OR Wildfire: Blue Top Fire | Aug 14 2016


An unknown cause started the Blue Top Fire on July 27, 2016, in the Willamette National Forest in the vicinity of Blue Pool and Tamalitch Falls, Oregon. IA crews responded finding a 2-acre fire.

Fire crews are working to contain a fire in treacherous rugged terrain and among sheer cliffs, making it just that much more dangerous for firefighters.

The cause is currently under investigation.

Photo credit: Joanie Schmidgall (via Inciweb)


There are 59 fire resources assigned to this incident.


The fire originally began as a 2-acre fire has now grown to 58 acres of burning timber and brush leaf litter.

The fire has reached an 80% containment status.


On August 7th, the fire status was downgraded as fire crews continued to do mop-up and chip fire fuels.  Command was transitioned back to the local unit.

Yesterday, on Saturday, August 13th, fire activity become active once again, causing the acreage to increase and make smoke visible to surrounding areas.

The fire continues to move by creeping, smoldering and with isolated torching – all within containment lines.


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2 thoughts on “OR Wildfire: Blue Top Fire | Aug 14 2016

  1. Please note that the Tamolitch Pool is the same pool as Blue Pool in the McKenzie River Ranger District of the Willamette NF, OR. There seems to be some confusion in social media as to the real place name. The pool is closed as is all access to the pool. Two federal fire closures are in place.
    This closure only affects 6 miles of the McKenzie River Trail (from Carmen Reservoir to Trail Bridge
    Trailhead.) These two closures will continue until the area is safe. With snags still falling from the high ledges, hotspots, large trees still burning, and rolling rocks and debris, the area is hazardous for firefighters and the public. The public is strongly encouraged to respect the closure to allow firefighters to focus on clearing the debris and finalize what is called ‘mop-up’ a tedious, smoky, and diligent task. The closure area and access to Blue Pool/Tamolitch will remain closed until the area is safe. Breaching the closure area is a federal offence and citations with fines and penalties are being issued. In the meantime, this is a small closure in a large and beautiful iconic Oregon forest: there is plenty of other blue waters to enjoy and trails to hike.


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