Today has been a very busy day for wildland firefighters across the Nation on this Independence Day.  It is also one day in a year where it is different that years  COVID19, a virus in a pandemic has many people cooped up and a lot of folks say they will be celebrating like they always have.

In Washington State, it is dry and there have been some very hot days but not compared to years past.  Please refer to your local fire department/agency’s bans or limited restrictions on fireworks.

Here is a list of wildfires that have occurred in the State of Washington today.  This is up to the date of this post.  NOTE:  It is not dark yet but soon-to-be. We will report on the wildfires from tonight’s activities.  We hope there won’t be but we know people are this time of year.

Wishing everyone a safe and sane rest of your 4th of July!

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COLEMAN CREEK FIRE.  Wildfire. Coleman Creek Road. Kittitas County. 0.1 acre. Logs. Dispatched 1351 PT. Contained/controlled 1700 PT. Central Washington Comm Center.

DENNIS ROAD FIRE.  Wildfire.   Webber Canyon. Benton County. 58 acres. Grass and brush. Dispatched 1532 PT. Contained 1710 PT. Central Washington Comm Center.

FLAGG MOUNTAIN FIRE.  Wildfire. Goat Creek. Okanogan County. 0.1 acre. Log, Duff. Dispatched 1647 PT. Contained 1856 PT. Central Washington Comm Center.

INDEPENDENCE FIRE. Wildfire. unknown location. Douglas, grass and brush. 0.1 acre. Dispatched 1730 PT. Contained/controlled 1830 PT. South Puget Sound Dispatch Center.

LOG JAM FIRE.  Wildfire. Tumwater. Thurston County. 0.1 acre. Logs. E8201, Duvall (IC) on-scene. Dispatched 1849 PT.  South Puget Sound Dispatch Center. Open call.

LOMBARD FIRE.  Wildfire. 300 block of  E Lombard Road North, Mason County. 0.1 acre. Grass and brush. Dispatched 1532 PT. In Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch Center.

LOYD ROAD FIRE.  Smoke Check.  Loyd Road.  0.3 acres. E-4103 and E4104 dispatched at 2000 PT. Open call. Central Washington Comm Center.

MCALLISTER FIRE.  Wildfire. 1700 block of McAllister Court SE. Thurston County. 0.1 cre. E8207 dispatched. Edwards (IC). Dispatched 1920 PT. Resources en route. Open call. South Puget Sound Dispatch Center.

NORTH BRIAN FIRE.  Smoke Check. North Brian. Spokane County. AR63 and AR7409 are en route. Dispatched 1945 PT.  Open call. NEC Dispatch Center.

PICKENS FIRE.  Wildfire. Oberg Lake. Okanogan County. 4.5 acres. Grass and brush. HI27 (IC), HI7104 and HI7105. Dispatched 1512 PT. Resources on-scene 1538 PT. Open call. NEC Dispatch Center.

ROCK SPRINGS FIRE.  Wildfire. Yakima Training Center. Kittitas County. 100 acres. Grass and Brush. Dispatched 1229 PT. Contained 1755 PT. Controlled 1807 PT. Central WA Dispatch Center.

SILICA FIRE. Wildfire. Frenchman Coulee. Grant County. 15.5 acres. Grass and Brush. Dispatched 0045 PT. Crew-33 and E6696 still showing on-scene. Open incident. Central WA Dispatch Center.

TOWER FIRE. Wildfire.  Riverside. Okanogan County. 4.14 acres. Grass and brush. SO27 (IC) Dispatched 0038 PT. Contained 0400 PT. Controlled 0751 PT. NEC Dispatch Center.

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