SIT REP 2 | 8/18/2020

Washburn Road
5 mi ESE of Loomis
Okanogan County, Washington State
Dispatched 8/18/2020 1456 PT
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Call Log – Fire Operations 
8/18/2020 2234 PT | Okanogan County local fire units are managing the fire.
8/18/2020 2233 PT | Units are starting to pull out of the area near the lake.   Fire moving East and South. South Oak Dozer has arrived on-scene. Heading to the Lake and to do triage.
8/18/2020 2227 PT | IC advises units to be closer to their rigs if the fire shifts to the east. It could go that way any moment. Currently it is burning east AND south, extreme and fast-moving. South Oak unit 27 arrived o/s, to Triage on side of Watauga Lake.
8/18/2020 2225 PT | Evacuees who are seeking out an evacuation shelter can receive assistance through the American Red Cross. This is for anyone evacuating from this fire in Okanogan County. Their phone # is 509-670-5331.
8/18/2020 2209 | IC requests 3 strike team brush truck types 4, 5, 6 for Structure protection for tonight. Div Alpha | Burning NW, spotting, spreading. Lines challenged.
8/18/2020 2105 PT | Wildlife Ofcr in area can see fire coming over the ridge down to Watauga Lake. He is at Blue Lake. Dispatch advises to be cautious, fire is reportedly having destroyed some unk structures, it is fast-moving fire.
8/18/2020 2100 PT | Dozers are working on top near Palmer. Section 20 of the map.
8/18/2020 2057 PT | Fire is spreading downhill in a drainage towards Watauga Lake Rd. Sheriff Deputies are now going door-to-door to homes on the W side of the road, along the shore making evacuation notifications. There is only about a 30 min ETA or less before reaches this area. LEAVE NOW.
8/18/2020 2047 PT | Head of Fire- Div 601 states he is 3/4 mile on Tinkham (?) Rd. 8 primary homes are defensible. Looking for Strike team for structure protection. IC notified a Task Force Leader just showed up with a Trainee.
8/18/2020 2038 PT | Dispatch notified IC/Ops Okanogan Co FD4 available with brush trucks to do structure protection. IC was located on Rainbow Lake.
8/18/2020 1456 PT | Assets and personnel dispatched by NE WA Interagency Dispatch Center. Fire is NW of Swash Creek. Helos were dipping out of Palmer Lake.
Resources: AA 2QM AA 4TS AR 27 BC 32 BC 601 BC 603 C 6201 DNR 33 E 6695 E 692 FB 201 FB 202 FB 244 FB 245 FP 18 H 344 HB 171PL HI 25 (IC) HI 26 HI 27 HI 60 HI 7102 HI 7103 HI 7104 HI 7106 HI 7108 HI 7110 HI 7112 SO 30 T 102 T 152

Evacuations in Effect

LEVEL 2 | BE READY | South and West of Wannacut Lake.  Correction on Lake name.  Should be Wannacut Lake from incorrect name of Watauga Lake.

Evacuation Shelter – If you need shelter, please contact the AMERICAN RED CROSS by calling them at 509-670-5331.

Through the Eyes of Social Media

Fire being reported by Residents, seen from these locations:

  • Aenas Lookout, flames were seen running uphill.
  • Hwy 7 at 6 Miles S. Looking west and northwest.
  • From Palmer Lake
  • From Loomis
  • Hwy 7 and Ernie Robinson, Oroville
  • Cherry Street in Oroville
  • From Omak airport

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