UPDATE | 3-Alarm Fire Knocked Down



Firefighters were dispatched to a multi-level residential structure fire this evening, located at 47 Woolson (some reporting Woodson) in Boston, Massachusetts on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

Firefighters arrived to the fire at 1826 hours PT and immediately escalated the fire to a 2nd alarm. Shortly thereafter it was increased to a 3rd alarm, after crews were told to get off the roof immediately.


Reports of heavy fire were visible on the second and third rear porches with it through going through the roof.

Crews went to nearby structures with hoselines to hit the fire building from multiple angles. Fire was quickly knockdown and crews were working putting out hot spots and transiting over to extensive overhaul operations.


Current temps are 23*F with mostly clear skies and winds at 11 miles-per-hour. Humidity is 41-percent. Crews are working snow and ice on the ground at 1855 hours PT. At 1910 hours PT, temps had increased to a cool 28*F with increased winds at 14 miles-per-hour and decreased humidity at 36-percent. Skies were now being reported as cloudy at 1910 PT (2210)

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Photo Credits | Boston FD


BFD has had several multi-alarm fires in their City. Here is a sampling of some of those fires and events that date back to 1760 and to this present day.

1760 | The Great Fire of 1760. Destroyed 349 building on March 20, 1760.

1872 | Board of Fire Commissioners is created after the Great Boston Fire of 1872, destroys 776 buildings and killing 13 people. The City is faced with $75 Million Dollars in damage and destruction. Mutual aid arrived from New Haven, CT and Manchester, NH.

1887 | On March 14, 1887, the Bussey Bridge over South street in Roslindale collapse during the morning hours, killing 38 people and injuring 40. The bridge was built for two RR tracks but contained only one, collapsed after the train, tender and three cars had passed.

1889 | Two firefighters were killed during the Thanksgiving Day Fire which deemed to be an eight-alarm (never heard of one this big before) fire.

1942 | The Cocoanut Fire took place on November 28, 1942 at 2215 hours. Killed 490 lives and injured 166. Fire spread from an electrical box when it shorted out and ignited gas leaking from a faulty refrigeration unit.

1972 | Vendome Hotel Fire. On June, 17, 1972, at 1435 hours, a 4-alarm fire broke out and it took firefighters nearly three hours to control the fire, which the southeast section of the building collapsed. Nine BFD firefighters were killed and eight more injured.

2007 | Boston bomb scare when 2 men were working with a broadcasting company sent out flyers mistakenly as bomb threats causing wide-spread panic.

2013 | Boston Marathon bombing.

2014 | Beacon Street Fire. On March 26, 2014, two firefighters were killed when they were trapped in the basement in a Beacon Street Brownstone in Boston’s Back Bay. 18 others were injured.

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Multiple Boston Fires Look Suspicious


Firefighters raced to multiple structure fires burning at the same time or right after one another. Here is a recap of what has been happening in the last two to three hours in the City of Boston.


520 Block | Dumpster fire. Near 1583 Beacon Street x Massachusetts Avenue

  • 2102 EST | E33 arrived

295 block | Outside Fire. Near 1579 Beacon Street x Exeter Street.

  • 2118 EST | L15 arrived
  • 2119 EST | Engine Company is at

297 block | Structure Fire. 7-story apartment building. Originally outside fire extended into the basement.

  • 2215 EST | 9-1-1 call received.
  • 2216 EST | 1-alarm fire response.
  • 2218 EST | Fire in basement, extending to walls. 2nd alarm requested by Command. E4 (2nd Alarm) arrived
  • 2219 EST | L24 (2nd Alarm) arrived, 3 lines operating
  • 2220 EST | Originally outside fire extended inside building, Special unit arrived
  • 2221 EST | Air Unit arrived
  • 2223 EST | C22 (2nd Alarm) arrived. Fire extended into basement, up floors 1 and 2. 4 lines operating.
  • 2225 EST | Primary search negative, 4 operating lines, Ladder Company opening up walls & checking for extensions.
  • 2231 EST | Fire knocked down, still checking for extension. Companies in overhaul.
  • 2233 EST | Kilo 6 (2nd Alarm) arrived.
  • 2243 EST | Kilo 48 (2nd Alarm) arrived.
  • 2341 EST | Alpha 10 (2nd Alarm) arrived.
  • 2346 EST | 9 residents displaced. Property loss estimated at $150,000. FIU is investigating. Cause unknown.
Credit | Boston Fire Department


420 Public Alley | Trash fire. Near 1578 Beacon Street.

  • 2128 EST | Ladder 17, E22 arrived at
  • 2131 EST | Car 4


House #11 | Trash fire. Near 1579 Beacon Street and Exeter Street.

  • 2118 EST | E7 is at
  • 2136 EST | Kilo 6
  • 2137 EST | Car 4 is at

House #11 | Trash fire now structure fire. Near 1579 Beacon Street x Exeter.

  • 2203 EST | Engines 3, 7, 22; Ladders 26, 17; Rescue 1 on-scene
  • 2204 EST | Tower L3 and H1
  • 2206 EST | REHAB Unit, Car 3, 6.
  • 2226 EST | Fire in the basement, extending to floor 2. 2nd Alarm called.


32 Greenock Street | Structure fire. Near 3618 Blue Hill Avenue x Greenock Street.

  • 2319 EST | L29, Car 8 dispatched.
  • 2320 EST | Engines 16, 24, 18, Ladder 13 and Rescue 2 dispatched.


House # 156 | Structure fire. Near 1556 Warren Avenue x West Brookline Street.

  • 2206 EST | E37 and L4 on-scene
  • 2207 EST | E14, E4, L18, Rescue 2.
  • 2208 EST | Car 11. E10 arrived

Information gleaned from Media, verified FD and EM sources. – Ed.

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HOT JOB! Firefighter – City of Boston, MA


The Human Resources Division (HRD) is currently accepting applications for both components of the 2014 Firefighter, Municipal Service Examination.

This examination consists of two components: the Written examination and the Entry Level Physical Ability Test (ELPAT). Candidates MUST APPLY FOR, TAKE and PASS BOTH components in order to be placed on the eligible list for appointment in a civil service city or town.

The Written examination component will be held on April 26, 2014 at various sites across the Commonwealth.

The ELPAT will be administered from January 2014 through July 2014 at the Hudson National Guard Armory in Hudson, MA.

Please note that there is only one site available for the ELPAT. Failure to complete the ELPAT will result in failure of the examination and your name will not be placed on the eligible list. HRD strongly encourages candidates to sign up for and take the ELPAT as soon as possible, due to limited space.


WRITTEN: A Notice to Appear informing you of where and when to report to take the written component (the location and time of your exam) will be emailed  approximately two weeks prior to the exam date.
You must print your Notice to Appear and bring it with you to the exam site along with valid identification.

ELPAT: Once an application has been received and a valid payment or fee waiver has been verified, an email will be sent out to the candidate within one week providing instructions on how to schedule your ELPAT. Appointments will be available on a first come, first served basis and it is highly recommended that the ELPAT is scheduled as soon as possible.

Questions regarding ELPAT scheduling can be emailed to  ELPAT@state.ma.us


 Q: Why should I take the ELPAT before taking the written examination?

A: There is only one site for the ELPAT and to ensure you receive a space it is recommended that you take the ELPAT as soon as possible, even before taking the written examination.

Q: What happens if I fail the ELPAT before the written exam date (April 26, 2014)?
: Since you did not take the written component yet but have no chance to be on the eligible list due to failing the ELPAT component, you may receive a partial refund of the examination processing fee, in the amount of $100. You must request this refund in writing.

Q: What happens if I take and pass the ELPAT before the written examination date (April 26, 2014) and then fail the written examination?
 You will not receive a refund for either component.

Q: I can’t attend my scheduled ELPAT date, can I re-schedule?

A: With the exception of current military personnel who cannot be in Massachusetts on the scheduled date of the ELPAT, no applicant has a right to a make-up examination due to personal or professional conflicts on the testing date.  If you are unable to appear for your scheduled ELPAT date due to an emergency or unanticipated hardship, you may request a make-up date, by filing a written request with verifiable documentation to HRD no later than 7 calendar days from the originally scheduled date. HRD reserves the right to approve OR deny your request. HRD may require an additional examination processing fee upon approval of your request. Such requests will be processed on a first-come first served basis.

Q. How do I self-schedule my ELPAT?
  Once an application has been received and a valid payment or fee waiver has been verified, an email will be sent out to the candidate within 72 business hours with instructions on how to schedule the ELPAT. Appointments will be scheduled by each candidate and will be available on a first come, first served basis and it is highly recommended that the ELPAT is scheduled as soon as possible to guarantee a spot.

Q. When is the last day to self-schedule my ELPAT?

A. Scheduling will be based on availability of slots and the last day to schedule will be March 31, 2014.HRD encourages that you schedule your ELPAT as soon as possible, as slots are available on a first come first served basis.

Q. What happens if I fail to schedule my ELPAT?

A. You will automatically fail the Firefighter examination and will not be placed on an eligible list.

Q. Is there an opportunity to preview the ELPAT?

A. Yes, information will be provided once a candidate has scheduled their ELPAT.

Q.  What are the ELPAT events?
Stair Climb
This event simulates continuous stair climbing, an activity that firefighters may perform when getting to a fire at an incident scene. For this event, you will be required to step on a rotating staircase (also known as a step mill) at a pre-determined stepping pace for a specific period of time. You will get a 5-minute rest period after this event. The required time to remain on the step mill is 200 seconds.

Ladder Event

This event simulates various activities related to using ladders. You will be required to remove a ladder from a rack, carry it some distance, raise a weight of approximately 45 lbs. attached to a rope that simulates the raising of an extension ladder, lower that weight and return the ladder to the rack from which it was taken. The event ends when the ladder is back in the rack. The time limit is 35.56 seconds.

Hose Advance

This event simulates the actions necessary to manipulate a fully charged fire hose. You will be required to pull 50 feet of hose through a U-shaped course with several turns. There will be a ceiling on the U-shaped course to prevent you from standing upright. The time limit is 20.00 seconds.

Forcible Entry

This event simulates breaking down a door to gain entry to a burning structure or an incident scene. For this event you will be required to strike a rubber pad mounted on a moveable post. You will use a 12 lb. sledge hammer to move the post a set distance. The post and structure are weighted to simulate the force you would need to exert on a door in order to gain entrance. The time limit is 13.91 seconds.


This event simulates the actions necessary to enter and search a smoke-filled structure. You will be required to crawl through a dark wooden tunnel with obstructions and turns. The tunnel is approximately 65 feet long. The tunnel is 4 feet high and 4 feet wide. At one location in the tunnel there is an obstacle on the floor and at one location there is an obstacle from the ceiling. In addition, at two locations, the tunnel is reduced from 4 to 3 feet in width. The time limit is 39.00 seconds.

Rescue Through a Doorway

This event simulates the actions necessary to drag an unconscious victim out through a doorway to get the victim to safety. You will be required to drag a 125 pound dummy approximately 30 feet, along a zigzag course to a designated area at the end of the course. In this event, there is a low ceiling over the course to prevent you from standing upright. The time limit is 36.00 seconds.

Ceiling Hook (Pike Pole)

This event simulates the use of a pike pole or ceiling hook. A pike pole or ceiling hook is a firefighting tool used to tear down ceilings or open walls while looking for hidden fires. This event will require you to take a pike pole, tipped with an industrial hammer head, and thrust it upward at a metal plate in an 8 foot ceiling. The metal plate weighs approximately 60 lbs. and must be lifted six inches in order for the strike to count. You will then step over to the next part of the event, where a pike pole handle is suspended from a ceiling height. The pole is attached to a counter balance that weighs approximately 80 lbs. You must pull the pole down six inches in order for the pull to count. You will be required to perform one push and five pulls in a sequence. The event will require you to perform four one-minute periods of work, in which you will try to do as many push-pull sequences as possible. Each work period will be followed by a 30 second rest period. You must complete 25 full repetitions.

Source:  http://www.mass.gov/anf/employment-equal-access-disability/civil-serv-info/exam-info/exam-sched/2014-firefighter-examination.html

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Structure Fire Upgraded to 8-Alarms in Boston, MA

Boston, MA – Firefighters were called by the Summer Street Fire Alarm System Monitoring Company in the early hours this morning to report to a structure fire.

Summer Street Command

Boston Firefighters were dispatched and reported a 5-story brick office building located at 327-333 Summer Street with smoke showing.  They would later call for a 3-alarm after finding heavy fire on several floors of the building.

Shortly after, fire blew out windows on floors 1-3 initiating a 7-alarm response.  No injuries were reported at the time of the blow out.

Evacuation sirens began to sound.  Firefighters at this time repositioned their fire apparatus and deck guns on the fire.

Later, the fire was upgraded to a 8-alarm fire.  

Major notable operations that took place during the stubborn fire with the Department of the Chief Hasson assuming Command on the fireground.  The Fire Alarm Emergency  Dispatch Operations conducted a PAR [an accountability system for all fire crews on the fireground]. There was no missing Firefighters reported.

Firefighters were Heroic this morning when they had to forcibly open doors, enabling several cleaners to escape with their lives out the back of the building.  

Firefighters fought the blaze for several hours into the late morning, finally stomping on the stubborn fire that refused to be extinguished.  And, for having no firefighter injuries – Everyone Goes Home Safe.

The Boston Fire Department reported at 1245 hours EST, the fire was still smoldering.

It is estimated that damage to the Office Building is $2 Million.  Fire Investigators had been on scene but had not been able to access the inside of the building. Cause is currently unknown at this time and the BFD states they may not have a cause for a day or two.

A Structural Engineer was brought in as the Chief had concerns about a depression in the street.  Streets around the building were closed but were recently opened at 1535 hours EST.

Currently, there is 2-engines, 2-ladders along with a District Chief checking for hot spots.  The IC and Safety Chief had entered the building checking the interior.  

Some reports are coming back saying that a wooden floor at the rear of the building has been burned away.  A burned beam is currently holding up floor 1. 

We will report as soon as we receive more details about this incident.

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