Seattle Fire Fight Multiple Saturday Fires


3200 block of SW Avalon Way (West Seattle)2-Alarm

Firefighters were dispatched to a Fire in Building call in the 3200 block of Southwest Avalon Way in West Seattle, Washington State on Saturday, April 3, 2021 around 1824 hours PT. The building is a mixed use business with retail space on floor one and apartments on floors two through six.

The original units dispatched to the fire were B7, E32, E3, L11 at 1824 hour PT.

Credit: SFD

It was quickly upgraded to a full response with additional fire assets and equipment A14 AIR10 B5 DEP1 E11 E13 E37 L13 M32 M44 MAR5 R1 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10. (1st alarm)

At a later time, Command called for a 2nd alarm. The Fire Alarm Center or FAC dispatched E29, E5, Air240-260, B2, E10, E2, E26, E30, L1, L3 and the SFD PIO.

L9 and L10 were added to this incident prior to 2000 hours T.

Fire has been contained to the top floor but major water damage is evident on the top floors.

The cause and extent of damage is under investigation at this time.

It is unknown if there were any injuries to civilians or firefighters at the time of this post.

300 block of Bellevue Avenue East 1st Alarm/Full-Response

Firefighters were busy chasing another fire in building call at 0421 hours PT. This was in the Capitol Hill neighborhood prompting A25, B4, E16, E22,E31, E36, E8, L13, L6, L9, M17, MAR5, B6, SAFT2, Air240, Air240-260 to be dispatched.

This was an unoccupied building that was set for demolition.

The cause was listed as “undetermined” by Marshal 5 (SFD Fire Investigator). There was no determined amount of loss given that the building was set to be destroyed.

2000 block of 23rd Avenue South (South Seattle)2-Alarm

At 0303 hours, Firefighters were dispatched to the 2000 block of 23rd Avenue South in Seattle on Saturday. This was a mid-rise U-shaped building under construction in the Mount Baker neighborhood. The fire had appeared to begun on the first floor and spread to the upper floors.

First arriving units were greeted by heavy flames and smoke.

Credit: SFD

Units dispatched were B5, E30, E6, L3 then determined it to be a working fire, initiating a full response.

The full response included A5, Air10, B2, Dep1, E10, E13, E6, L1, M1, M44, MAR5, R1, REHAB1, SAFT2, STAF10.

Additional resources deployed were Air 240-260, B4, E2, E25, E28, E34, L10, L4, PIO.

Seattle FD’s Marshal 5 determined this was an arson caused fire. The Seattle Police Department Arson unit is currently looking for any tips from the public. You may contact them at

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Tacoma Firefighters Respond to Back to Back Fires

Tacoma Firefighters responded to an early evening fire on Friday  (May 22nd) to a boarded up and vacant home in the 4600 block of South Thompson Avenue in Pierce County, Washington State.

Photo Credit : Tacoma Fire Department


Fire was reported as having originated in the garage and was quickly knocked down.  It has been released if accidental, arson or another cause.

The following afternoon (Saturday, May 23, 2020), firefighters were dispatched to a fire inside a fenced area in the 2500 block of Jefferson Avenue in Tacoma around 1330 hours PT.  Fire again was knocked down quickly.

This was ruled arson and Tacoma Police arrested and booked a 56-year old male.  He has been charged with Arson in the 2nd Degree.  No injuries were reported.

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Arson Suspect Nabbed by FIU in Kent Washington

Kent, Washington |  A trio of FIU  Investigators with the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority along with working with Law Enforcement officials were able to piece together a successful case leading to an arsonist.  The PSRFA states these were intentionally set in dumpsters and other locations but responding firefighters were able to quickly put these fires out before spreading to nearby structures.  As with any fire

An adult male has been arrested and charged on three Arson-2 charges after the FIU’s investigation led them through a string of arson fires that occurred in the downtown Kent area.  They are currently looking through additional video footage and evidence to see if they are able to tie him to other unsolved fires that have occurred in the same area.

The Kent communities can now rest easy knowing their Fire Department has nabbed one arsonist off the streets.  Remember, if you See Something, Say Something and always call 911 right away.


Although the name and face of the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority is fairly new, it represents the multiple recognizable Fire Departments that have been long iconic in their communities and around the State of Washington.  In 2017, the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority was reborn from its previous name listed as the Kent Regional Fire Authority.

Today, the PSFA consists of ten-Fire Departments that are strategically located in various area in South King County which include:  Kent Regional Fire Authority, Maple Valley FD, Tukwila FD, Burien/Normandy Park FD, North Highline FD, Skyway (King County Fire District #20), Renton Regional Fire Authority, Valley Regional Fire Authority, Vashon Island Fire & Rescue and in Enumclaw (King County Fire District #28).

With all of these Fire Departments in a consortium, they bring a  high level and wide-range of skills, expertise, experience and is a great opportunity for personnel to train and learn together, as well providing mutual aid as needed.  Together as one, they bring an invaluable benefit to the communities and Public they serve.

To learn more about this great organization, you can visit them at their website at

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Lynnwood Wa | 3 Alarm Commercial Structure Fire

Lynnwood, Washington

Incident Summary

A fire broke out in an apartment complex under construction on Wednesday, January 25th around 2136 PST as a first alarm but would the alarm would be quickly elevated all the way up to a 3rd Alarm.

The commercial structure is located on the 19600 block and Scriber Road in Lynnwood, Washington.  Many reports of this being a replacement for a former apartment complex that also burned down.

Police and Fire began demobing around 0010 hours on Thursday morning.

Parts of the building in sections have collapsed, including the chimney in the center of the structure and appears all of the exposure buildings have been saved by firefighters.

Fire Tactics

Crews had continued to battle flames, while Public Works assisting w/water flow,  Reports of water flow issues.

Fire units continue to work on large commercial fire in Lynnwood. Police continue to evacuate surrounding areas. People were evacuated by several Community Transit buses to areas nearby.  A nearby church was being used as a shelter.


#FireImage Courtesy of Lynnwood Fire Department

Mutual Aid

Firefighters around the area locally from Lynnwood, Shoreline and others along with a Snohomish County strike team were dispatched to this multiple story apartment complex.

Red Cross was on hand to help local residents by staffing a local evacuation shelter at a nearby church located near the Command Post.

Police Officers were tasked with evacuating residents from exposure buildings which took up much of the City’s and Mill Creek Departments.  They provided perimeter security around the building.

Level2 Firefighters helped put tape up to keep drivers from continuing driving through the fire scene, as Police Officers were tied up with assisting with evacuations.

Public Works set-up barriers to keep the public back in a safety zone and to help Fire with scene control.

PSE secured power to the buildings, which others reported power was out in the whole area.


Reports of one firefighter was injured from a fall.  He was said to be alert and talking.  Another source said he will be okay.

A second report of another firefighter being injured but his/her condition was unknown at the time of this fire.

Unconfirmed Reports

There were several 9-1-1 calls into SNOCOM of reports of those claiming responsibility for starting the fire.  Police are working to investigate those potential leads.

Looking Through The Eyes of Social Media (What people are saying on Social Media)

“Huge fire in Lynnwood…new, unfinished apartment building.”

“Massive fire south of me in Lynnwood. Not sure where it’s located, but it’s lighting up the sky.”

” Falling ash is everywhere at the fire. Flames are definitely lowering.”

“Firefighter injured as crews battle massive 3-alarm fire in Lynnwood.”

“Windows in adjacent buildings exposed to the fire are breaking out due to the heat.”

“Fire can be seen from Brier.”

“Fire burning in new unfinished and unoccupied condo building.”

“This is the new building replacing the former apartments when that structure burned.”


#LynnwoodFire #ScriberFire

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Bellevue Islamic Center Fire Ruled Arson

Bellevue, Washington

An early morning structure fire broke out at 0244 hours on Saturday, January 15th, severely damaging the Islamic Center of Eastside on the 14700 block and Main Street in Bellevue, Washington.


Firefighters were quickly dispatched to the Crossroads mosque fire and were met by 40-foot flames shooting up from the rear of the two-story wood frame building, presumably built-in the 1970’s and listed without sprinklers.

Credit: Bellevue Fire Department

Credit: Bellevue Fire Department

Multiple hose lines were laid and firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire and able to save half of the structure.  Additionally, during salvage they saved numerous religious books and electronic equipment.

13 fire apparatus were on scene.

Firefighters also performed primary and secondary searches in the building and finding no occupants. It was found to be a unoccipied building.

There were no civilian or firefighter injuries reported.


At the fire scene, the BFD called Bellevue Police to respond to the mosque for a possible person-of-interest on the North side of the building.  Police Officers would be dispatched and find the person whom they would arrest for arson and for having a Seattle PD warrant.  He was arrested with seven minutes from time of dispatch to arriving on-scene.

Police say the suspect, (whom we are not naming though BPD has due to suspects have many rights including are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law) acted alone and is not being considered as an act of terrorism. They have ruled this out due to his statements, pattern of behavior and evidence collected at the scene. This suspect has an extensive criminal record.

“This is an attack on the Muslim community and an attack on all our Bellevue residents. We must pray for them and come together as a community.” –  Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett.


Police are continuing to work with the ATF and FBI in this case.


The Prosecutor’s Office stated they are not treated this as a hate crime as there is not enough evidence to support that cause.  Police are still trying to figure out this suspect’s motive for the fire.

Police Investigators are working with the Redmond Police Department due to another church in the area was hit by fire. They are looking at if this has any connection to the Redmond Fire.

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Arson Mixing It Up in Tennessee Wildfires | Update 1

Due to the drought prone Southern States, wildfires are igniting from mostly Arson caused fires.  In this post, we will discuss what is happening in Tennessee and filling in with some Fire Facts in between.



Tennessee is covered by 14,000,000 forested lands, which is about 52% of their State.


District Fires

Tennessee is broken up into four Districts, which consist of Western TN District, Highland Rim District, Cumberland District and Eastern TN District.  Here are the stats for these Districts.

Western TN District

There were no fires reported for this District.

Highland Rim District

The Highland Rim District reported 1 new fire with a total of 1 acre that was deemed to be caused by arson.

Cumberland District

The Cumberland District reported 6 new fires for a total of 12.5 acres.  The wildfires are broken down by causes.  2 of the fires were due to embers from a structure fire.  1 from escaped debris.  2 from arson and another from an unknown cause.

Eastern TN District

The Eastern TN District reported 4 new fires that were all from arson.


Wildfire Stats – The Numbers Do Not Lie

In the last 24 hour-period, Fire crews were in an Initial Attack for 47 new wildfires Statewide.  Year-to-date, there have been 1,386 wildfires for a total of 43,465 acres.

Major Fires Contained

Ivydale Trail #2 – 84 acres

Little Brushy, 392 acres

Stoney Fork, 1,144 acres

Beech Grove Road, 361 acres

Bald Knob Road, 1293 acres

Flippers Bend, 230 acres

Poe Road, 712 acres

2016 Fall Fires


Tennessee is currently in a State of Emergency, Level 3


Active Fires Burning

City of Gatlinburg, Most of City, 0% contained.  *** See separate post ***

Eastern Miller Cove, 15,049 acres. 95% contained

Mowbray Fire, 899 acres.  98% contained.


November Wildfires by County


  • Start 11/19.  Beech Grove Road.  361 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/07.  Bench Bluff.  2,018 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/17.  East Miller Cove.  1,504 acres.  Arson.  98% contained/active wildfire.


  • Start 11/25.  Old Charleston Road.  1 acre.  Arson.


  • Start 11/27.  3915 Cedar Creek.  1 acre.  Arson.
  • Start 11/26.  Primroy Road. 30 acres. Arson.
  • Start 11/25.  Chestnut Stump.  1 acre.  Arson.
  • Start 11/25.  Macedonia Road.  3 acres.  Arson.
  • Start 11/24.  Ivydale Trail #2.  84 acres.  Arson.
  • Start 11/21.  Stoney Fork #3.  1144 acres.  Arson.
  • Start 11/20.  White Oak Road.  20 acres.  Arson.
  • Start 11/12.  Mile Marker #156 (I-75).  1,010 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/23.  Tiger Creek.  45 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/01.  Lower Caney Valley.  50 acres. Arson.


  • Start 11/11.  Neddy Mountain Road.  1,076 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/08.  Hailey Grove.  75 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/17.  Old Mountain Road.  230 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/27.  Fire Tower Road. 1 acre.  Debris escaped.
  • Start 11/23.  Bonnie Oaks #3.  80 acres.  Arson.  95% contained/active wildfire.
  • Start 11/23.  Hurricane Cove.  51 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/20.  Sawyers Cemetary #2.  2 acres.  Cause:  Breakover.
  • Start 11/05.  Flippers Bend.  981 acres.  Arson.
  • Start 11/05.  Mowbray.  899 acres.  Arson.  98% contained/active wildfire.


  • Start 11/27.  Ferguson.  1 acre.  Arson.
  • Start 11/17.  Cool Branch road.  350 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/16.  Big Fork.  50 acres.  Arson.
  • Start 11/15.  Cave Cove.  168 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/27.  Sunmore Lane.  1 acre.  House fire.


  • Start 11/28.  T. Cooper.  32 acres.  Arson.
  • Start 11/23.  Little Brushy.  392 acres. Arson.
  • Start 11/20.  Bald Knob Road Fire.  1,293 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/27.  Hwy 64.  1 acre.  Arson.


  • Start 11/20.  Gainsboro Highway.  1 acre.  Cause:  Sawmill.


  • Start 11/26.  Pierce Hill Rd #3.  1 acre.  Arson.
  • Start 11/26.  Pierce Hill Rd #4.  1 acre.  Arson.
  • Start 11/20.  Pierce Hill Rd #2.  2 acres.  Arson.
  • Start 11/17.  Pierce Hill Road.  5 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/25.  Webster Road.  5 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/14.  Hobbstown.  181 acres.  Arson.
  • Start 11/14.  Sunshine/Dcus Mountain.  46 acres.  Arson.
  • Start 11/06.  Smith Mountain Road.  960 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 457 Mill Creek.  1 acre.  Cause was a structure fire.


  • Start 11/18.  Gordanville.  6 acres.  Arson.


  • Start 11/27.  Sharps Chapel.  2 acres.  Arson.

Van Buren

  • Start 11/24.  Hawks Bluff.  4 acres.  Unknown cause.

See Something? Say Something!

Call 9-1-1 to report a wildfire start and report what you know.  You can be annonymous.

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October 1st is National Fire Pup Day


When you first think of this National Holiday you probably think of the black and white spotted dog best known as the Dalmatian that hangs out with the firefighters at the Station House.  There are so many breeds making great strides in saving lives, as well as making a difference in their communities we would like to recognize that includes  Fire and SAR dogs.


Dalmatians started out their careers in the role of aiding horse-drawn carriages (firefighting apparatus) by running in front of them to clear the pathway leading both firefighters and horses to fires.  Some references even say that when they ran in front of the apparatus, they barked as if they were “sounding the alarm” notifying people a fire response was coming down their streets.

Because of the Dalmatians breed traits, dogs were easily able to jump from the horse-drawn era to fire trucks with strengths in guarding apparatus and later becoming firehouse mascots.  They were said to be easily trained and were heavily relied upon due to their biggest trait of being great guard dogs and watching over apparatus at fires.

Today, Dalmatians are still the same iconic breed of firehouses everywhere but there are other breeds in the Fire Service that have committed Heroic actions that we are including on this Special Day.


We have gleaned information from various sources about dogs saving lives and here is a small compilation:

Jake, Fire Pup Rescued Twice

Hanahan Fire Department (SC) Firefighter Lindler saw smoke coming from a neighbor’s yard and just did what was natural  in responding to the scene with equipment. Seeing that a shed was on fire, the dog’s owners screamed out their 3-week old pup was inside the building.  Firefighter Lindler rescued the pup from the burning shed and could see this poor fella had  burns over 75-percent of his body.

He was taken to a vet for immediate care but would be later given up by his owners because they were unable to pay the vet bills. The Firefighter who would follow-up at a later point on the pup’s condition would learn about this terrible news. His heart sank but it seemed only natural to adopt him and naming him Jake.  He had been rescued twice in his short life.

Jake quickly recovered when he was brought to the fire house and was loved on by his new adopted family.  He has turned from rescued pup to Fire Prevention Dog.  His owner is thinking he would make a great Arson Detection Dog.  He has been featured in a recent Humane Society calendar and has his own Facebook Page.

Learn more below.

Read about how Jake is helping kids and may even get a shot at becoming an Arson Detection Dog.  He is amazing and you will love his story as much as we have.

Jake is now a “Public Figure” as listed on his Facebook page here –> >

Read his full story and see pictures (warning: may be disturbing to some)  Woman’s Day (UK news) >

Bretagne, the last surviving Fire SAR Dog of 9/11

Bretagne, a Golden Retriever was age two when she was deployed for her first mission as a newly certified FEMA SAR Dog to the 9/11 WTC disaster looking for survivors then remains. For 10 days, she worked tirelessly with her handler, Denise Corliss.  She also logged in hours at Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Ivan. Bretagne had many great  years of service. She passed away in 2016 just shy of her 17th birthday. She received a highly decorated memorial by those who loved her.

Read her story here –>

Tilley, Rescue Pup turns Firehouse Pup

A Fire Station sticking with tradition of having a dog presence at their Fire Station changed it up one day when two firefighters from the Cass County Fire District No. 1/New Waverly Fire Department went across the street to pick up a new dog.  Firefighter Kyle Anderson and their Department’s Fire Chief, Rex Danely (a self-proclaimed K9 lover) rescued a pup from the Humane Society and brought the dog back.  His primary duties are to offer a calm presence, accept treats and lots of petting from kids who come to see him regularly.  The Chief felt they needed a “canine” presence.  They have never looked back and Tilley has helped many along the way returning the favor many times over.

Check out their story here –>

The London Dogs

Sherlock, Murphy and Rosco (retired) are trained by the best in the London Fire Brigade (UK) as arson detection dogs.  Their keen sense of smell is what helps them find fire causes.

Check out their stories here –>


Fire Pups are trained in many aspects of helping others.  Here are some of the amazing these dogs do in the Fire Service.

  • Search and Rescue (Disaster)
  • Arson Detection
  • Fire Prevention
  • Calm Presence during Fire Incident
  • Firehouse Presence

This post is dedicated to all Fire and SAR Dogs everywhere.  We Salute You!



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NEW! Grass Fire | Roseburg OR | Update 1

Roseburg, Oregon | A large grass fire, approximately in 1/2 acre in size is burning near Roseburg Memorial Gardens and Gaddis Park.

Fire has been knocked down @ 2110 hours.

Police are searching for person who lit the fire. They say they are looking for a suspicious person who was in the area.

Updated 2110 hours PDT

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CA WILDFIRE: King Fire [Update]


  • El Dorado NF
  • In canyon of the South Fork of the American River Canyon, Silver Creek Canyon &nd Rubicon Canyon
  • North of the community of Pollock Pines. The fire has crossed into Placer County. The fire is approaching the Tahoe National Forest north of the Eldorado National Forest.


  • Start 9/13
  • Arson caused
  • Suspect Arrested 9/18/14 & is in Custody
  • Bail set at $10 Million

11 12


  • 10% contained
  • 81,944 acres
  • The fire has crossed into Placer County.
  • Approaching the Tahoe National Forest north of the Eldorado National Forest
  • 2,819 homes evacuated
  • 21,000 structures threatened including 12,000 residences

Congressman Tom McClintock getting a morning briefing on the King Fire from Operations Section Chief Keith Garolla, CA Incident Management Team 5 [Photo Credit: King Fire IMT via Facebook]

Congressman Tom McClintock getting a morning briefing on the King Fire from Operations Section Chief Keith Garolla, CA Incident Management Team 5 [Photo Credit: King Fire IMT via Facebook]


  • 4


  • 4,901 personnel
  • 379 engines
  • 137 fire crews
  • 21 helos
  • 77 dozers
  • 78 water tenders
  • 5 IMT
  • Ventura County FD [7 engines & overhead team]
  • ConFire Engine 22

Fire Info Board [Photo Credit: King Fire IMT via Facebook]

Fire Info Board [Photo Credit: King Fire IMT via Facebook]


  • EDSO
  • CHP
  • American Red Cross
  • Cal OES
  • El Dorado Irrigation District
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • PG&E
  • El Dorado County Animal Control
  • Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Ventura County FD
  • Pala Alto FD
  • Alameda County FD
  • Mountain View FD

View of 6 a.m. operational briefing for overhead and supervisors of firefighting personnel. 4,425 people are assigned to the King Fire [Photo Credit: King Fire IMT via Facebook]

View of 6 a.m. operational briefing for overhead and supervisors of firefighting personnel. 4,425 people are assigned to the King Fire [Photo Credit: King Fire IMT via Facebook]


  • White Meadows area: pending damage assessment on number of residences.
  • Additional Info: County CAO’s office – call 530-642-7263 or email

0530 9/20 in the eating area where the day shift is having breakfast before heading out to the fire. [[[ These are your Heroes! ]]] Photo Credit: King Fire IMT

0530 9/20 in the eating area where the day shift is having breakfast before heading out to the fire. [[[ These are your Heroes! ]]] Photo Credit: King Fire IMT


  • El Dorado County Sheriff’s blog ( OR [Evacuation Info Line]
  • Shelter: Camino Seventh-day Adventist Church at 3520 Carson Road, Camino, CA 95709.

Lead PIOs coordination meeting on assignments of personnel to N & S Zones [Photo Credit: King Fire IMT via Facebook page]

Lead PIOs coordination meeting on assignments of personnel to N & S Zones [Photo Credit: King Fire IMT via Facebook page]


  • The hotline phone number is (530) 642-7263. The hotline will be available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. Voicemail is available outside of the hotline hours. Information will also be updated via the County’s Twitter @CountyElDorado and Facebook.

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L-O-D-D: Waycross [GA] Lt. David Little

Waycross, GA – City of Waycross Firefighters are grieving the loss of one of their own today.  Lt. David Little, 50, died in the line of duty while battling a house fire.


Firefighters were dispatched to a house fire at 1220 hours located in the 1000 block of Isabella Street in Waycross.  The home had been vacant for several years and had no active utilities at the time of the fire.

It has been ruled arson.

No person is in custody at this time.  However, when they do make an arrest, the person will be charged with murder.  According to a law states, “Any time a Firefighter is killed in the Line of Duty during an arson, the suspect shall be charged with Murder.”


Firefighter Little began his Public Safety career in 1981, working for an ambulance company.  In 1984, he began his professional firefighting career as a Fire-Medic for Childersburg Fire & Rescue in Alabama.  Being promoted through the ranks, he ended with Captain before moving to Waycross, GA.

In July 2013, Little was promoted to Lieutenant.

The Waycross Police and Fire Departments, as well as the Georgia State Fire Marshal’s office are continuing to locate the suspect whom set the fire.  There is a $10,000 reward for any tips leading to an arrest.

[Editor’s Note:  We are so sorry for the Brothers & Sisters of Waycross Fire Department for the loss of one of your own today.  We offer our sincere sympathies and support to LT. Little’s family, fire family, friends and to the Community who lost one of their own.  WE WILL NEVER FORGET.]


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