ACTIVE WILDFIRES | OREGON | August 1 2015 | PM Update

The State of Oregon is next door neighbor and what a great opportunity to start covering stories in their state as well. They sure have had a difficult time this Fire Season with some many incidents.  Here is only a few.  We are working to build our list of fires from various sources we glean info from.

“Don’t let your future go up in smoke…have a fire plan.” – Unknown


#CableCrossingFire | Start 7/28/15 | 1525 PDT [reported] | Near Oregon Hwy 138 East, near Mile Post 2; 6 miles E of Glide | Cause under investigation | 1212 Personnel, 2 Type 1 Crews, 39 Type 2 Crews, 2 Airtankers, 3 SEAT, 6 Type 1 Copters [Heavy], 5 Type 2 [Med Lift] and 4 Type 3 [Light Lift] Helicopters, 10 Engines, 4 Dozers, 1 Hot Saw, 10 Water Tenders | 1148 acres | 15% contained | Estimated Cost-To-Date: $1.5M.

Credit: Douglas Forest Protective Association

# # #

#StoutsFire | 11 miles E of Canyonville near the community of Milo on forestlands protected by the Douglas Forest Protective Association (DFPA) | 1106 Personnel | 10,689 Acres | 3% Contained | Level 2 Evacuations for residents in the Drew area /Tiller Trail Hwy milepost 28 to 39 | Evacuation Shelter: American Red Cross,  YMCA located at 330 Sabbath Way, Canyonville.

Early evening burning near Milo, 7-31-15   Smoke Column from the Stouts Fire, 7-30-15

#FireImages Courtesy of Inciweb

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WASHINGTON WILDFIRE – #BlueCreekFire – Friday, July 24, 2015


The Blue Creek Wildfire ignited on Monday, July 20, 2015.  It was a human-caused fire.  Investigators are still reviewing this case and have yet to release specific details.

Three firefighters in front of a fire drop from a safe distance

#FireImage Courtesy of Inciweb

The fire is located 8 miles E of Walla Walla in Washington State.

One structure and 7 outbuildings have been reportedly destroyed.


The fire has burned 6,225 acres but has gained a 25% containment status, which is a great success for the almost 1,000 firefighters on this incident.

Firefighters continue to fight fire in the E and SE sections.  They are working extremely hard to keep fire from the Mills Creek Watershed. So far, it has not entered on to the Watershed property.



A Community Meeting will be held on Saturday, July 25, 2015, at the Performing Arts Theater at the Walla Walla Community College beginning at 1900 hours.

Previous Community Meeting minutes here –>



  • Total Personnel:  1,000
  • 17 [20] Person Hand Crews
  • 3 Type 1 Hotshot Crews
  • Injuries:  5 [Bee stings, twisted ankle]
  • Crews:  5
  • WAIMT #1
  • WAIMT #1 COM1
  • State Mobe approved on 7/20/2015

Incident Cooperators:

  • WA DNR SE Region
  • Walla Walla County Fire District 4
  • Washington State Patrol
  • Washington State Fire Marshal
  • Walla Walla Emergency Management Department
  • Walla Walla County Sheriff
  • Columbia County EMD
  • USDA Forest Service Umatilla National Forest

numberous small tents sit in front of the Deitrich Dome

#FireImage Courtesy of Inciweb


  • Engines:  82
  • Dozers:  7
  • Water Tenders:  19
  • Airtankers: 2
  • Helicopters:  9


“Thank you,  #WallaWalla, for boosting the spirits of fire crews working hard to fight #BlueCreekFire

“We had to climb up a 2,000′ elevation to a ridge line to get out a stubborn fire.  We, as a crew were able to sway the fire away from homes and the City.” Bellevue Fire #101 Engine crew [Structure Protection guys] talking about the steep and rugged terrain.

“Calling in the Hotshots right away is a very good thing.  We don’t want another political mess like the Carlton Complex.” an unnamed Firefighter on Social Media.


“Show support with social media or place signs of support in your yards to show appreciation.” @pnwvost

“This fire was way too close for comfort.” Walla Walla resident talking about how close the fire was to her home.

“The Blue Creek Fire is the highest priority Fire in the Northwest.”


LEVEL 3 [Only local residents, land owners and emergency services are allowed in this point to allow firefighters and equipment to work safely in the area]:

  • Klicker Mountain Road
  • Blue Creek Road


The Red Cross has set up an Evacuation Shelter at the Walla Walla County Fairgrounds.  For information on Evacuations, contact the Red Cross at 509.386.6306 or the Walla Walla County EOC at 509.524.2900.

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UPDATE: #BeasleyFire also known as #HillsFire near Quincy Washington

As light approaches, it’s apparent Grant County Fire District 3 Firefighters and the Grant County Sheriff’s Office have been able to conduct an assessment of acreage burned on the #BeasleyFire also known as the #HillsFire located on the North side of Quincy; approximately three miles North of SR 28 in Washington State.

The wildfire is now said to have started on July 4th at 2345 Hours, not at midnight as previously reported.

The fire is estimated between 5,000 – 10,000 acres, wind-driven fire listed between 12 – 20 mph burning sage and grass in it’s path, says the Grant County Sheriff’s Office located in Ephrata.

The fire is expected NOT to reach their County headquarters.

LEVEL 3 and 2 were conducted around 0132 to about 0230 PDT.  About 15 homes were said to have been evacuated.  No reports of injuries or structures being damaged or destroyed.

A Red Cross Shelter has been opened as of 0500 hours this morning at the Quincy Jr. High School.

Washington State Mobe was approved at 0145 PDT.  Currently, resources on scene are from multiple Grant County fire agencies and the Bureau of Land Management.

Hashtags we are using:  #BeasleyFire #QuincyFire #WaWILDFIRE

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CORRINE FIRE In Madera County, California – June 21, 2015


The #CorrineFire is located on Road 222 and Tunoi Place in Madera County, north of Auberry, California.  The fire started on June 18, 2015, at 2100 Hours PDT.


No injuries have been reported but 3 outbuildings have been destroyed.


Cause of the fire is under investigation.  It currently is listed at 920 acres with a 35% containment status.


Resources working the fire are: 1440 personnel, 120 engines, 42 fire crews, 4 helos, 11 dozers and 11 water tenders from the #CALFire #USFS #MaderaCoFD #MCSO #PG&E #RedCross #CALOES #CHP and add’l resources from Central Valley.


Mandatory Evacuations are still in force: Rd 222 North of Tunobi to Carmen Ranch Road; Corrine Lake Rd South to Box Canyon; East of Rd 222.


Evac Shelters for residents are located at:  Sierra Presbyterian Church 39696 Hwy 41 [Oakhurst] and Oakhurst EV Church 50443 School Rd [Oakhurst].

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Wildfire Update: RoundFire Increases Resources

Inyo County, California | Round Fire is located off of Highway 395 at Sherwin Grade.

As of 0200 this morning, the forward spread of the fire has been completely stopped due to a high amount of rainfall.  However, due to downed power lines and venting propane tanks, it is making it very difficult for firefighters to re-enter the area.  Danger looms, which is not a good thing.

One injury has been reported and we are unsure if it is a firefighter or civilian.

There are currently 200 personnel on the fire with 47 fire engines, 2 dozers and 29 fire crews.

The cause is still under investigation but it is known the fire started at 1607 hours on Friday, February 6, 2015.


A CAL Fire Engine. Taken in July 2014. [Credit: LR Swenson]

Agencies on scene are: CAL FIRE,  Inyo USFS, Paradise Fire Dept., Inyo County Sheriff, Mono County Sheriff, CHP, LADWP, BSHOP Fire, Big Pine Fire, Independence Fire, Lone Pine Fire, Long Valley Fire, Wheeler Crest Fire, Edison and CDCR and a Strike Team from Kern Co.

A report of 20 structures have been destroyed.

Road closures are still in effect at Roller Rock Creek Rd. at Toms Place and Gorge Rd on North side of Hwy 395.

Evacuation Order is still in place and no residents are being allowed back inside the communities effected.  The Evacuation Shelter is located at the Crowley Lake Community Center at  458 S. Landing Rd Crowley Lake, CA 93546.

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Washington State Taking Brunt of January Winter Storms

Washington State | It’s been quite obvious Washington State has taken the brunt of what Mother Nature has sent our way and, not in a good way.  Flooding and landslides what seem to appear everywhere we turn from literally being out in the cold wind and mud to having every news outlet covering the story right here locally.

With all those news stories being covered, there is so much information out over the internet, airwaves and being reported live on TV, Youtube or ont he radio.  We are hoping this helps put all of that information in one centralized location helping you become more informed.

We’ll also try to update as the information is received throughout the day/evening.

Waves can be highly dangerous flooding, eroding beaches. [Credit: LR Swenson]

Waves can be highly dangerous flooding, eroding beaches. [Credit: LR Swenson]

## ALERTS ! ##

  • Emergency Alert System [City of Snoqualmie] :  [Broadcasts:  Disaster Recovery Instructions, Boil Water notifications, Evacuations, Emergency shelter, Requests for Community Assistance, Major Road Closures, HAZMAT spills.]
  • City of Snoqualmie. Door-to-door evacuation alerts to residents whom live on 22nd-28th St/Queets Ave and 24hour notice to stay away from Beacon Hill. Evacuation periods are from 1600-1900 PST. [ check out @KBKW on Twitter]
  • Aberdeen Dike. False reports of the Dike being compromised is in circulation. The Aberdeen Police Departments report the Dike is fine and not showing any signs of problems. [via Grays Harbor EM]



Highways, State Routes Closures

  • SR 203 – Both directions between Carnation & Fall City due to flooding via Snoqualmie River. [via WSDOT 1630PST]
  • SR 109 – @ Moclips on US 101. Closed overnight due to damaged roadway and flooding. [via WSDOT 1615PST] Comments:  Damage found at MP 53.5.
  • US 101 – 5 slide areas at MP 73, 75, 78,79 and 91. [via WSDOT 1415PST]
  • US 12 – Aberdeen City Mayor & WSDOT working to get at least 1 lane open in both directions in the next 24 hours.
A calm river in Hoquiam in 2012. [Credit: LR Swenson]

A calm river in Hoquiam in 2012. [Credit: LR Swenson]

Grays Harbor County Road Closures

  • The Aberdeen Bluff on SR12. Landslide.
  • US 101 at MP 73.
  • US 101 S of Ocean Beach Rd.
  • SR 109. Moclips at the river.
  • Moclips Hwy. MP 9.
  • SR 109 Bypass.
  • E Satsop Rd. MP 5.3.
  • Wishkah Rd. MP 6.
  • E. Aberdeen Streets.
  • Beacon Hill. Hoquaim.
  • 2500 Blk/Queets Rd. Hoquiam.
  • John Rivers Rd. MP 2.

Snoqualmie Road Closures

  • Mountain Avenue SE
  • SE Walnut Street
  • SE Spruce Street
  • Meadowbrook Way SE from SE
  • Park Street to
  • Meadowbrook Bridge
  • SE Park Street from
  • Meadowbrook Way SE to
  • Centennial Fields

Snoqualmie Falls 

  • Boardwalk Temporarily shut down due to Public Safety risk.


A Sneaker Wave comes up on the beach unexpectedly & quickly in Ocean Shores, Washington. Taken in October 2014. [Credit: LR Swenson]


Emergency Operations Center / Office of Emergency Management

  • Grays Harbor County – Staffed in Montesano working to assist all jurisdictions in the Cities of Aberdeen, Cosmopolis, Elma, Hoquiam, McCleary, Montesano, Oakville, Ocean Shores, Westport, the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation, the Quinault Indian Nation, all 15 Fire Districts and every Grays Harbor County Department.
  • City of Snoqualmie – Phone [425] 888-5911. Email: Twitter: @snoqualmiegov. Facebook: City of Snoqualmie. Emergency Alerts: AM1650 serving the Snoqualmie and North Bend communities.
  • King County EOC – Renton.  Main Phone: 206-296-3830.  Toll Free:  800-523-5044.




  • Tolt River:  Provisional Phase 3 . [Moderate flooding]
  • Cedar River:  Provisional Phase 1  [Minor flooding]
  • Green River:  Provisional Phase 1 [Minor flooding.]
  • White River:  Provisional Phase 1 [Minor flooding.]



  • Stay Away from Riverbanks
  • Don’t walk through floodwaters
  • Keep pets on a Leash
  • Don’t drive through flooded roadways or move barricades
  • Avoid driving or walking in neighborhoods where floods have occurred
  • “Don’t Drown, Turnaround.”


Grays Harbor

  • Red Cross Shelter.  Immanuel Baptist Church. 1200 Soule Ave, Hoquiam, WA 98550.  See important information: [via KBKW]


Gas & Power

  • Report an Outage. PSE Service Alerts.  888-225-5773.

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