Search for Missing Pair in Mason County, Washington Located

MASON COUNTY, Washington State  | A missing 30-year old and a 4-year old male were reported missing around 1300 hours this afternoon, when they did not return from a day hike around Lake Bennetson in the Tahuya Forest.

A large number of searchers from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, along with Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteers and Firefighters from the Mason County Regional Fire Authority began the planning, implementation and later rescue of the pair.

A presser was released with limited details from both the Fire and Police Departments stating the emergency in locating them. They were unprepared for the adverse weather elements of rain and low temps.

An update has just been released that both have been found and are currently undergoing evaluations by Paramedics.

We will release a new update, if additional details emerge.

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World Disaster | White Island Eruption | New Zealand | 1

Update – Sunday, December 8, 2019 – 2300 Hours PDT (USA)

A volcano located in New Zealand, called White Island (Whakaari area) erupted without warning and sent an ash plume 12,000 feet above the vent.  Ash covered the main crater floor per webcam  footage.


Scientists are speculating the erruption may have occurred from built up gases. They are working to determine the actual cause of the erruption.

Emergency Officials are saying the ash spewed from the volcano is contained to the Island itself, which they have released a statement that  one person has been killed.

New Zealand Police released a statement of initially thinking there were about 100 people on the island but have since downgraded that number to less than 50.  However, there is still a large number that are unaccounted for.

Police are coordinating their search and rescue efforts with the National Emergency Management Agency.

White Island cropped.jpg

Credit | Wikipedia

The erruption occurred on Monday (NZ time), December 9, 2019, at 1611 hours, as an impulsive and short-lived event. The crater floor has been impacted but its current condition is unknown.  However, Officials are reporting that the activity has diminished since the original explosion was detected earlier in the afternoon.


The Wakaari/White Island is privately owned and was declared a scenic reserve in 1953.  Those who wish to visit, must have permission to land there or book yourself a trip on a local tour of the Island.

It is 1.2 square miles in diameter.  It’s tallest point of the island sits at 1,053 feet above sea leavel.  The active andesite stratovolcano is approximlately 30 miles east of the North Island of New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty.

It is considered New Zealand’s most active volcano and is constantly being built up in layers from continuous volcano activity, after its discovery by James Cook in 1769.

On July 27, 2000, an eruption occured which blanketed the island with mud and scoria.  Most of the time, it is said that this active volcano’s activities are limited to boiling mud and/or releasing steamy noxious gasses from beneath the ground upwardly.  Scientists who monitor the site’s for volcanic activities, do so through web cams and visiting the island itself wearing protective clothing and personal-protection-equipment.

A mining company’s owners made the misfortunate of trying to mine sulphur in the 1900’s but soon have to abandon their operations after all of their workers killed by a lahar.  Remnants of old machinery still remain seen by visitors to this day.

The island is also home to a large bird population, where 3,000 pairs of known Australasian Gannets migrate to this island to breed and call it their temporary home away from home.

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BE A HERO: Help Bring This Innocent Child Home to Those Who Love Him the Most

Bellevue, WA | Three years ago, little innocent then two-year old Sky Metalwala disappeared while being left alone in a vehicle his mother was driving on the way to a local hospital that morning but states it had run out of gas and stalled out in the  on her way.

Sky at Age 2. [Courtesy of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children]

Sky at Age 2. [Courtesy of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children]

Not wanting to disturb her son, she left him sleeping in the car seat with the doors “unlocked”.  She and her daughter then four, walked a mile to a nearby gas station only to return a hour later to find her son “missing”.

Detectives scoured the area for hours and found nothing, not even a gas can inside the vehicle.  Media reports say, Detectives also found the vehicle to have plenty of gas inside the tank and the vehicle was in perfect condition. Then little Sky’s mother decided she no longer wanted to cooperate with Police to find her missing son or say what happened to him invoking her 5th Amendment Right.  Many were stunned how a mother could possibly  think of leaving their child behind first of all, let alone become uncooperative with Police. Most would be frantic and distraught to learn of their child missing.

Bellevue Police even had the King County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue volunteers out searching for him with Search Dogs, on foot and by vehicle.  It was a cold day when searchers just like you and me, spent a long day into evening searching for little Sky.  They would do this any day, giving up their time and other commitments to find a missing little boy.  However, it was would be a disappointment to searchers and Police when Sky was not located.

Police say they have received 2500 tips in the three years they have been working on locating Sky but they are now asking for the Public’s continued assistance.

Here’s what Sky would like at Age 5 [his current Age].

A progressed-look to Age 5. [Courtesy of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children]

A progressed-look to Age 5. [Courtesy of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children]

He was last seen on November 6, 2o11 in the vicinity of 112th Avenue NE in Bellevue, Washington, wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt black and aqua sweatpants and white socks.

Sky Metawala is described as a male with black hair and brown eyes. Approximately 28 pounds 2’10”  with a DOB of September 2,2009, and would have turned 5 this year.

Please help his Family find him soon and reunite them once again.

The status of the case is considered active and under investigation jointly by the Bellevue and Redmond Police Departments but they need the Public’s assistance with tips or if anyone saw anything on that day.

There is currently no word on if his mother is under investigation or if she is being uncooperative with Detectives.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Sky Metalwala or information, Police encourage you to call 9-1-1 or the Bellevue Police Department at 425-577-5656 or call 1-800-843-5678 [“The Lost].   You can also contact the Police Department by email at

LET’S BRING SKY HOME TO HIS FAMILY whom has been looking for him these last three years.

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NEVADA Search and Rescue Mission Over, Family Found Safely

Reno, Nevada – A Search and Rescue team member located the four children [ranged in ages 3-10] along with two adults in the frigid mountains of Nevada since Sunday, where they were taken to Pershing General Hospital.  They were listed in good condition.

Over 200 people including the Nevada Wing of the Civil Air Patrol with several planes in the sky searched for the missing family, over a 100-mile radius. The family had gone to Seven Troughs to play in the snow.

Great news considering things could have been much worse.

And, KUDOS to the Search teams for volunteering their time, dedication, commitment and devotion to saving others in this cold weather.  Your sacrifices are so much appreciated!

We hope the family will recover soon to enjoy their holidays and much needed rest.  Welcome Home.

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