AVERY COMPLEX [New Complex!]. Complex consists of four separate fires on the

Active Fire on the Marble Creek Fire

Active fire on the Marble Creek Fire. [Credit: Donald Fitka]

St. Joe Ranger District – Marble Creek, Breezy, Crater and the Pretty Fires. Southeastern portion of St. Joe Ranger District. Start 8/11/15 @ 1400 PDT IC:  Mark Rosenthal, Great Basin Team 3, Type 2 Incident Command Team428 Personnel. 5176 Acres. 20% Contained.

BOBCAT FIRE. [New!] Approximately 15 miles north of Salmon, ID onthe Salmon-Cobalt Ranger District. Start 8/14/15 @ 1600 PDT. Lightning caused. 1 personnel.  237 Acres. 91% Contained.

CAMPBELL’S FIRE. [New!] Located in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, 10 miles southeast of Dixie, ID. Start 8/13/15 @ 1745 PDT by lightning. 29 Personnel. 7821 Acres. Campbell’s Fire now includes Burnt Knob is showing increased spread in upper Trout Creek on to Highline Ridge.

Photo showing the Campbells Fire

Fire crews on the Campbells Fire. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

CLARK FORK COMPLEX.  6 fires in Complex.  6 miles NE and 9 mi. S of Clark Fork, Idaho; 5 mi. N of Noxon, MT.  Start 8/13/15 @ 1500 Hours.  is a combination of 6 fires burning on the Idaho Panhandle and Kootenai National Forests in northern Idaho and northwestern Montana. The Complex is being managed by Diane Hutton’s Northern Rockies Wildland Fire Management Team.  173 Personnel.  15,744 Acres. 75% Contained.  Demobilizing overhead, equipment and divisions. Continually to patrol, holding, rehab along private & USFS boundaries.

CLEARWATER-MUNICIPAL COMPLEX. Complex consists of a group of fires in Clearwater, Idaho and Lewis Counties in northern Idaho. Start 8/10/15 @ 1315 Hours.  Lightning caused. Clearwater Complex merged with the Municipal Complex. Lawyer 2 Fire:   41,195 acres 80% Contained. Municipal Fire:  1,770 acres 100% Contained.  Fisher Fire:  18,889 Acres.  100% Contained.  Lolo 2 Fire:  6200 Acres.  80% Contained. Old Greer:  73 Acres. 100% Contained.302 Personnel. 68,1276 Acres. 90% Contained.

ELEVENMILE FIRE.  [New!] 17 miles west of Challis.  Start 8/24/15.

Gabe Medina – Sawyer HTF: “It’s Been a Good Day” [Courtesy: Inciweb]

Lightning. 10,387 Acres. 20% Contained. The East side of Yankee Fork is hottest with open flame burning heavy timber in the snow. Crews will extinguish hot spots along the fire’s edge for the next several days.Camp crews will establish a new spike camp in Bonanza campground to minimize travel time and reduce the risk associated with driving. 588 Personnel.  17 Crews. 7 Helicopters. 15 Engines.

LARKIN COMPLEX. [New!]. Complex includes a combination of lightning caused fires burning in the vicinity 30 miles NE of Pierce, ID. The active fires are Snow Creek:  3270 Acres.  WolfPack Fire:  1370 Acres.  Heather Fire:  2085 Acres.  Minnesaka Fire:  450 Acres.Roaring Fire:  100 Acres.  Start 8/17/15 @ 1430 Hours. 4 Personnel.  7550 Total Acres.

Crews on the Woodrat fire begin their hike uphill from Reflection Inn on Saturday, Aug. 29.

Crews on the Woodrat fire begin their hike uphill from Reflection Inn on Saturday, Aug, 29, 2015. [Credit: Borg Hendrickson]

LAST INCH FIRE. [New!] Glover Creek/Woesner Ridge and into West Fork of Floodwood Creek drainage. Start 8/12/15 @ 1657 Hours. 66 Personnel.  689 Acres. 78% Contained. Reinforce existing dozer line & dig handline where appropriate.


LOCHSA COMPLEX. [New!] Consists of 12 fires on the S side of the Lochsa River drainage from Warm Springs to the Selway River. Start 8/15/15 @ 2045 Hours. 5535 Acres. Active Fires in Complex:  Sponge Fire:  5100 Acres.  Lone Lake Fire:  220 Acres. Airstrip Fire:  1425 Acres.  Grit Fire:  525 Acres.  Lone Knob Fire:  460 Acres.  Horse Camp Fire:  570 Acres. Fire Creek Fire: 1210 Acres.  Structure protection continues for Wilderness Gateway Campground and outfitter area, the Fish Lake airstrip and cabin and Gold Meadows, as well as Horse Camp cabins.

Six firefighters work on a steep slope on a containment line.

Firefighters work on a containment line on a steep slope on the Last Inch Fire. [Credit: Mariah Wieske-Ormsby]

MIDDLE FORK COMPLEX.  Consists of The Waterfall Fire, Stoddard Fire, Roaring Harbor Fire and Alpine Fire.  In the N Fork Ranger District.  Start 8/11/15 @ 2000 Hours.  2 Personnel. 5199 Acres. Lightning caused. In monitoring stages.

MOTORWAY COMPLEX – JAY POINT – BOULDER FIRES.  Consists of fires Woodrat Fire, Slide Fires  near Syringa, Lowell, and Powell ID. Others may have limited or are not staffed within this Complex. 627 Personnel.  16,854 Acres. 30% Contained. Jay Point-Boulder Fires.   Jay Point Fire:  Located 1 mi downriver from Powell Ranger Station.Boulder-2 miles from Lolo Pass.  Start 8/17/15 @ 1315 PDT.

Functional Crew In-briefing on the Woodrat fire Saturday, Aug. 29.

Crew Briefing on the Woodrat Fire [Credit: Borg Hendrickson]

Lightning caused.   . Goal is to keep the Jay Point Fire from progressing north and east, away from corporate and private lands and the town of Powell and Highway 12.In essence, turn it back to the wilderness.Boulder Fire:  In the SW area of the fire, opportunities to construct line utilizing heavy equipment will be investigated. 95 Personnel. 8016 Acres.  25% Contained.

RAPID FIRE. [New!] 12 miles southeast of McCall, Idaho, east of Jug Handle mountain.. Start 8/14/15 @ 0800 Hours by Lightning. IC:  The fire is being managed by the Stephens Nevada Type 3 Team121 Personnel. 9617 Acres. 40% Contained.Continue to patrol on the west and south flanks. Continue to rely on aerial resources to support ground resources and suppress new fire growth in the Maloney Lake area.


Part of a helicopter crew, from Alberta Canada.

Part of a Helicopter Crew from Alberta Canada assigned on the Selway Complex. [Credit: Inciweb]

SCURVY MOUNTAIN FIRE.  Start 8/21/15 1130 Hours.  28 miles E & NE of Pierce, Idaho.  527 Acres.  4 Personnel. 3 North Fork Fires have been contained:  Rock Fire, Pot Lake Fire and Little Wash. Work continues to contain a NEW FIRE Siwash Fire, located near Elk Mountain. The Forest has detected 280 Fires burning nearly 130,000 Acres of land.

SELWAY COMPLEX.  Start 8/10/15 @ 1900 Hours.  Elk City and Red River areas of Idaho.  530 Personnel.  83,337  Acres.  The Selway Complex, the Red River Complex and the Elk City Complex (7 fires totally 83.337) are being reported on this ICS-209. The Slide Fire acres are a new addition today.

Snow on the Tepee Springs Fire

Snow has fallen on the Tepee Springs Fire on Sunday, September 6, 2015. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

TEPEE SPRINGS FIRE.  Start 8/12/15 @ 0730 Hours.  Along the river, the fire is 3 miles east of Riggins and 1 mile east of French Creek.  1008 Personnel. 94,655 Acres. 60% Contained.

TOWER FIRE.  Colville and Idaho Panhandle National Forests. The Tower Fire and six smaller fires are all part of the Kaniksu Complex. 791 Personnel. 24,296 Total Acres. 35% Contained.

Fires consist of:  Tower Fire: 791 Personnel. 24,372 Acres, 35% containment. Located 6 miles northeast of Usk, Wash., and 6 miles west of Priest Lake, Idaho. Onata Creek Fire: 546 acres, 91% containment. Located about 8 eight miles east, southeast of Ione, Wash.  Grease Creek Fire: .609 Acres. Located east of Sullivan Lake.  Hall Mountain Fire: 39 acres. Located on Hall Mountain. Slate Creek and South Fork Slate Creek Trail fires: 1 acre and 167 acres respectively. Located near the northwest boundary of Salmo-Priest Wilderness.  Baldy Fire: 515 acres, 100% containment. Located 6 miles north of Ione, Wash.

Feller Buncher on Marble Creek Fire

Feller Buncher on the Marble Creek Fire. [Credit: Kyande Anderson]

WILDERNESS COMPLEX. [New!] Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness.  Start 8/21/15 @ noon. Lightning caused. Consists of 8 fires in Complex but these are the most active fires:  Active fires within the Complex include Roll Creek Fire:  7800 Acres. Rock Point Fire:  250 Acres. Meeker Fire:  2400 Acres.  Baily Fire:  1525 Acres.  Army Mule Fire:  5400 Acres.  Barren Fire:  1205 Acres.  Wahoo Fire:  650 Acres.6 Personnel. 19,295 Total Acres. Fire sizes will be updates when IR imagery is available.

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