We would like to believe the Fire Season has ended due to the new change in Seasons, but we would just be fooling ourselves.  We have gleaned some info from various Fire CADS in the Northwest.

Both Spokane and Okanogan Counties seemed to be the winners of the day with multiple fires breaking out in their areas, according to WildCAD.net records.

New Centerville Fire – Grimes Pass, Idaho

Fire crews were dispatched at 1821 hours to the Grimes Pass area with a new wildfire start on the E/SE side of New Centerville.  Resources are showing on-scene @ 1930 hours.

Resources assigned are:  CRW 3 and 8.  Engines 413, 451 and 461. PT 31.  C6. and Div61.

Grimes Pass is located near Slide Gulch of the Rocky Mountains in Boise County, Idaho.

Pine Creek Pole Fire –  Okanogan County, Washington

Fire crews were sent to Pine Creek this morning at 0530 hours where they quickly contained a grass fire to 0.01 acre a 0700 hours.  (WA DNR)

Green Pine Fire – Spokane County, Washington

Around 1149 hours, fire crews were dispatched to a Spokane County brush fire located on Green Pine Road at 1149 hours and got it under control at 1215 hours. (WA DNR)

Argonne Hill Fire – Spokane County, Washington

Fire crews responded to a small fire in North Argonne in Spokane County, Washington.  Both brush and grass were actively burning when they were dispatched at 1246 hours but to be later contained at 1345 hours.  The fire size only reached 0.14 acres. (WA DNR)

Bridges Spot – Spokane County, Washington

According to the Fire CAD, Firefighters were dispatched to a brush fire  at 1529 hours.  Fire fuels included brush, grass and Douglas fir. They successfully contained the fire to 0.01 acres. (WA DNR)

Oroville Side Fire – Okanogan County, Washington

Just on this side of Okanogan County in Oroville, Washington, fire crews were dispatched at 1612 hours to a fire.  Resources were on-scene at 1912 hours and is still being considered as an open call in their CAD system. (WA DNR)

Ashford Fire – Okanogan County, Washington

Crews were dispatched today at 1723 hours to a small fire, approximately 0.2 acres on Gunn Ranch Road in Okanogan County, Washington.  It was controlled at 1910 hours. (WA DNR)

Laverne Fire – Cowlitz County, Washington

The Laverne Fire is showing as an open call with fire crews actively in patrol status.  It is located on Laverne Drive in Kalama, Washington in Cowlitz County.  Timber and grass are the fire fuels.  It has been contained to 0.25 acres.

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