Lots of information to share on this Complex with you all today.  We appreciate every single one of you in being so patient while we work to catch up after our system upgrade.


Multiple fires started on August 14, 2015, around 1030 Hours by Lightning.  Multiple fires in this Complex are located West of the towns Omak and Okanogan in Washington State.


Currently, Fire Managers are reporting the Chelan Complex has been separated from the Okanogan Complex Fire reducing the staff of this Complex down by 371 personnel. The Chelan Complex has now been separated with its own Status page on Inciweb which we will be covering in another post.

North of Black Mountain displays moderate fire behavior with active group torching, backing and creeping.  Firefighters are currently holding the fire within the set perimeter and will continue to repair dozer and fire lines.

As of today’s update from Fire Managers, the fire has scorched a total of 132,932 acres.  Firefighters have a 85% containment of the fire.  Overall in Okanogan County, a total of 505,369.13 acres have been burned.  That’s a lot of acres scorched!!


The WA Interagency IMT 5 took command on September 10, 2015, at 06000 hours.  The ICP was formerly at the Okanogan County Fairgrounds but has since moved to the Omak Stampede Fairgrounds.  It is being shared with the ICs from Tunk Block and North Star Fires.


There have been many personnel from various locations of the State of Washington and from many parts of the United States acting as mutual aid in fire suppression, structure protection, air and communication resources.

The USDA Forest Service, Confederated Tribes of The Colville Reservation, DNR and the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office have worked day in and day out on this fire incident.


Staffing  levels remain high with 611 personnel assigned to this Complex, including 13 Crews, 36 Engines, 5 Helicopters, 12 Dozers and 17 Water Tenders.

Seven injuries have been reported.  Their conditions are unknown at this time of this post.


On September 11th, the Okanogan County EOC announced Level 3 evacuations were lifted and downgraded to Level 2.  Great news for residents eager to return to their homes, or what may be left standing.


Word has been announced that the power has been restored to the Omak Mountain residents.  Very good news for all residents.


September 20, 2015, the Okanogan County Long-Term Recovery Organization will be working in conjunction with the County Solid Waste Department to assist residents with debris removal from fire-affected properties.  If you are one of these residents, you must register with a Room One Disaster Case Manager for eligibility.  You can reach them at 509-923-1979 or 509-997-2050.  This is for all Okanogan County residents.


There has been 120 residences confirmed either damaged or destroyed.  Business losses are unknown. The County is still tallying up personal and business losses.

The Okanogan County EOC is asking all Landowners affected by the fire to call their Center to report Loss Estimates on primary residences only.  You can reach them by calling Monday-Friday from 8 -5 at 509.422-7348.

Landowners with natural resources or agricultural infrastructure losses need to call the Okanogan Conservation District at 509-422-0855 or visit their website at http://www.okanogancd.org/Fires.


In order for Agencies, organizations or Cities to receive certain types of funding depends on the resources used during the fire incidents.  One FEMA uses is the number of volunteers and hours spent helping others.

The Okanogan County EOC is tracking these Volunteer Hours.  If you helped during this fire event, they are asking that you email this information to them at em2co.okanogan.wa.us.


The Washington Department of Fish and  Wildlife can answer any questions regarding hunting in fire-affected areas or any other related questions.  Their phone number is 509-754-4624.  Or you can visit them on their website at WDFW.wa.gov .


Call 9-1-1 if you see a fire.  Not reporting them can put lives in jeopardy and if left unattended with spreading can be considered as possibly being negligent.  No one wants to be in trouble with the law, especially if the Fire Department can respond within a timely manner stopping any possible wildfires.  As you know, the area has suffered too many severe losses and, that’s just from the power of lightning!

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ALDER LAKE: LOCATION: 7 mi S of Eatonville. CAUSE:Lightning . START: 7/26/15. RESOURCES: 157 Personnel. 7 Crews. 1 Helicopter. 5 Engines. ACREAGE: 280. CONTAINMENT: 17%. THREATENED: 15 residences threatened with 20 minor structures. FIRE BEHAVIOR: Minimal fire observed today due to rain showers. Fire continues to smolder under the thick canopy in the heavy fuel loading. FUTURE ACTIONS: Burnout operations will be conducted t as opportunities present themselves. Primary objective is to stop and hold eastward spread of the fire. The fire has been steadily growing to the east, west, and north.

CARPENTER ROAD FIRE:  LOCATION: 35 mi NW of Spokane; N and E of Carpenter Road and Mudget Lake Road. CAUSE:  Unknown. Under investigation. ACRES: 65,068

[estimated].  CONTAINMENT: 70% RESOURCES:  1030 Personnel including 30 Crews, 6 Helicopters, 62 Engines [Wildland & Structural], 16 Dozers, 17 Water Tenders, 4 Masticators. THREATENED:   300 residences and structures, 5 commercial.  DESTROYED: 17 reported and 14 minor structures. PUBLIC INFO: Closures & Evacuation Info Line: Stevens County EOC: 509 684-7598 or http://www.co.stevens.wa.us or Spokane Tribal Police: 509 258-4400.

CHELAN COMPLEX [Merged into the OKANOGAN COMPLEX]: 1 mile S of Chelan. Cause unknown.  Complex includes:  Reach Fire, Black Canyon Fire, McFarland Creek Fire, Cagle Fire and Antoine Fire.  Start 8/14/15 @ 0500 Hours PDT.   150 commercial property; 650 minor structures; 23 minor structures destroyed along with 21 residences. 697 Personnel. 11 Crews.  57 Engines. 75% Contained.

COUGAR CREEK FIRE:  LOCATION: 6 mi NW of Glenwood. CAUSE: Lightning. START: 8/10/15 @ 1800 Hours PDT. CONTAINMENT:  97%.  RESOURCES:  527 Personnel. 14 Crews. 2 Helicopters.  23 Engines. THREATENED:  10 minor structures.Today firefighters will continue mopping up and improving the strength of existing containment lines.

GRIZZLY BEAR COMPLEX:  LOCATION: 20 miles SE of Dayton, WA; Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness. START: 8/13/15.  CAUSE:  Lightning. THREATS/DESTROYED: 45 threatened; 5 reported destroyed. RESOURCES:  885 Personnel. 17 Crews. 5 Helicopters. 25 Engines. ACREAGE:  75,268.  CONTAINMENT: 37%.

KANISKU COMPLEX:  LOCATION:  l5 miles NW of Newport, Wa. CAUSE:  Lightning. START: 8/18/15.. THREATENED: 1,334; multiple residences threatened; 70 multiple residences and Mixed commercial-residential,152; non-residential, commercial property. RESOURCES:  773 Personnel. 14 Crews. 6 Helicopters. 19 Engines. ACREAGE: 26,175. CONTAINMENT: 40%. Tower Fire:  24,296 Acres. 35% Containment.

KETTLE COMPLEX:  LOCATION: 26 mi NW of Colville. Colville National Forest, private, DNR. IC:  Chris Schulte – Pacific NW Team 2; Tony Falco – British Columbia Forestry.  CONTAINMENT:  44%.  ACTIVE FIRES: Stickpin Fire:  54,554 Acres. 34% Containment. Graves Mtn Fire:  8587 Acres. 55% Contained.  Roy Fire:  120 Acres. 100% Contained. Renner Fire:  13,519 Acres. 59% Contained. COMPLEX TOTALS:  CONTAINMENT:  44%. RESOURCES:  895 Personnel.  22 Crews. 4 Helicopters. 37 Engines. THREATENED:  2,894 residences and 70 mixed commercial and residential threatened; 1 reported destroyed.

NORTH STAR FIRE:  LOCATION. 25 miles N of Coulee Dam on the Colville Indian Reservation. CAUSE: Human. THREATENED:  3,000 homes, 225 commercial properties, 1,000 other structures. RESOURCES: 1359 Personnel. 27 Crews. 6Helicopters. 83 Engines. ACREAGE: 209,504 Acres. CONTAINMENT: 37% Contained.

OKANOGAN COMPLEX [Merged into the CHELAN COMPLEX]: LOCATION: 7-11 miles NE and NW of Omak.

Okanogan Complex Stats: 

RESOURCES:  1300 Personnel. 25 Crews. 9 Helicopters. 73 Engines. 11 Dozers. 22 Water Tenders. 9 Skidgines and 1 Masticator. ACREAGE: 148,780 Acres. CONTAINMENT: 70%. COST-TO-DATE:. $33.9M INJURIES: 7. DESTROYED: 123 Residences and 72 confirmed destroyed. FIRES IN COMPLEX:  Lime Belt Fire:  132,838 Acres. 60% Contained.Twisp Fire:  11,222 Acres.  98% Containment. Nine Mile Fire:  4720 Acres. 98% Containment.

Chelan Complex Stats: 

RESOURCES: 704 Personnel. 11 Crews.  57 Engines. 5 Dozers. 14 Water Tenders. 4 skidgines and 1 masticator. ACRES: 93,896. CONTAINMENT: 75% Contained. COST-TO-DATE: $16.9M . DESTROYED:  23 Homes burned. INJURIES: 9.

[Editor’s Note:  “Thank You to all firefighters, both Wildland and Structure for your tireless efforts, dedication, commitment and most of all saving lives and property.  For the remaining crews, please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  #EveryoneGoesHome.”]

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