Sit Rep 1 | September 14, 2020

The ALMEDA DRIVE FIRE started on September 8th on  private land, one-mile north of Ashland, Oregon from an unknown cause.  It has now moved on to lands owned by the Oregon State Department of Forestry – Medford Unit and is the Lead Agency on this wildfire incident.

Currently, the fire behavior is active with backing and creeping while threatening several communities or to about 6,100 single and multiple structures.

As of today, there has been 3,200 acres of timber, brush and tall grass and 700 structures that have been destroyed in this costly wildfire. Fire suppression and containment costs have skyrocketed to $751,000 to date.

About 48 personnel along with 12 engines are attached to this incident.

The Command Post has been staged at the Scenic Middle School Central Point School District 6 for their venue.  A big shoutout for the school district’s generosity was announced on Facebook, which is being managed by the Joint Information Center, OR Fire Marshal’s Office Type 2 team.

This incident is being managed by the NW IMT Team8, IC Doug Joshnson. OR State FMO Blue Team.

Fire crews were able to keep the fire within its perimeter and reaching a successful 70% containment status.  They will also continue to ID and mitigate hazardous conditions which include fire debris, structure integrity, downed utility lines as well as venting natural gas lines inside the perimeter.

These are very dangerous conditions for firefighters as they go into the unknown.  Safety Officers will work to keep firefighters safe while working under these conditions.  PLEASE AVOID THIS AREA.

Temps were in the mid 70’s and will remain as such for the next several days.  It is expected to be cloudy with overcast smoke and haze.  Air quality issues remain hazardous.  Those with respiratory issues should remain indoors with windows closed to avoid inhaling unhealthy smoke.  If you must drive, turn on your headlights and go very slow as roadways have limited visibility.

Shelter for residents impacted by this wildfire, can contact the Jackson County EXPO at 541-774-8270 for further information and details.

A TFR or temporary flight restriction over the fire is effect meaning no aircraft including drones can fly any distance within this fire.  It is illegal and dangerous to fly drones inside a fire zone.  This also cause aircraft to be forced to land taking precious time away from fighting wildfires.  It can also cause mid-air collision, crashes or kill those in the air or ground.  NO DRONES IN FIRE ZONES.

A significant event occurred on this incident where a Southern winery was destroyed. Our Thoughts and Prayers to those whom have been impacted by this fire and others.  

Photo Images | PC:  Almeda and Obenchain Fire Info Facebook Page


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