It appears that the State of Alaska is completely on fire or it seems like it as at the time of this posting, Fire Managers were reporting a total of 130 wildfires burning in their state.

We are going to try to cover most of these and grouping them together.  For larger incidents, we will be covering them on an individual basis.  According to information recently released, they have fires that are staffed and not staffed.

Due to the high number of 130 wildfires, we will be posting fires with total acreage of 100-2,499 acres here and all other fires above 2,500 will have their own updates under their respective fire names.

100 – 500 Acres

Tower Fire | Started 6/14/2019. Human caused. On DOD owned properties. 105.3 acres.

Sango Creek Fire | Started 6/20/2019 by lightning. 128.4 acres. Monitored fire.

Takslesluk Lake Fire | Started 6/22/2019. Lightning. Burning in the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge. 178 acres. Monitored fire.

North Fork Buckland River 1 Fire | BLM lands in Anchorage Field Office. Started 6/20/2019. Lightning caused. 200 acres. Monitored fire.

Page Mountain Fire | State lands. Started 6/22/2019 by lightning. 200 acres. Monitored fire.

Wolf Creek Mountain Fire | On the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge. Started 6/18/2019 by lightning. 200 acres. Monitored fire.

Noatak River Fire | Started 6/20/2019. Noatak National Preserve. Lightning caused. 289.5 acres. Monitored fire.

 Cariboo Creek Fire | Started 6/16/2019 by lightning. On AK State lands. 310 acres. No increase in acreage since 6/25/2019.  Current fire behavior is minimal with creeping.  159 personnel are still assigned to this incident.

Little Mud River Fire | Burning in the Nowita National Wildlife Refuge. Lightning caused. Started on 6/21/2019. 400 acres. Monitored fire.

Victoria Mountain Fire | Started 6/22/2019 by Lightning on BLM lands. 500 acres. Monitored fire.

501 – 999 Acres

Koyuk River Fire | Started 6/20/2019. Lightning. State lands. 600 acres. No increase in acreage since 6/20/2019. Heavy amounts of rain fell over the fire line.

Nugget Creek Fire | Started 6/21/2019. Burning on State lands. Lightning caused. 665 acres. Fire monitored from air and ground. Structure protection in place for AK State Parks structures and on private properties.

 Kateel River Fire | Located on BLM lands in the Anchorage Field Office area. Caused by lightning. 685 acres. 70% contained. Fire behavior reported as active with running and is wind-driven.  Burning in Black Spruce and tundra. Monitored fire.

1,501 – 2,499 Acres

Buckland Fire | Fire ignited by lightning on 6/19/2019.  Located on BLM lands managed by the Anchorage Field Office.  There has been no increase in acreage since 6/25/2019.  1,541 total acres burned. 8 personnel assigned.  Smoke jumpers are still attached to this incident and working to gain 100% containment through fire suppression objectives.

Shovel Creek Fire | Started 6/21/2019 by lightning. 1,622 acres. State owned property. 245 personnel assigned. Fire behavior is active with spotting, and uphill into another burn scar. Increase in acreage expected into the night.

Lloyd Mountain Fire | Started 6/23/2019 by lightning on State lands.  1,800 acres with fire behavior reported as active with spotting.  Monitored fire.

NinetyEight Creek Fire | Started 6/26/2019 by Lightning. 1,800 acres on DOD lands.

Buckland 3 Fire | Started 6/19/2019. Lightning caused. 2,338 acres (owned by BLM). Monitored fire.

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