The Wildfire Log: I-90’s Wildhorse Monument Fire | 3

UPDATE 3 – July 1, 2019 – Monday

A dozer team is meeting up with additional resources and heading up Silica road, an area that has seen a lot of wildfires over the last few years.

Some of the wildfires that have occurred in the area,  you may recognize:

6/3/2019 | 243 Fire | Fire burned nearly 19,000 of acres (at about 18,774 acres) at one of the news report and caused evacuations during the incident.

7/10/2018 | Ryegrass Coulee Fire | burned near Vantage.

6/29/2015 | A fire burned near the intersection of I-90 and Silica Road, near Vantage.

Firefighters will be no doubt being driving and climbing up the rough path to the monument, which is about a-quarter-of-a-mile of a way up steep hillsides.

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