Active Wildfires – California – June 26, 2016 – PM Update

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BORDER (aka Border 3) –  CAL Fire – Monte Vista Unit.  Date/Start:  6/19/2016 @ 1100 hours.  Cause:  Under investigation.  Command:  Currently Cal Fire IMT 1 (Bravo) is in Unified Command with USFS and Santa Barbara County Fire.  CAL FIRE Incident Management Team 5 will transition the fire back to the CAL FIRE/San Diego County Fire Unit at 7:00 am on Monday, June 27th in the morning. Location:  2 miles E of Potrero, CA. Fire Fuels: Chaparral, dormant brush, and tall grass.

Engines on the San Gabriel Complex

Engines on the San Gabriel Complex (Source: Inciweb)

Current Status:  Firefighters continue to strengthen containment lines and mop up on the fire. SDG&E and AT&T continue to make repairs on many of the downed power lines, communication lines and the replacement of poles. Suppression repair has been implemented and is ongoing.  Alerts: Trail closures in effect. Road and area closures have been lifted.  Size:  7,609 acres.  Containment: 85-93% (varying sources reporting.  Resources: 1103 personnel.  37 crews.  73 engines.  Injuries:  9.  Damage Assessment:  1 home destroyed.

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CREEK FIRE –  Yolo County.  Date/Time:  6/26/2016 @ 1630 hours.  Location:  Hwy 16, 4 miles south of Brooks, near the Cache Creek Casino (Yolo County).  Cause:  Unknown.  Size:  300 acres.  Containment Status:  50%.

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DINOSAUR FIRE – Merced County.  Location:  off Hwy 152 at Dinosaur Point, westside of San Luis Reservoir.  Date/Time:  Started 6/26/2016 @ unknown time.  Containment Status:  100%.  Size:  1,246 acres.  

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ERSKINE FIRE – Central California District (BLM)  Command:  IMT 1 (Minton).  Location:  1 mile SE of Lake Isabella, CA.  Fire Fuels:  Brush and short grass.

06252016 FS Erskine Fire 4

Erskine Fire. (Source: Forest Service).

Current Status:    Fire exhibits active torching and backing down hills and the fire is expected to remain active into the evening hours.  Spotting is possible because of diurnal winds into the evening.   Size:  43,460 acres.  Contained:  40%.   Resources:  1712 personnel. 36 crews. 13 engines. 13 helos.  Damage Assessment: 250 structures lost. 75 have been damaged.  Cost-to-Date:  $5 Million.   Drones: The Director of the USFA posted on Twitter that there have been many Drone sightings which cause their aircraft to be grounded.  As of this evening, Law Enforcement have been given the go ahead to proceed with forcing Drones to land or be taken out.

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GRANT FIRE – (NEW!) Alameda County.  Location:  Off WB 580 / Grant Line Rd in the Altamont Pass. Date/Time:  Started on 6/25/2016. Containment Status: 100% contained on 6/26/2016.  Size: 211 acres.

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LAGUNA FIRE – (NEW!)  Orange County, CA.   Command:  OCFA and Laguna Beach on-scene.  Location:   in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, 2½ miles northeast of Laguna Beach & Laguna Canyon Road.  Current Status:  Top of the World area is being evacuated.  Air tankers and a Type 3 strike team has been ordered.   Fire Behavior:  Fire is spotting across the Canyon with moderate rate of speed. Size:  50 acres.  (as of 1348 hours PDT)  Containment Status:  60%.

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MARINA FIRE – Inyo National Forest. Command:  IMT2 (Fogel). Location:  1 mile NW of Lee Vining, CA. Fire Fuels:  Timber brush . Date/Time Started:  6/24/2016 @ 0530 Hours.  Cause:  Human. Under investigation.

Marina Fire. (Source: Inciweb)

Current Status:  Minimal fire behavior with creeping, smoldering and isolated torching..  Size:  758 acres.  Contained:  37%.  Resources:  355 personnel. 8 crews. 23 engines. 6 helos.  Cost-to-Date:  $500K.

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PONY FIRE – Klamath National Forest.  Location:  15 miles SW of Happy Camp, CA.  Fire Fuels: Timber, heavy logging slash, and chaparral.  Command:  James Courtright, Philip Bordelon(Trainee, Klamath National Forest Type 3 Team.  Cause:  Lightning.

Pony Fire on 6/10/16 during Initial Attack

Pony Fire on June 10th during Initial Attack. (Source: Inciweb)

Current Status:  Fire is burning in litter, dry brush, and timber, with heavy dead and down snags from previous fires.  Size:  2,858 ac. Containment: 63%.  Resources:  152 personnel.  3 acres.  3 engines. 2 helos. Cost-to-Date:  $17 Million.

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RESERVOIR FIRE – Lake County. (Not to be confused with the San Gabe Complex -below).  Located:  near Indian Valley Reservoir, 7 miles SW of Leesville.  Date/Time Started:  6/26/2016 @ 2050 hours PDT.  Size:  250 acres.  Current Status:  Fire is holding on the East side of Bartlett Springs road but the west side is making (around 1825 PDT) Slope runs with the wind. Charlie strike team being diverted to the fire.  Now burning into the BLM lands. (1925 PDT).    Monday’s Resources:  15 engines, 10crews, 2 dozers 3 DIVs, 1 IC, 1AA, 2 fixed wing, 2 copters (with crew) 1 type 1 copter.  Containment Status:  0%.

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SAN GABRIEL COMPLEX – 2 Combined Fires (Fish, Reservoir)

Fireworks Are Illegal

Hand crews successfully accessed the fires edge in the steep and rugged terrain on the northeast edge of the Fish Fire. Crews continue to build direct fire line and reinforce existing line. Hotshot crews are one of the few fire fighting units capable of this task.

Combined Size:  5285 acres w/72% containment status.

FISH FIRE – Los Angeles County.  Command:  Los Angeles Co FD. IMT 2 (Wakoski). IMT is also managing the Reservoir fire. Location:  2 miles NE of Azusa, CA.   Fire Fuels:  Chaparral, brush, and tall grass.

Current Status: Minimal fire behavior. Numerous structures threatened.   Alerts:  Road, area, and trail closures in effect.  Containment:   72%.  Resources:  859 personnel, including 39 engines, 25 hand crews, 15 water tenders, 5 bulldozers, 15 helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

Part of burned area on San Gabriel Complex. (Source: Inciweb)

RESERVOIR FIRE – Angeles National Forest.  Location:  3 miles  N of Azusa, CA.  Fire Fuels:  Chaparral, brush, and short grass.

Fire Behavior:  Minimal.  Threats:  Structures threatened. Alerts:  Road and area closures in effect. Size:   Resources:  194 personnel. 3 crews. Cost-to-Date:  N/A.


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SHERPA FIRE – Los Padres National Forest.  Location:  19 miles NW of Santa Barbara, CA.   Fire Fuel:  Chaparral and tall grass.

Image shows yellow fire equipment being sprayed to remove invasive seeds after being used on fireline

Equipment being sprayed to remove invasive vegetation. (Source: Inciweb)


Current Status:    Alerts: Road, area and trail closures in effect.

Containment Status:  The fire has reached a 100%  containment status.



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