BELLEVUE | Firefighters Respond to Early Morning Fire

BELLEVUE, Wa. | Firefighters were dispatched to a working fire in a multi-family apartment building in the 14300 block of NE 7th Place on Sunday, March 23, 2019 around 0250 hours PDT.  First arriving units reported fire on the south side.

Less than 10 minutes later, firefighters would get a good knockdown from the exterior enabling crews to access the interior of the building.  It was determined that the fire only impacted the original unit and none to the other nearby units.

Ladder 103 aerial as Roof Operations, checks for extension to the attic. | Credit: Bellevue FD.

Crews checked for extension and found no exposures to the attic space.  Primary and secondary searches proved to find nothing.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

There were no reports of injuries or fatalities to residents or to firefighters.

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Los Angeles County, California | Gorman Incident

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Ca. | A twenty-five to thirty vehicle pileup occurred on Saturday, March 23, 2019, around three in the afternoon  on the I-5 Freeway in the southbound lanes about two miles south of Gorman Road.  Another nearby crash reported another large amount of vehicles involved.

Credit | CAL Trans District 7


Resources from all outlying areas would be dispatched together forming a Unified Command including the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Ventura County Fire Department, Kern County Fire Department, CHP and the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Office.

At 1551 hours, Battalion 6 from the LA County Fire Department assumed as the Incident Commander (IC) of the incident.

Fire resources included:  KCFD E56, Copters 15, 17, 18 and LA County FD’s Copter 423. Engines 93, 103, USAR 103 and HAZMAT 105.  More unknown resources were on-scene assisting with putting out a car fire and assessing multiple casualties.


There is an unknown cause at this time but it has been reported that temps in the area were around 46*F but felt like 38*F with fog and poor visibility.


Social Media was energized by those who were reporting on the major mass casualty incident or also known as a MCI.  Significant events that occurred at this incident included the following:

  • 25-30 vehicles total in the Gorman area
  • Poor visibility caused challenges to those in the air and on the ground
  • 1 critical patient with 22 refusing treatment or medical transport
  • All southbound lanes of the 5 Freeway were shutdown
  • 20-30 vehicles being towed
  • 100 stranded cars between two separate multiple traffic collisions
  • 1 Injured horse
  • 1 car fire
  • 3 Copters, 1 Air Attack

Credit | Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Office

For those following this post, there is something that miraculously occurred today in all of this mayhem and that this could have been so much far off worse than it was.  It was all due in part because those who were on-scene jumped into action and first responders had quick response times which saved a lot of lives.  Command by all those involved from the various Fire and Law Enforcement agencies worked in unison with one another.


Here are some of the eyewitness accounts that broke out on Social Media:

LA County Fire Air Ops | “MCI” responding two Paramedic helicopters to assist with a multiple vehicle pile up on Interstate 5 near Gorman, CA”

Eyewitness Account (Twitter) | “At least two separate, severe pile ups on the southbound 5, North of Exit 202. Thick fog.”

This area has also seen its additional bad wrecks as well.  Here is a recent listing of those that have occurred in the several months:

3/20/2019 | A crash is blocking the two left lanes. in on I-5 NB at Gorman School Rd. (Media)

3/17/2019 | TRAFFIC COLLISION | FS77 | 46001 N Orwin Way | COPT17 transporting 2 patients to an area trauma center. (Media)

3/15/2019 | NB I-5 from SR-138 (Lancaster Rd) to Rd- right lane CLOSED until 1pm to recover big rig on embankment. (CAL Trans District 7)

2/2/2019 | TRAFFIC COLLISION MAJOR | FS77 | NB 5 South of Smokey Bear Rd | Multiple vehicles involved with 7-10 patients. 1 DOA, 1 critical. This is the “Highland Incident” (Media)

We are using the following hashtags for this incident:  #GormanIC  #GormanMCI

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Be safe friends….

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Washington State | Fire Season 2019 Has Ignited Early


Since the beginning of this week on March 18th when higher temps in the 60-80’s broke some major weather records, it did not come without some additional concern conditions such as low relative humidity and wind.  With the dead and dormant grasses and shrubs, it made it for some all too ripe conditions for the perfect firestorm.

Here are some of the wildfires that have occurred this week alone:

BLACK CREEK FIRE | 3/202/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 1507 hours. 1 acre. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

BODINE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Bodine Road.  Dispatched @ 1943 hours.  0.5 acres.  IC Blodgett.  In Patrol Status.  Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

BURROWS ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | 21 Hogan Road in Hoquiam. Dispatched @ 1354 hours.  Contained @ 1500 hours. Controlled @ 1700 hours.  0.2 acres of slash.  IC Kinkade @ 1500 hours.  In Patrol Status. Olympic Region Dispatch.

Burn Bans | Cowlitz & Wahkiakum Counties in Effect.

CAT SCRATCH FIRE  | 3/19/2019 |  Bond Road. 0.25 acres of brush, slash and logs. Dispatched @ 1951 hours. IC Mohler. Contained @ 2125  hours. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

CATTLE FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 1303 hours. 6.5 acres of grass, brush, slash, duff and litter. IC E463   @ 1036 hours on 3/20/2019. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

CEDAR PONDS FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Snohomish County | Off Cedar Ponds Road, SE of Monroe.  Dispatched 1402 hours. 0.1 acres. Stump, logging and slash as fire fuels.  IC Zavala @ 1650 hours. E466 tied to incident. Northwest Region DNR Dispatch Center.

CHEHALIS FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Grays Harbor County | 209 Mox Chehalis Road in Malone. Dispatched @ 1408 hours.  12 acres of grass, brush and timber. IC Bradshaw. Resources on-scene. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

CHEHALIS RIVER FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Porter (Grays Harbor) | Dispatched @ 1900 hours. 0.5 acres of grass and light brush. IC Noonan. Contained/controlled @ 0927 hours. Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

COAL CREEK FIRE  | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Carlon Loop. Dispatched @ 1419 hours. IC @ 1742 hours. In Patrol Status. Resources:  WA DNR dispatched 5 engines along with Fire District mutual aid units. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

COLUMBIA FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Dispatched @ 1743 hours. 0.3 acres. IC Bortner @ 0658 on 3/19/2019. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

CONDIT FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Klickitat County | Hwy 141, mile post 5.  Dispatched 1332 hours. Contained/controlled @ 1400 hours. Out @ 1420 hours. 0.1 acres. Grass, brush and duff fire fuels. IC Dobson. Central WA Interagency Communications Center.

DAY ROAD FIRE |  3/21/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 1115 hours.  Fire reportedly as out. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

DEVONSHIRE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | 74 Devonshire Road.  Dispatched @ 1414 hours. Controlled @ 1713 hours.  Contained @ 1954 hours.  4 acres of brush.  IC Johnson @1417 hours. In Patrol Status. Olympic Region Dispatch.

Fire Fact  | As of March 18, 2019, there have been 49 wildfires of 50 in Western Washington in this week alone. – WA DNR

EAST DEEP RIVER FIRE | 3/20/2019 | East Deep River in Wahkiakum County. | Dispatched @ 1649 hours. 3 acres. IC Hynning. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

ELOCHOMAN DIVIDE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Wahkiakum County |  Dispatched @ 1952 hours. 1.5 acres of grass, brush and timber. IC Servenka on 3/20/2019. DNR tied to incident.

FARGER VIEW FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Clark County | Dispatched @ 0109 hours. 1.5 acres of grass and brush. IC Estes. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

FERN HILL FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Pacific County | South Fork Road. Dispatched @ 1254 hours. 0.2 acres of grass and brush. IC Stigall. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

GABLE 3 FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Clark County |  Dispatched @ 1550 hours. 0.1 acre of slash pile. IC Hubbard. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

GRANDVIEW FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Grandview.  Dispatched @ 1154 hours. 6.48 acres of grass, brush and timber. IC Wesemann @ 1015 hours. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

GRIP ROAD FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Skagit County | Union Square Road in Sedro Woolley. Dispatched 1302 hours.  Legal rule burn, no escape. False alarm. IC McMillen, GL 41 @ 1331 hours. Northwest Region DNR Dispatch Center.

HARVEST MOON FIRE | 3/21/2019 | Lewis County | Onalaska.  Dispatched  @ 1655 hours. False Alarm. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

HICKORY FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Thurston County in  Yelm. Dispatched @ 1735 hours.  0.25 acres of Grass and brush. Contained & controlled @ 1900 hours. Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

HORNE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Dispatched @ 1425 hours.  2 acres. In patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

HORSLEY ROAD FIRE | 3/18/2019 |  Horsley Place. 23 acres of grass. IC Hynning @ 0710 on 3/19/2019. WA DNR on-scene. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

JACKSON ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Pierce County |  Mckenna. Dispatched @ 1323 hours. 45 acres of timber, reproduction slash. IC Burns. Resources on-scene. Puget Sound South Dispatch.

MYSTIC FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Mystic Road. Dispatched @ 1226 hours.  0.25 acres of grass, slash and timber light. IC Mattilla. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

NELSON FIRE | 3/21/2019 | Rochester in Lewis County |   1.5 acres of grass and brush. Dispatched @ 1509 hours.  IC Werner @ 1800 hours.  In Patrol Status.  Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

NORTH MAPLE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | SE of Kelso in RoseValley.  Dispatched @ 1700 hours.  40 acres. IC Hynning. Approximately 90 homes threatened. State Mobilization authorized. Puget Sound Task Force assigned to incident. Evacuations in effect for those off of Walker Road. 35% contained. Resources:  SE WA Type 3 IMT. Fall City Brush 166, Cowlitz Fire & Rescue, Larch Mountain inmate crew. Over 50 firefighters are working on this wildfire. No homes have been lost.  Evacuation orders have been reduced from a Level 3. Significant Events:  N Maple Hill Road served its purpose well in acting as the perfect fire breaker. County Commissioners have declared an emergency. Cause:  Escaped burn pile.

OLD BARN ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Lewis County on Old Barn Road | Dispatched @ 1620 hours .  18 acres. IC Warthen @ 1822 hours. DNR on-scene. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

Pierce County firefighters responded to a 15-acre wildfire in Eatonville on March 20, 2019. | Credit: PCFFs

OXBOW ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Pacific County | Oxbow Road. Dispatched @ 1454 hours. 10 acres. IC Shweso @ 1530 hours. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

PICKERING ROAD FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Mason County | Shelton. Dispatched @ 1616 hours. 0.25 acres of light slash and brush. IC Sullivan. Contained & controlled @ 1830 hours. Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

PRIEST ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 1916 hours.  0.1 acre of grass, brush and logs. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

RAGLAND ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Ragland Road.  Dispatched @ 1503 hours. 3 acres of grass and brush.  IC Adam. Contained and controlled @ 2139 hours.  Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

RANDLE BRIDGE | 3/21/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 0909 hours.  Contained/controlled @ 1200 hours.  1 acre of grass, brush and hardwood. IC Latham. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

SCHOOL HOUSE FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Dispatched @ 1355 hours. 0.1 acre. IC Hynning. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

SOMERS ROAD FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Shelton. Dispatched @ 1638 hours. 0.4 acres of grass and brush. IC Bradshaw. Contained @ 1930 hours. Controlled @ 1200 hours. Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

Pierce County Firefighters responded to a fire off of SR 702 and Jackson Road in Eatonville on March 20, 2019. | Credit: PCFFs

SOUTH BANK FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Grays Harbor County | Oakville. Dispatched @ 1450 hours. 0.5 acres of grass and brush. IC Noonan. Contained & controlled @ 1615 hours.  Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

SOUTH PRAIRIE ROAD FIRE | 3/20/20109 | 25100 block of South Prairie Road in Pierce County |   Dispatched @ 1244 hours. 1.5 acres of brush and grass. (200×200 brush fire) | IC Traweek. Contained @ 1500 hours. Controlled @ 1615 hours. Patrol Status. Resources included:  3 brush engines and 4 engines from East Pierce Fire.  Puget Sound Dispatch.

STANDARD ROAD FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Whatcom County | Standard Road in Acme. Dispatched @ 1604 hours. 15 acres. No further info. Northwest Region DNR Dispatch Center.

SUNSET FALLS FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | County 17 Road. Dispatched @ 0640 hours. 5 acres. IC Lingquist. @ 0815 hours.  Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

SWOFFORD FIRE | 3/19/2019 | 200 block of Swofford Road near Mossyrock in Lewis County |  Dispatched @ 1302 hours. 103 acres of grass, brush, slash. IC Smith on 3/20/2019 @ 1630 hours. Contained at 1200 hours on 3/20/2019. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

TOWER FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County |  Dispatched @ 1512 hours. 2 acres of grass, brush and timber. IC Fowler. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

VALLEY GREEN FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Thurston County in Olympia. Dispatched @ 1608 hours. 4 acres of leaf litter. IC Carlsen. Contained @ 1100 hours on 3/21/2019. Controlled on 3/21/2019 @ 1515 hours. In patrol Status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

VENNERSBURG FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Clark County | Dispatched @ 1851 hours. 29 acres of grass and brush. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

WEST WASHOUGAL FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Clark County | 22nd Street. Dispatched @ 1415 hours. 0.25 acres of grass and brush. IC North. Fire out. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

WILDWOOD LANE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Wahkiakum.  Dispatched @ 1705 hours.  85 acres. IC Tester on 3/21 @ 0930 hours. Resources: Bortner E273, Hancock, Hoskins Olson and Tester. DNR  on-scene. Pacific Cascade Dispatch. Resources:  Western WA Type 3 IMT assumed command along with additional fires.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, outdoor and nature

Courtesy: Western WA Type 3 IMT

WILLIE KEILS FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 0858 hours. 4 acres of grass and brush. Fire out. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.


We are also gearing up for some fire chasing opportunities. As the temps increase and fires begin to ignite, we will most likely find ourselves looking for those that may pop so that we can report and share with you all.   Besides, we like catching our friends in action.

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Be Safe Friends.

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Seattle, WA | Brush Fire with Exposures

SEATTLE, Wa. | Fire resources (B6, E9, E18, L8 and SAFETY2) were again dispatched to another area inside the City but this time for a brush fire with exposures in the 1000 block of North 38th Street.

The dispatched call went out on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, around 1934 hours.

No word on the cause or any updates at the time of this post.

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West Seattle | Firefighters Respond to House Fire

WEST SEATTLE, Wa. | Seattle Firefighters and resources were dispatched to the 5400 block of 44th Avenue SW at 1835 hours PST for a house (Single Family Residence).

Credit | Seattle Fire Department PIO


Seattle Fire dispatched their air unit (Air10),  EMS units (A14, M32, M44), Battalion Chiefs (B5, B7), Officers (DEP1, SAFT2, STAF10), Engine Companies (E29, 32, 36, 37), Ladder Companies (L1, L11) and their Fire Investigator (MAR5).


Resources quickly descended upon the structure immediately setting up a water supply (established at 1845 hours).

The fire was deemed to have one vent with a hole, which fire was presenting itself. (1847 hours).

There was a 360* conducted and fire was deemed to not be in the basement of the home. There were reports of a leaking propane tank in the rear of the home.  Firefighters put water on the tanks.

Fire was reportedly burning in the attic, but firefighters quickly doused it with water and cooling it.  The fire was brought under control and firefighters were working to pull ceiling to locate any hot spots within the structure. Additionally, crews were tasked and cleared with nothing found during their secondary search.

Power was secured to the building. (1905 hours).

Units were going back in service .  The incident timer which reached 40 minutes from the dispatch time was discontinued. (1918 hours).


Marshal 5, which is SFD’s Fire Investigator will be sifting through the debris to determine the cause of the fire.  There has been no updates if the fire has been tapped (put out) or if it is still burning. Crews will be there alongside the Fire Investigator to help determine the cause.


“Firefighters were on-scene at the 5400 block of 44th Ave SW for a report a mainly exterior fire at a residential home. Crews have water on the fire.” (1842 hours)

“Residential fire at the above address is under control. No reported injuries. Fire Investigators responding.” (1852 hours)


We are using the following hashtag(s) | #SeattleFire #HouseFire

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Two Brush Fires | Clay Fire | California

Jurupa Valley, CA. | CAL FIRE/Riverside, Riverside County Fire and Riverside City Fire firefighters were dispatched to an area near Van Buren Boulevard and Clay Street in the Santa Ana Riverbottom of the Jurupa Valley community.  The call was for two brush fires burning in a single area.

The fire was reported on the afternoon of Saturday, January 26, 2019, around 1423 PST.


The two fires, one acre in size each were said to be holding in a three-acre area in heavy fire fuels.  Crews were in extensive mop-up operations and due to remain on the fire ground an additional four hours (around 1915 hours PST).


There was about 85 firefighters from CAL FIRE’s Riverside division, along with Riverside County FD and Riverside City FD that joined into the battle of the two fires.

Additionally, there were 13 fire engine companies (Type 3 engines) , two hand crews, two dozers and three overhead personnel assigned to this incident.  An air attack was also deployed.

Updated Resources | 2 hand crews, 2 dozers and Type 3 engines. 1/26/2019 @ 2232 PST


There is currently no known cause released.


There were none reported.


We are using the following hashtags for this incident:  #ClayFire #California #BrushFire #CAFires_2019

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Firefighters Respond to 2-Alarm Fire in Seattle

Seattle, WA | Firefighters were dispatched at 1048 hours PST this morning to the 4500 block of University Way NE for a fire in a building.  The building is the venue to the Hunan Chinese Kitchen Delivery formerly the Silk Road Noodle Bar restaurant, according to Yelp.

Units Dispatched

Battalions: 2, 4, 6.

Engines:  2, 9, 16, 17, 18, 22, 25, 38, 40.

Ladders: 1, 4, 5, 8, 10.

Medic/Aid Units:  M18, A25, M31, M44. REHAB1.

Staff:  Safety2, Staff10, PIO, MAR5. Deputy1.

Air Units:  10, 240, 260.


Marshal 5, Seattle’s FIU investigative unit is currently working through the fire scene with the help of Firefighters, as they help him move things around.  At this time, there is no preliminary cause of this fire.

Fire Activities

Seattle Fire’s Ladder 1. (c) NW Fire Blog (stock photo)

We picked up active scanner feed via the Seattle Fire radio transmissions about twenty minutes into the incident.  The command name is “University Command”.

At 1117 hours PST, Engine 25’s crew was tasked with a primary search on floor 2. They reported their progress was about 3/4 way through and had zero visibility. Hydraulic ventilation was also reported by another crew.

A large skylight that ran down the whole length of the fire building on the Alpha side seemed to play a key role in some of the obstacles firefighters faced.  At 1124 hours, it was determined there was no fire in the attic.

After careful inspection and 4×4 cuts on the Charlie/Delta corner, there was no extension into the Delta exposure building.

A primary search of floor was conducted at 1127 hours and an all clear was called.  Ladder 1 pulled ceilings in the Charlie / Delta corner and reported an all clear.  E25 reported a little fire in the cockloft. They were working on getting water on the fire.

Command to Dispatch reported that the fire was under control at 1130 hours with a completed primary search with an all clear and vertical ventilation had been started.

No heat was found in the ceilings but a heat signature was found due to hot spots in the interior walls at 1136 hours PST.

Division 2 reported no fire in the  northern rooms, overhaul had been completed and E2 crew was exiting due to low air.  New replacements would be deployed by Command. A tap fire was reported to Command.

Smoke began to clear on the Bravo / Delta side at 1148 hours.

A secondary search on the Floor 2 was conducted by E18 at 1152 hours.

Units began returning back into service at 1153 were Air260, Engines 2, 18, 25, Ladders 4, 5, 1 and the PIO.

At 1233 hours, power had not been secured yet and therefore fire crews were notified that the building was still energized.

Some remaining fire crews are still on-scene and remain until Command is terminated.  More information will be updated as it is received.

Thank you for reading our post and visiting our Blog. We appreciate you!

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Fire Stats

  • Started on November 8th at 1424 hours PST
  • Reported as a brush fire
  • Fire NOW located at  Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, West Hills, Simi Valley, Chatsworth, Bell Canyon, Hidden Hills, Malibu and Calabasas in both Ventura and LA Counties
  • Fire fuels are brush, chaparral and tall grass
  • Cause is under investigation

Current Status

  • 98,362 acres
  • 78% containment reached
  • Residents being told to be aware of possible mudslides when the rains come.


  • are not only worthy of our respect. They deserve it. Here’s just a few of our 4-legged friends affected by that were running free & scared. deps corraled/captured, evaluated, treated & transported out of harms way!  (Source/Photo Credit:  LASDHQ)

  • Fire resources will continue to mop up and patrol
  • Fire suppression repair teams are actively engaging in working alongside the perimeter and affected areas.
  • Crews remain aware in providing continued safety to residents as they return home.
  • With favorable change in fire conditions, there’s a chance Command that Lacey FD’s strike team and LFD3’s and E32 may be released from the incident & heading back to Washington State. (Source/Photo Credit:  LFD. 11/16 @  7:23pm PST)

  • Fire Command:  LA County FD is working with Law Enforcement, utilities and city representatives to coordinate safe repopulations of residents in impacted areas. (Source/Photo Credit:  LA CO FD PIO)

Fire Weather

  • Tonight’s weather forecast:  light and variable winds are expected
  • RH recovery levels to be favorable conditions at lower elevation levels
  • RH recovery across the ridges and upper slopes will be poor.

Damage Assessment

  • 713 structures destroyed
  • 201 damaged
  • Damage assessment now 65% completed
  • Historic Paramount Ranch – Film set for movies such as Westworld
  • Fire images – Photo Credit:  LA Co Public Works.  Source: LA County

These aerial photos show the widespread impact of the . With power and telephone poles burned, gas lines compromised and roadways destroyed, multiple agencies are working together to inspect burn areas before opening them to the public.

aerial photo of Woolsey Fire burn area

aerial photo of Woolsey Fire burn area

aerial photo of Woolsey Fire burn area

aerial photo of Woolsey Fire burn area

Life and Safety

  • 3 deaths reported (civilians only).
  • 3 Firefighter injuries.
  • 1 (of possibly many more) Therapy Dogs at Base Camp helping 1st Responders – Firefighter resilience has become a very important part of our job. Gaby is a therapy dog that is used to break down the toughest of first responders.

Fire Resources

  • 2,842 total fire personnel
  • IMT Team 5 (CAL FIRE)
  • Unified Command:  CAL FIRE, Ventura County Fire Dept., Ventura County Sheriff Dept., Los Angeles County Fire D
  • 360 fire engines
  • 54 fire crews
  • 16 helicopters
  • 4 bulldozers
  • 22 water tenders

Incident Cooperators

  • Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
  • Southern California Edison
  • Southern California Gas Company
  • California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)
  • California Department of Fish & Game
  • California Highway Patrol (CHP)
  • Public Health Department
  • California State Parks
  • Caltrans
  • Ventura County Animal Control
  • LA County Animal Control
  • Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
  • American Red Cross (ARC)
  • Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)
  • Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD)
  • Red Cross (ARC)

Red Cross volunteers & staff loaded emergency response vehicles with 11 TONS of kits containing cleanup supplies, in just 4 hours. Incredible work to get the people of LA brooms, respirator masks, sifters, water bottles, & more, to begin their recovery.  (Photo Credit: ARC)

  • Humanity First USA
  • Salvation Army
  • Washington State Strike Teams (up to 8)
  • Texas Strike Team
  • Seattle Humane

Mandatory Evacuations – Ventura County

  • South Coast – E. Las Posas Rd. South of Potrero Rd. to Hwy 1 and County line to residents only.
  • Yerba Buena closed from PCH to Yellow Hill.
  • Yerba Buena between Mipolomol to Ventura/LA County line.

Mandatory Evacuations – Los Angeles County

  • Portions of Malibu have been repopulated
  • Malibou Lake – entire community (under evacuations)

Evacuation Map (Updated) –>

Evacuees Resources

  • Free Sandbags available:  City of Thousand Oaks are offering free prefilled sandbags.  City’s Municipal Service Center. 1993 Rancho Conejo Blvd. (Visitor’s Parking Lot)
  • Free Sandbag Filling Stations:  Fill your own sandbags at any Ventura County Fire stations. Tips on how to fill them at
  • FEMA Assistance:  If you need a safe place to stay due to the CA wildfires, text SHELTER and your zip code (i.e. SHELTER 12345) to 43362 to locate an open emergency shelter near you.

A graphic titled Find An Emergency Shelter Near You with an image of a map with text bubbles overlaid on top. The text bubbles says "SHELTER 12345" and "The nearest shelter is located...". The text on the left says "Text SHELTER and your zip code to 43362, Standard message and data rates apply".


  • CAL Luther University – 60 W Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
  • Pierce College – 7100 El Rancho Dr, Woodland Hills, CA 91371
  • Palisades Charter HS – 15777 Bowdoin St, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Local Assistance Center (LAC) –> Thousand Oaks Public Library, 1401 E Janss Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362.  Hours:  9 am – 7 pm.

Animal Evacuation Shelters

  • Ventura County Fairgrounds – 10 W Harbor Blvd, Ventura, CA 93001 (FULL)
  • Ventura County Animal Services- 805-388-4258 (Accepting small animals)
  • Ventura County Animal Shelter – 600 Aviation Dr, Camarillo, CA 93010
  • Simi Valley Animal Shelter – 670 W Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley · (805) 388-4341 (Accepting small animals)
  • Los Angeles County Animal Services
  • Earl Warren Show Grounds – 3400 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
    (Accepting large animals)

If you need large animal assistance, please call (805) 388-4258

Road Closures

  •  Hwy 1 southbound (P.C.H.) closed at LA County line to Puerco Canyon Rd.
  • Puerco Canyon Rd. at the Malibu City limit.
  • Las Posas Rd. to LA County line is residents only, no Northbound traffic from PCH.
  • Westlake Blvd. is closed Southbound from Potrero Rd.
  • On Mulholland at Country Ranch, blocking traffic South of Country Ranch.
  • S. Las Virgenes from Mulholland
  • Sherwood at the Westlake City limit. Blocking accessto Triunfo Canyon (residents only)
  • S. Kanan at Malibu View Dr.
  • Just North of Kanan at Triunfo Canyon, blocking access to Kanan Rd.
  • Just North of Kanan at Hidden Highland, blocking access to Kanan Rd.
  • W. Mulholland from Cornell Rd.
  • Everything is closed South of Mulholland Hwy & West of Cornell Rd.
  • S. Stunt Rd. from Mulholland
  • LA County public works has closed Chesebro Road at the bridge between Driver Ave and Balkins due to the bridge being damaged during the fire

School Closures

  • CSUCI has suspended all classes effective November 13th at 1900 hours PST until November 26th.  (Posted at 1927 PST)


Social Media – Eyewitness Accounts

  • Drones in Fire Zones:  Drones and aircraft do not mix, yet those who are out there to seek images are putting the pilots, ground resources and any civilians whom be still in the area their lives in danger.  Also, because it is illegal.  The Ventura County Sheriff Department wants to make sure all are aware:  “Captain Denise Sliva urges people to avoid operating drones in area, as they interfere with firefighting operations. “Now is not the time to get those pictures.”

if you fly, we can't graphic

Social Media – Assistance Requests

  • Seattle Humane:   To take in 300 pets from shelters in California. They are looking for volunteers to support to transfer, care for, treat and place these pets with loving families. (Source/Photo Credit:  Seattle Humane/Twitter @SeattleHumane)

  • CA Volunteers Needed:  Firefighters are being cared/supported but they are asking for volunteers to help with displaced residents whom are in need.  Details here –> to volunteer.  Disclaimer: CAL FIRE will never solicit donations from the public. (Source/Photo Credit:  CAL FIRE)


We will be updating on this site as information is received.  We would love if you would follow us on our Twitter page @nwfireblog for additional updates.

We are thinking of those in California as they now face a different threat of wildfires after being impacted by the Thousand Oaks shooting.  Please keep all in your thoughts and prayers. We thank you for reading and following our Blog. – Ed.

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Hurricane Michael Through The Eyes of the Undivided Attention of Social Media | 2


Incident Summary

It has been one week and beyond since the expected Hurricane Michael event caused widespread damage and destruction of States such as Florida, Georgia and Alabama.  Most of the major devastation is on the Coast but some other smaller towns also were impacted severely.

Some of the significant events as noted via mainstream media and other sources:

  • Looting has become prevalent in certain areas
  • National Guard has been activated to assist with Law Enforcement
  • Infrastructure, such as communications is still spotty as hosts work to rebuild their major power grids that some are reporting as completely wiped out.
  • The Tyndall AFB suffered major devastation and airmen are busy rebuilding.

We can never really tell you what it is like in any of the hardest hit areas but we can paint of picture of what is happening and being done through eyewitness accounts and reporting.sources and post here. We would love it if you followed us on our own Social Media platforms:  @nwfireblog (Facebook and Twitter)



Construction is underway on “Harder’s Base Camp”. 1000 first responders and 750 National Guard members will occupy this camp upon completion. The camp will provide all basic necessities, such as lodging and food service, to all who reside there. (10/17/2018)

PA Task Force 1

As of 10/15/2018, the PATF1 searched over 900 structures in Calhoun County, Florida. Members also made critical repairs at a damaged hospital to enable it to continue serving residents.

Photo(s) Credit: PA Fire (Task Force 1)

USAF Specialized Tactics (USAF Spec Tactics)

They were one of many that arrived on Day 1 of the storm one hour after the storm wiped out most of the Tyndall AFB and cleared a lot of debris to enable humanitarian aid to arrive.  (10/14/2018)

Indiana Task Force 1

RELEASED from the incident. Safe back in their home state.

Gulf County Sheriff Office. (FL)

Palm Beach County Sheriff Office (FL)

U.S. Navy

Naval Air Station Pensacola opening Emergency Family Assistance Center to assist evacuated military personnel and their families from staying on or near installation.  (10/14/2018)

Photo Credit: US Navy

Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency

 Survivors in the 13 counties eligible for individual assistance can now start applying for assistance through FEMA by visiting or calling 1-800-621-3362. (10/18/2018) 

Crisp, Grady, Lee, Mitchell, Terrell, Thomas and Worth counties have been added to the major disaster declaration. Survivors in those counties are now eligible to apply for assistance by visiting or calling 1-800-621-3362. (10/17/2018)

Operations continued across the state today as GEMA/HS worked with local, state, federal, private sector and volunteer partners to get much-needed supplies & resources to those impacted.  Resources: (10/14/2018)

Photo Credit: Georgia EMA

Georgia National Guard

Assistant Adjutant General of Georgia, Brigadier General, Randall V. Simmons, State Command Sergeant Major Shawn Lewis and Command Chief Master Sergeant Reginald McPherson work along side Georgia EMA to continue assessing damage in southwest Georgia. (10/16/2018)

Photo Credit: GANG

White House

Florida Senator Marco Rubio

The American President Donald Trump has approved every single request made to federal government by us  and Florida Governor Scott. Thank you for supporting Florida after the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael. And thank you to POTUS & FLOTUS for visiting yesterday to see it first hand. (10/16/2018)

Photo Credit: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio

US Air Force: Rebuilding of the Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida.

Miami Beach Police Department. 40-member team RELEASED and returned from Panama City humanitarian support effort. (10/18/2018)

Photo Credit: MBPD Chief Daniel Oates


American Red Cross

Help provide food, shelter, relief supplies and other assistance to thousands of people dealing with the aftermath. (10/18/2018).  

If you or a loved one was affected by Hurricane Michael, here is helpful information about where to find meals, shelter and how to stay safe:  (10/15/2018)

Photo Credit: Red Cross

Compassion Fund

We’ve had so many Stakeholder’s homes destroyed by Hurricane Michael! Our Compassion Fund is accepting donations to help here

Photo Credit: Angie McAllister, Director of Compassion Fund

Animal Rescue

The ASPCA is on the ground in the Florida Panhandle to help rescue and care for animals impacted by Hurricane Michael. Right now, 100% of your donation will go to our Field Investigations and Response Fund:

Photo Credit: ASPCA


State of Georgia

The work to rebuild in southwest Georgia has just begun, but we thank everyone for the work that has been accomplished so far. GEMA/HS and its partners will continue the efforts to restore the quality of life in these communities. Visit for more info. (10/18/2018)

City of Tallahassee (FL)

Damage at a Glance: 267 poles replaced, 214 transformers replaced, 27,474 feet of wire and 2,200 insulators. (10/18/2018)

Florida SERT

Homeowners that suffered structural or water damage from Hurricane Michael should shut their home’s main circuit breaker off until the damage has been inspected by an electrician or their utility company. Otherwise, there is a severe risk of fire when power is restored. (10/18/2018)

Sprint Emergency Response Team

Sprint’s Emergency Response Team working around the clock providing critical voice and data services to Bay Co. Sheriff’s Office, EOC, and their Co Data Center as well as to Sacred Heart Hospital in Port St. Joe.

Photo Credit: Spring ERT

First Net Authority

Working with State of Florida, public safety agencies without commercial service were identified & provided hundreds of FirstNet-enabled devices to help these First Responders carry out their important mission in response.  (10/15/2018)

Cell Phones

Next Generation Drones used as temporary cell towers connecting victims for the first time. (Media/The Weather Channel. 10/18/2018)


“Our network impacted by Hurricane Michael continues to improve, and we will not stop until 100% of our service is restored. We recognize how essential our service is & are giving 3 months free service to those impacted by the storm.”

Photo Credit: Verizon


“Thank you to our teams and the local community. We know the work isn’t over, and we won’t leave until it is.” (10/15/2018)


Private Property Clean-up

For those in need of cleanup on private property, contact Crisis Cleanup at 800-451-1954. (10/16/2018)

Burn Permits

Burn permits resume in all but 6 GA counties following . Permits issued in the remaining 11 counties effective as of 12pm today. Hand piled natural vegetation CAN be burned in the 6 counties with proper notification to GFC.

Power Line Safety

ASL Video. 

Water Supply

GA Residents who have experienced water outages and/or low water pressures are advised to “boil” all water prior to use for drinking, cooking, or preparing baby food. The water should be boiled for at least one minute after reaching a rolling boil. (10/16/2018)

Photo Credit: GAEMA

Sanitize pans, dishes, utensils, or ANYTHING that touched flood water. Wash with soap, rinse, then w/ 1 TBSP bleach + 1 gallon water – soak 15 min



To help take care of our team members & communities after Hurricane Michael, Target’s committed $1 million. Learn more here:

Food Stamp Assistance 

Georgia residents who receive food stamps now have additional time to report food lost due to power outages during Hurricane Michael. For more information, please visit

Food, Emergency Housing, Farmer and Rancher Assistance

The USDA will provide food, emergency housing as well as farmer and rancher assistance to individuals and small businesses affected by severe storms and flooding. For more information visit, (10/18/2018)

Pet Owners

For pet owners impacted by the storm, here are some resources available to you:

Airport Travel

PET FEES waived incoming/outgoing out of Pensacola and Panama City Beach airports.  (10/18/2018 via Pet Manage)


Line-of-Duty-Death:  GC Fire Coordinator – Brad Price

Gulf County Fire Coordinator, Brad Price, 49, of Wewahitchka.  Killed when helping family members clear debris from the hurricane when a tree fell on his tractor. 

We are in the process of gleaning all resources from all sources across various platforms listed in Twitter and Facebook and entering them into a fluid spreadsheet for your review. This will be uploaded in the next 24 hours.

If you can support with financial or your volunteering support, please see the above web links. 

We thank you for reading our Blog.   May you all be safe wherever you may be in this world and remember, to Pass It Forward. – Ed.

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California Wildfire Forcing Evacuations | 1

UPDATE 1 – Sunday, October 14, 2018

REDDING, Calif. – The Redding Police Department has issued MANDATORY EVACUATIONS due to a fast-moving wildfire that is threatening multiple housing communities.

The wildfire has been reported to have started from an unknown cause on Sunday, October 14th at 1100 hours PDT.

The wildfire named the MASONIC FIRE is located off of Lake Boulevard and Masonic Avenue in Redding (Shasta County), California.   The wildfire is north of the Sundial Bridge in the Sulphur Creek area.

Photo Credit | California PIO

This FIRE is in the same vicinity where the CARR FIRE was put out.

Social Media (Fire) various accounts are reporting the MASONIC FIRE is now being fueled by 45-mph winds that has destroyed one home.   An electrical substation is being threatened and crews are trying to save it.

Photo Credit | Redding Police

The areas currently being EVACUATED are:

  • Barbara Road
  • Pearl Street
  • Nancy Court
  • Neighborhoods north of Benton Drive to Lake Boulevard
  • West of Market Street

Photo Credit | Redding Police

Areas that should be ready to READY TO LEAVE at a moment’s notice are:

  • South of Benton Drive


  • Shasta-Trinity NF | Engines 51 and 52
  • City of Redding FD
  • Air Attack | N421DF Plane

SCANNER FEED via Social Media

1158 | Per IC, forward progression slowed. Spotting.  Now up to 30 acres.

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