Here are the morning SitReps for Washington State Fires this Saturday.

Mop up on Alder Lake Fire courtesy of Fred Way

Conducting mop-up operations on the Alder Lake Fire. [Photo Courtesy: Fred Way]

ALDER LAKE: 7 mi S of Eatonville. . Lightning caused. Started 7/26/15. 126 Personnel. 275 Acres. 17% contained. Burn-out operations being conducted.

Chance of showers during the next operational period are expected.

CARPENTER ROAD FIRE: 35 mi NW of Spokane; N and E of Carpenter Road and Mudget Lake Road. Cause still unknown but under investigation. Timber and grass. 870 Personnel.

Night on the line

Night on the Fire Line on the Carpenter Road Fire [Courtesy: Inciweb]

65,346 Acres. 45% Contained.  Continued structure protection, build lines and pick up stops.  HAZMAT Identification will continue.

CHELAN COMPLEX [Merged into the OKANOGAN COMPLEX]: 1 mile S of Chelan. Cause unknown. Complex includes:  Reach Fire, Black Canyon Fire, McFarland Creek Fire, Cagle Fire and Antoine Fire.  Start 8/14/15 @ 0500 Hours PDT.  688 Personnel.  93,694 Acres. 55% Contained. Continuing to patrol & hold containment lines. Due to rough conditions, North side of fire proving to be difficult for firefighters, as steep hillsides and unlevel footing.

–> First Creek Fire: 6800 Acres. 33% contained. Threatened: 420 single residences, 73 multi-unit residences, 63 minor other structures. Damaged: 22 commercial structures. Destroyed: 12 Homes. 7 other structures. 265 Personnel. 9 Crews. 22 Engines.

–> Wolverine Fire: 3 mi NW of Lucerne. Start 6/29/15. Lightning. Threatened: 121 single homes, 80 mixed, 75 minor structures and 12 non-residential commercial structures. Fuels: Timber, brush. 226 Personnel. 1 Crew. 1 Helicopter. 17 Engines. 64,849 Acres. 29% contained.


Military Helicopter on the Colville Complex Fire. [Photo Credit: Ricky and Diana Blakesley]

COLVILLE COMPLEX: 10 miles radius of Kettle Falls. Stevens and Ferry Counties. Human caused. Includes the Gold Hill and the Marble Valley Fires.  Start 8/14/15 @ 1645 Hours PDT. No cause listed. 431 Personnel.  11,522 Acres. 96% Contained. Currently in mop-up operations. [ This is the last update ]


COUGAR CREEK FIRE: 6 mi NW of Glenwood. Lightning caused.  Start 8/10/15 @ 1800 Hours PDT. 538 Personnel.  53,162 Acres. 60% Contained. On Tuesday, 9 North Cascades Smokejumpers were inserted into

A photo from the 255 road. Fire is seen burning in timber and grass in half of the photo, and smoke and fire is seen in the other half of the photo.

Burnout operations on the 255 Road/Cougar Creek. [Photo Credit: Amanda Hildenbrand]

Division V [N of Mt Adams] as this is the critical location near the fire.  The conditions are very steep and dangerous. Southern California Interagency Incident Management Team 3 (SCIIMT3) took command of the Cougar Creek Fire as of 8/31/2015 at 0600

KETTLE COMPLEX: 26 mi NW of Colville. Colville National Forest, private, DNR.  Fire personnel working these fires are from 30 states (including Washington) and British Columbia Canada. Previously report of 1 home destroyed is now being reported as no injuries or homes destroyed.  1093 Personnel. 76,216 Acres. 17% Contained. PNW Team 2 assumed command of the HOPPS Helibase at 0600 PDT on 9/1/15.

Firefighters cooling a hot section during a burn out process.

When conducting a burnout operation, firefighters keep the fire from creating enough heat to throw spots across the line. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

Fires in Complex

  • Stickpin Fire: 54,370 Acres. 20% Contained.
  • Graves Mtn Fire: 8617 Acres.  80% Contained.
  • Roy Fire: 120 Acres. 80% Contained.
  • Renner Fires:  13,109 Acres.  15% Contained.

Red Cross Shelters:

  • Grace Evangelical Free Church, 851 S. Miner St., Colville
  • American Legion, 1057 Highway 395 N, Kettle Falls
  • Inchelium Community Health Center, 39 Shortcut Road, Inchelium, WA.

NORTH STAR FIRE: 25 miles N of Coulee Dam. Human caused. 1044 Acres. 205,331 Acres. 25% Contained. 30-40% chance of increased humidity and winds gusting to 25 mph are expecting. Continued structure protection is in process.  The Fire perimeter is 194 miles long, which is the distance from Spokane to Yakima.  An earthquake 4.3M was

North Star Fire August 15, 2015

The North Star Fire on August 15, 2015. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

recorded occurring yesterday.

OKANOGAN COMPLEX [Merged into the CHELAN COMPLEX]: 7-11 miles NE and NW of Omak. This is being managed by the CAL IM Team #5. Lightning caused. Destroyed: 94 homes, 63 other structures. Fuels: Timber and short grass.1253 Personnel.  147,979 Acres. 45% Contained. Continued fire suppression efforts indirectly and direct. Cooperating Partners:  WA DNR, Okanagon-Wenatchee NF, BLM-Spokane District, Colville Agency, Conconully Fire Department and Okanogan Fire Districts 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 16.

Structure protection

Structure Protection on the Okanogan Complex, taken on August 21, 2015. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

Other fires included in this Complex:

  • Lime Belt Fire. 132,037 Acres. 35% Contained.
  • Twisp River Fire.  11,222 Acres.  98% Contained.
  • Nine Mile Fire. 4720 Acres. 98% Contained.

TUCANNON FIRE:  20 miles E of Dayton.  Started 8/29/15 @ 0930 PDT . 149 Personnel.  2630 Acres.  70% Contained.

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FIREFIGHTER JOBS | April 22, 2015, Wednesday


  • Lead Firefighter [BLS].  US Army/Army Training and Doctrine Command.  Fort Rucker.  https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/400509100


  • Wildland Firefighter.  Rural/Metro.  Mesa.  https://careers-rmetro.icims.com/jobs/6167/wildland-firefighter/job?mode=job&iis=Indeed&iisn=Indeed.com&mobile=false&width=988&height=500&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-480&jun1offset=-420
  • Student Trainee. [Rangeland Fire]  Bureau of Land Managment.  Wickenburg.  https://blm.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/401028300


  • Sleeper Program Firefighter. Dunnigan Fire Protection District. Dunnigan. http://www.indeed.com/cmp/Dunnigan-Fire-Protection-District/jobs/Sleeper-Program-Firefighter-baecb9628a4ab4ed
  • Firefighter.  Santa Cruz FD. Santa Cruz. http://agency.governmentjobs.com/santacruz/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=1080389
  • Fire Captains, Engineers, EMTs and Paramedics.  Mesa Grande Fire Department.  Santa Ysabel. http://www.indeed.com/cmp/Mesa-Grande-Reservation-Fire-Department/jobs/Fire-Captain-077123bc4ee62cff
  • Reserve Firefighter. Willow Oak FD. Woodland, CA.  http://www.indeed.com/cmp/Willow-Oak-Fire-Department/jobs/Reserve-Firefighter-6500f0c335563e82
  • Recruitment Coordinator.  California Fire Fighter JAC. Sacramento, CA. http://www.indeed.com/cmp/California-Fire-Fighter-JAC/jobs/Recruitment-Coordinator-b00730dfd10fa6dc
  • Fire Protection Inspector.  National Park Service.  Yosemite National Park.  https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/400812100
  • Deputy Fire Marshal.  University of California.  Los Angeles. http://www.americasjobexchange.com/job-detail/job-opening-AJE-570642179?source=indeed&utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Indeed
  • SCIS Firefighter.  Securitas.  Palmdale. https://wfa.kronostm.com/index.jsp?LOCATION_ID=53108716587&locale=en_US&applicationName=PGSNonReqExt&SEQ=postingLocationDetails&POSTING_ID=13907409810&source=ContactSources.IJB&SpecificSource=ContactSources.IJB.SpecificSources.Indeed
  • Lead Forestry Tech [Fire].  US Forest Service. Yosemite National Park.  https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/400292800
  • Fire Chief.  City of Palm Springs. http://agency.governmentjobs.com/palmsprings/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=1118498
  • EMT/Paramedic/Firefighter.  City and County of San Francisco.  https://www.jobaps.com/SF/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=CBT&R2=H003&R3=063343
  • Fire Chief.  City of Redding.  http://www.dailydispatch.com/Classifieds/Jobs/Item_18989.aspx
  • Fire Investigator.  Rimkus Consulting Group Inc. Santa Ana.  http://jobview.monster.com/Fire-Investigator-Job-Santa-Ana-CA-US-149349995.aspx?WT.mc_n=Indeed_US&jvs=uf,in1,gw&from=indeed
  • Paramedic/Firefighter II.  CALFire.  http://jobs.spb.ca.gov/wvpos/more_info.cfm?recno=613060


  • Wildland Firefighter [Range/Forestry Aid/Technician].  National Park Service.  Mesa Verde.  https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/401291000


  • Forest Ranger [Wildland Firefighter].  People First/State of Florida.  https://jobs.myflorida.com/viewjob.html?optlink-view=view-795925&ERFormID=newjoblist&ERFormCode=any
  • Firefighter/EMT I.  Boynton Beach Fire Rescue.  Boynton Beach.  http://agency.governmentjobs.com/boyntonbeachfl/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=1119712


  • Wildland Firefighter.  AAA Forestry.  Weiser.  http://www.indeed.com/cmp/AAA-Forestry/jobs/Wildland-Firefighter-b70f9683f1a241e4


  • Entry-Level Firefighter.  City of Urbana. http://www.applitrack.com/urbanaillinois/onlineapp/default.aspx?AppliTrackJobID=186&ref=


  • Firefighter/EMT.  City of Dodge City.  http://www.westernksjobs.com/jobs/firefighteremt-2/


  • Firefighter [Hazmat Ops].  National Park Service.  Highlands.  https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/399082200


  • Assistant Fire Chief.  Sutherlin FD.  http://www.dailydispatch.com/Classifieds/Jobs/Item_18973.aspx
  • Social Services Assistant.   US Forest Service.  Glide.  https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/401178400


  • Firefighter.  Dept of Veteran’s Affairs.  Hot Springs. http://www.vacareers.va.gov/vacareers/job-search/job-detail.asp?job=6dec7c-firefighter-hot-springs-sd



  • Firefighter/EMT.  Texas Municipal League.  Odessa. http://tml.associationcareernetwork.com/JobSeeker/JobDetail.aspx?abbr=TML&jobid=03c64002-e564-47d3-8535-574dabf4921c&stats=y
  • Fire Cadet.  City of Odessa.  https://odessa-tx.peopleadmin.com/postings/2345
  • Firefighter.  Texas Municipal League.  Luling.  http://tml.associationcareernetwork.com/JobSeeker/JobDetail.aspx?abbr=TML&jobid=5e71ec35-63fe-42b3-adc7-7bddc79f0c5c&stats=y


  • Firefighter/EMT or Firefighter/PM.  Park City Fire District.  Park City.  http://agency.governmentjobs.com/pcfd/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=1100761


  • Entry-Level Firefighter/EMT.  City of Burlington. http://www.burlingtonvt.gov/sites/default/files/hr/jobs/Entry%20level%20FF%20July%202014-2.pdf



  • Entry-Level Firefighter. Bellingham FD. Bellingham. http://www.dailydispatch.com/Classifieds/Jobs/Item_18977.aspx
  • Installation Specialist [Firefighter].  Red Services. Bellevue.  http://www.indeed.com/cmp/Red-Services/jobs/Installation-Specialist-dcc1240c4fd41b94
  • Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic. Richland Fire and Emergency Services Department.  Richland.  http://agency.governmentjobs.com/richlandwa/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=1106966
  • Paramedic/Firefighter – Entry & Lateral.  North Mason Regional Fire Authority. Belfair. http://www.indeed.com/cmp/North-Mason-Regional-Fire-Authority/jobs/Paramedic-Firefighter-Entry-Lateral-146856a0659283db
  • Forestry Aid [Fire Dispatch].  USFS. East Wenatchee. https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/400988600
  • Fire Chief.  East Pierce Fire & Rescue. Bonney Lake. http://www.dailydispatch.com/Classifieds/Jobs/Item_18832.aspx


  • Fire Truck Inspector.  American Test Center. Madison, WI.  http://www.indeed.com/cmp/American-Test-Center/jobs/Fire-Truck-Inspector-08dd28e291551e60


Updated 4/22/15 1810 PDT

FIRE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES | Nationwide | April 11, 2015 Saturday


 EMT/Paramedic/Firefighter. City and County of San Francisco. Closes 4/14/15. $117k-129k/yr. https://www.jobaps.com/SF/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=CBT&R2=H003&R3=063343

Fire Captain [Promotional]. Alameda County FD.  Closes 5/4/15. $50.74-$61.75/hr. http://www.jobaps.com/Alameda/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=15&R2=8146&R3=01

Firefighter. City of Santa Cruz FD. Closes 5/12/15. $6067-$8120/mo. https://www.governmentjobs.com/jobs/1080389/firefighter?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed

Deputy Fire Marshal. City of Santa Clara. Closes 4/14/15. $58.72-$75.07/hourly. http://agency.governmentjobs.com/cityofsantaclaraca/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=1059124

Firefighter. City of Redondo Beach FD. Closes 4/19/15. $4620-$5576/mo.  https://www.governmentjobs.com/jobs/1090404/firefighter?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed

Fire Chief. City of Palm Springs FD.  Closes 6/1/15. $136,427-$183,206/year. https://www.governmentjobs.com/jobs/1118498/fire-chief?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed

Paramedic/Firefighter [Lateral]. County of San Diego EMS.  Closes 4/20/15. $67,844-$82,466/year. https://www.governmentjobs.com/jobs/1106488/paramedic-firefighter-lateral-5-2015?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed

Deputy Fire Chief. Richmond FD. Closes 4/30/15. $128,736-$200,916/year. https://www.governmentjobs.com/jobs/1112749/deputy-fire-chief?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed


 Lead Firefighter [BLS/HAZMAT Ops]. US Army/Chemical Materials Activity. Pueblo. Closes 4/14/15. $43,823-$56,974/year.  https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/399856200

Deputy Fire Marshal/Fire Inspector. Golden FD. Closes 4/15/15. $26.15-$30/hour.  http://agency.governmentjobs.com/goldenco/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=1112512

Forestry Aid [Fire]. US Bureau of Indian Affairs.    Close 4/22/15. $25,434-$33,068/yr.  https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/400318200

DEPC Training and Safety Office. Department of Safety. Lakewood.  Closes 4/24/15. $4764-$6973/mo.  https://www.governmentjobs.com/jobs/1119951/dfpc-training-and-safety-office?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed


 Lead Firefighter. Air Force Civilian Service.  Hurlburt Field.  http://www.prodivnet.com//jobs/lead-firefighter-1?sk=1&id=1015526f7706293a6dc4700d6fe&utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Indeed&rx_campaign=Indeed08&rx_medium=cpc&rx_source=Indeed

Forest Ranger [Wildland Firefighter]. FL Forest Service.  https://jobs.myflorida.com/viewjob.html?optlink-view=view-793343&ERFormID=newjoblist&ERFormCode=any

Firefighter. Gainesville FD.  No Closing Date.  $14.86-$26.11/hour.  http://agency.governmentjobs.com/gainesville/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=967769

Airport Firefighter. Rural/Metro. Jupiter. https://careers-rmetro.icims.com/jobs/6034/airport-firefighter/job?mode=job&iis=Indeed&iisn=Indeed.com&mobile=false&width=988&height=500&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-480&jun1offset=-420

Airport Firefighter. Pinellas County. BCC Fire Administration.  Closes 4/12/15  $12.48-$19.33/hour. https://chk.tbe.taleo.net/chk04/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=PCG&cws=1&rid=698

Fire Safety Inspector. Hallandale Beach.  http://www.hallandalebeachfl.gov/Jobs.aspx?UniqueId=76&From=All&CommunityJobs=False&JobID=Fire-Safety-Inspector-65

Assistant Chief. Alachua County . Closes 4/24/15. $31.83-$50.98/hour. http://agency.governmentjobs.com/alachua/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=1110261

Firefighter Paramedic. Orange County Fire Rescue Dept. $39,099 + $6073 incentive per year. http://www.careerbuilder.com/jobseeker/jobs/jobdetails.aspx?utm_source=indeed.com&rx_source=indeed&utm_campaign=organic&siteid=cb001&job_did=J3K0PT66XTT3YMLLXX2&showNewJDP=yes&utm_medium=aggregator&IPath=EXINDSEP_G

Emergency Communications Dispatcher. Escambia 911 Communications Center. Closes 4/24/15. $12.49-$15.36/hour. http://agency.governmentjobs.com/escambia/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=886342

Fire Chief. The North Bay Fire Control District. Niceville.  Closes 4/30/15. http://jobview.local-jobs.monster.com/Fire-Chief-Job-US-148649588.aspx?ch=newsemce?WT.mc_n=Indeed_US&jvs=uf,in1,gw&from=indeed

Fire Chief. Myaaka City Fire Control District. http://www.careerbuilder.com/jobseeker/jobs/jobdetails.aspx?utm_source=indeed.com&rx_source=indeed&utm_campaign=organic&siteid=cb001&job_did=JHR2T875K631FW60JD1&showNewJDP=yes&utm_medium=aggregator&IPath=EXINDSEP_G

Firefighter / Paramedic. City of Boca Raton FD.  $54,430/year.  https://www.governmentjobs.com/jobs/1090541/firefighter-paramedic?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed

Firefighter / EMT. City of Ocala FD. Closes 4/18/15. $32,580-$51,104/yearly. https://www.governmentjobs.com/jobs/323919/firefighter-emt?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed


 Firefighter . Sumter County Fire and Rescue Dept.  Closes 4/17/15. http://www.glga.org/Detail.aspx?CNID=99981

Fire Inspector. Sandy Springs FD.  $39,190/year.  http://sandyspringsga.gov/Home/Components/JobPosts/Job/22/315

Fire Inspector / Technician. Cobb County Dept. of Safety.  $20.30-$31.98/hour. Closes 4/17/15. https://cobbcounty.peopleadmin.com/applicants/jsp/shared/position/JobDetails_css.jsp?postingId=193618

Fire Chief. City of Donalsonville FD. $40k-$50k/year. Closes 4/30/15. http://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=5b2d193c10606f53&q=FIREFIGHTER&l=ga&tk=19im38e381d3h4m2

Firefighter I. Henry County.  Closes 4/30/15. $30.764/yearly.  https://www.governmentjobs.com/jobs/1112074/fire-fighter-i?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed


4/11/15 2305 PDT

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