. 60% contained. 44 personnel. 1 crew. 3 engines. $50K CTD.  #RimFire


This wildfire is burning in the Ocean County (OCFA Fire District) off of Highway 241 and Santiago Canyon Road.  The fire started around 1615 hours on June 11, 2018. 1 minor injury to a Firefighter.  Firefighters will remain on the fire ground until the end of the night.  Forward rate of spread has been stopped at 1930 hours. 155 acres. 10% containment. #SantiagoFire


The Sawmill Fire is located on Navajo Region/BIA lands, about 10 miles north of Ft. Defiance in timber and brush.  600 acres. 80% containment. 69 personnel. 2 crews. 4 engines. 1 helicopter. $1.6M CTD. #SawmillFire


This Complex is made up of 3 fires which started on private land about 15 miles north of Ft. Davis in timber, brush and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. Rain occurred over the fire on Sunday. 26,042 acres. 80% contained. 272 personnel. 4 crews. 50 engines. 5 helicopters. $1.2M CTD. #ScenicLoopComplexFires


This wildfire started on Monday, June 11, 2018, at an unknown time or from an exact cause in Soap Lake/Grant County, Washington.   Fire crews were dispatched at 1947 hours PDT with the following responding:  AR443, BLM11, BLM13 C6201 E6695 E6696.  All resources on-scene at 1900 hours.  Reporting 300 acres and growing. 0% containment. #SoapLakeFire #Milepost81Fire #HighHillsFire

UPDATE 2124 hours | Due to poor signal, fire size is very rough estimate from the Sheriff’s Office between 100 – 1,000 acres | DNR Wildcad showed approximate time at 1900 hours around 300 aces.

UPDATE 2025 hours | Dispatched just called out a 4-alarm fire and for all resources to respond.


Soldier Canyon wildfire is located 1 mile northeast of Mescalero and burning timber, brush and medium logging slash. Minimal fire behavior. 1204 acres. 28% contained. 392 personnel. 11 crews. 14 engines.  4 helicopters. $1.7M CTD. #SoldierCanyonFire


The South Fire is burning in Los Angeles County, about 5 miles southwest of Santa Clarita where several fires have broken out. This fire is burning in chaparral, brush and tall grass with it currently being at a minimal fire behavior occurring. 175 acres. 92% containment.  312 personnel. 8 crews. 25 engines. $825K CTD. #SouthFire


The Trail Mountain Fire is burning on Manti-Lasal NF lands, about 15 miles northwest of Orangeville in timber and brush.  The fire behavior is moderate with creeping and isolated torching. Structures are threatened.  1,737 acres. 41% contained. 259 personnel. 7 crews. 11 engines. 5 helos. $2.5M CTD.  #TrailMtnFire


The Ute Park Fire is burning 1 mile east of Ute Park in timber, brush and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior.  36,740 acres.  77% contained. 415 personnel.  8 crews. 11 engines. 7 helicopters. 14 structures lost.  $7.9M CTD.


Willow Creek Fire ignited within the last 24 hours in the Uinta/Wasatch-Cache National Forest, located about 20 miles southeast of Heber.  Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs, group torching and spotting has been reported. Road, area and trail closures are in effect.  Fire is being managed with a strategy other than fire suppression without a type 1 or type 2 IMT assigned.  453 acres. 10% containment.  86 personnel. 2 crews. 3 engines. 1 helicopters. $50K CTD. #WillowCreekFire

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