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  • 163 “New” Fires
  • 6 “New” Large Fires
  • 5 “Contained” Large Fires
  • 9 “Uncontained” Large Fires

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BLUE CREEK FIRE – 8 miles East of Walla Walla

Fire Summary/Status ==> Started 7/20 @ 1230 Hours PDT. 5580 acres. 5% containment. In full suppression.  Active fire runs uphill, with torching, flanking.  Cause: Human & under investigation.

Fire deemed “State of Emergency”.   FEMA is dedicating funds for this fire.  Declaration was released on Monday, July 20, 2015.  At which time they stated one structure was lost and the Blue Creek and Mill Creek watersheds were threatened, along with 150 homes, 6 bridges, various roadways and external utilities.

Reports also released stated, the fire was moving NE towards Blacksnake Division.

From tonight’s Community Meeting:  “The fire has crossed over Blue Creek.”

Weather Forecast ==> Wednesday currently this evening [2115 Hours PDT] 78F, clear with winds SW to 4 mph.  Tomorrow’s forecast is 87F with clear sunny skies dipping into the evening to 63F degrees.

Damage Assessment ==> Structures lost [# unknown].

Threats ==> Addiitonal homes.  City of Walla Walla Watershed.  Blue Wood Ski Area.

Evacuations ==> 

Level 3: Klicker Mtn Rd & Blue Crk Rd

Level 2:  Scott Canyon Rd, Tracy Rd, Biscuit Ridge Rd [& Biscut Ridge area]

Level 1:  Mill Crk Rd [above Blue Crk Rd], Lewis Peak Rd [& Lewis Peak area]

Shelter ==> Red Cross Shelter. Walla Walla County Fairgrounds. Will be open until Thursday. Contact Walla Walla Co DEM for more info.

For Evacuation Updates –>  Call Walla Walla County Emergency Department of Management.  Phone #509-524-2900.

Resources ==> 1,000 personnel from DNR SE Region, Walla Walla Co Fire District #4, WSP, WA State Fire Marshal, Walla Walla Emergency Management Division, Walla Walla County Sheriff, Columbia City Emergency Management Division, USDA Forest Service Umatilla Forest.

Mapping of Area ==>


Sign-up for Alerts ==> Sign up for the Emergency Alerts in your area by going to the County’s website here ->  It looks pretty easy as 1-2-3. 

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I-90 Fire – 7 miles SW of George

Fire Summary/Status ==> Start 7/19/15. Cause unknown.  In full suppression. 700 acres at a 80% containment status.  Some demob expected in near future.

* * *

NEAH BAY 200 LINE – 2 miles SE of Neah Bay  – NEW!

Fire Summary/Status ==> Started 7/18/15 by an unknown cause.  41 acres.  Is 90% contained.

* * *

NEWBY LAKE LONG DRAW – 23 miles NW of Oroville

[Formerly Newby Lake Fire]

Fire Summary/Status ==> Started 7/2/15 by lightning.  5,065 acres and is 50% contained.

Resources ==> 329 personnel from BC Ministry of Foresters and WA DNR.

* * *

PC COMPLEX – 8 miles NW of Amboy

Fire Summary/Status ==> This complex is made up of 5 different fires.   Unknown cause. 100 acres. 248 total acres with a 40% containment status.  Type 3 helos [1 heavy, 3 med’s] + 3 Air Tankers have been dropping retardant over the fires.  A Washington IMT 5 Team assumed command on Monday, July 20, 2015.  Fire behavior is moderate with some tree torching. Left flank moving downhill.

Big Creek — > Near Yacolt.  Started 7/17/15 around 1500 hours PDT. 100% contained at 12 acres.

Germany Creek — > Hwy 4 / W of Longview / Kelso areas. Fire started 7/16/15 around 1600 hours PDT.   100% contained at 5 acres.

Colvin Creek –> Started 7/19/15 before noon. Located off of Hwy 503, E of Woodland. 30% contained at 110 acres.

Power Line 1 –> Started 7/20/15 around 1230 hours PDT.  Located in same area as Colvin Creek & Power Line 2 Fires.  100% contained at 1 acre.

Power Line 2 –> Started 7/20/15 1600 hours PDT.  Is in the same general area as Colvin Creek and Power Line 1 Fires. 100% contained at 2 acres.

* * *

WHITEHORSE FIRE – 4 miles SW of Oroville

Fire Summary / Status ==> Started 7/20/15 by lightning. In full suppression. 185 acres at a 0% containment status.  Active fire.

Threatened ==> 9 Mile Ranch subdivision, homes and outbuildings.

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