ASPEN, Colo. – A small 100-acre was sparked on Tuesday, July 3, 2018, by two El Jebel residents while using tracer rounds at a shooting range during a Fire ban have been charged with 4-degree arson criminal charges.

They could face fines up to $1,000,000 for the cost of fire suppression efforts.

The fire would soon explode into several thousands of acres consumed, mandatory evacuations of both homes and businesses in Aspen and surrounding areas in the Eagle County, Colorado area.

We have heard of reports where downtown Basalt businesses are/have been evacuated.


FIRE:  Basalt FD, Greater Eagle FD, USFS Rocky Mtns, Carbondale FD,

LAW ENFORCEMENT:   Eagle County Sheriff Office.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT:  CO State Emergency Management Agency (Level 2 Fire Ops)

JULY 3, 2018

 FIRE OPERATIONS:  Fire starts on the shooting range near Basalt, Colorado around 1800 hours MDT.  A drone is seen in the area, all fire suppression aircraft forced to land and wait until the air is cleared. (2101 MDT)

LAW ENFORCEMENT:  An investigation goes into effect for the exact cause, by whom and where it all started.

JULY 4, 2018

FIRE STATUS:  2,377 acres. 0% contained.  500 homes evacuated.  0 structures reported as damaged or destroyed. 0 deaths or injuries reported. Air attack resuming. 2 people using tracer rounds started fire on July 3rd, @ 1800 hours MDT.

HELITACK:  Tanker 163 added to the existing 4 SEATs. (1225).

MANDATORY EVACUATIONS:  Homestead Trailer Park, Wilds (Promontory and Windsprings), Ridge Rd, Pinion, Cedar Drive. (1211)LEAVE NOW.

PRE-EVACUATION ORDERS:    E & W Supris Drive, E & W Homestead Drive, Curtis Lane, Longhorn Lane, Tucker Lane, Spur Lane and Hillside Drive. (1212 MDT) Hillcrest, Silverado, Original Pine Ridge, Sagewood (0818 MDT).

SHELTERS:  Basalt HS, 600 Southside Drive, Basalt, CO.

WEATHER REPORTS:  Fire shifted. Heading above Downtown Basalt (1245 MDT) Winds picking up from the north, heading up Basalt Mtn. (1138)

Smoke plume forecast for next 24 hours. Expect the Lake Christine fire to possibly be in the next run of this experimental model.  (Photo Credit:  USNWS – Grand Junction Colorado.)

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