The Wildfire Log: Fairbanks AK’s Shovel Creek Fire

UPDATE 1 – June 24, 2019 – Monday

Incident Summary | A wildfire named the SHOVEL CREEK FIRE was ignited by lightning on June 21, 2019, is burning about 3 miles north of Murphy Dome and 20 miles northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska in the Fairbanks Area Zone in the AK Department of Forestry lands.

Credit: BLM AK Fire Service

Resources | Command is currently under the direction of an IMT Type 2 (AK Green Team) which took over at 0700 hours this morning.   There are 146 total fire personnel along with 5 crews and one helicopter.  More are on order and en route to assist.

FIRE FACT | There were 24 new wildfires that ignited on Sunday, June 23rd

Current Status | The IC has requested additional resources that include water scooping aircraft, air retardant tankers and smoke jumpers for initial attack on the fire.

High Valued Assets | Fire managers are working closely with Incident Cooperators to address vital high assets in the area that include primary homes and private properties in Martin, Lincoln and McCloud subdivisions along the Chatanika River corridor.  Additionally, they are looking to protect Department of Defense (DOD) infrastructure on Murphy Dome and native allotments west of the fire.

Credit: BLM AK Fire Service

Incident Cooperators | Incident Cooperators include the Fairbanks North Star Burough, Department of Emergency Services, AK DOF, BLM AK Fire Service and the Chena Goldstream Fire Department.

FIRE FACT | Of the 24 new wildfires, 2 of them are Large Incidents (Big Fires)

Air Quality | Smoke is expected to blow into Fairbanks in the next few weeks.

Damage Assessments | 650 acres of timber destroyed. 0% containment status.  The total cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment is $747,000.00.

The SWAN LAKE FIRE in Fire Images on Social Media:

Fire ignited from lightning on June 21st. It burns 3 miles north of Murphy Dome. 200 acres with active fire behavior. Credit: AK Forestry

Fire on June 22nd burns near Murphy dome, northwest of Fairbanks. 400 acres. | Credit: BLM AK Fire Service

Fire burns on June 23rd with a dramatic wind shift to the north. Credit: BLM AK Fire Service

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