0444 | Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit firefighters on-scene at 20 acre vegetation fire with dangerous rate-of-spread near 200 block of North Fork Crystal Springs Road in Deer Park. (CAL FIRE)

The cause is unknown and under investigation by CAL FIRE.


0742 | Fire is 800 acres. 0% containment. Winds are expected throughout the day as forcasted. Evacuations are in effect. (CAL FIRE)

1011 | Fire jumped Silverado Trail and Calistoga. Police called it in to Dispatch. (Twitter)

1027 | Another fire is sparked near SR 12 near the Deerfield Ranch winery in Kenwood. (CHP)

1035 | Retardant drops above the Davis Winery are being made. (Twitter)

1056 | Fire crews are on the eastside Napa Valley, east of Silverado Trail cross of Bale Lane.  Burnout operations are being conduct

1132 | Active fire in area near Bell Canyon. Burning back on itself as it backs down into the canyon. Resources trying to hold it from coming up the ridge to Deer Park Road. Winds are gusty but not strong. (Media)

1150 | Fire is at 1,000 acres. 0% contained. Public information 707-967-4207.

1159 | Smoky haze covering the Cameros in the southern Napa Valley. (Media)

1201 | Fire grows to 1,000 acres. 0% contained. (Media)

1204 | Fire above the Winery. Retardant being laid down above it. (Twitter)


1210 | Air quality declining in Sonoma County.  (Twitter)

1234 | Division Alpha –> Right Flank.  Has Deer Park and Silverado Trail.  Fire running downhill from Alpha to Whiskey Division. (IC)

1238 | Tankers working retardant down towards Bell Canyon Reservoir. (Twitter)

1249 | 1000 acres. 0% contained. (CAL FIRE)

1253 | 1200 acres. 0% contained. (CAL FIRE)


0643 | Strike Team is deployed. (CAL FIRE CZU)

1027 | All stations are fully staffed, including E22 – a wildland engine.  They are also committed to this incident.  (Santa Rosa FD)

1141 | VLATs are on the fire and working steadily. (Twitter)

1205 | Resources are still arriving on-scene (Twitter)

1210 | Tanker 227 ETA 1257 PT (Scanner Feed)

1215 | 2 additional Strike Team Type 3 requested (Scanner Feed)

1222 | Task Force 2399 from Sonoma County is en route to incident. (IC)

1243 | CA National Guard members deployed. H-60 Black Hawk, GUARD 847 landed at Ukiah for fuel then 30 ETA. (Eight One ECHO)


0450 |  Deer Park Rd to Crystal Springs Road. (CAL FIRE)

0453 | St. Helena Hospital to shelter-in-place. (Twitter)

Photo Credit | Napa County Sheriff’s Office


0604 | Silverado Trail cross to Larkmead Lane through to Deer Park Road. Community of Deer Park. (CAL FIRE)

0618 | All of Crystal Springs Road and North Fork Crystal Springs Road. (CAL FIRE)

0646 | Eastside of Silverado Trail from Larkmead Road to Deer Park Road. Both sides of Deer Park Road up to Crestmont including Sanitarium Road. (CAL FIRE)

0706 | College Avenue at Howell Mtn Road to White Cottage Rd; all of Freisen Drive. All roads west of College Avenue and Freisen Driven. All of Lommel Road. (CAL FIRE)

Photo Credit | Napa County Sheriff’s Office


0908 | SHELTER –> Crosswalk Community Church –> 2590 First Street, Napa. (CAL FIRE)

0911 | Ambulance strike team, fire units called to evacuate Adventist Health St. Helena Hospital to evacuate. (Media)

0940 | San Francisco FD puts out a call out on Social Media for an immediate need for Medic Mutual Aid. 4 of their own Medic units and a Rescue Captain is dispatched to St. Helena Hospital to help with evacuation of the hospital. (SFFD)

0941 | Adventist Health Hospital in St. Helena being fully evacuated. (Media)

1052 | Napa CART (Napa Community Animal Rescue Team) has been activated.  Call 707-732-1555 with animal evacuation. (Napa CART)

1107 | St. Helena Hospital calling for all EMS, Medics to help evacuate the hospital. (Twitter)

1245 | East side of Silverado Trail from Lommel Road north to Picket Road to include all addresses on Picket Road. (CAL FIRE)


Photo  Credit | San Francisco FD Image

HORSE EVACUATIONS  –> Napa Valley Horsemen’s Association. 1200 Foster Road, Napa. Call Ahead –> 707-732-1555 before you arrive. (Napa Valley Horsemen’s Assoc)

PET SHELTER –> Napa County Animal Services. 942 Hartle Ct. Call ahead 707-253-4382. Write your # on belly with sharpie Heart. (Napa County Animal Services)

PET RESCUE –> Animal Evacuations. Call 707-732-1555. (Napa Community Animal Rescue Team)

HUMAN EVACUATIONS –> Call 9-1-1 or Napa Dispatch. 707-253-4517 for assistance.

PET CARRIERS –> Don’t have a carrier? You can use a pillow case. (Halter Project – @halterproject)

1400 | Adventist Health Hospital in St. Helena suspends on a temporary basis all patient care services and surgeries due to fire in nearby area.


1201 | Wind howling periodically in Boyes Hot Springs. Smoke increasing. (Twitter)

1325 | RED FLAG WARNING for mountains and valleys in Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. 0500 – 1700 tomorrow. (NWS)



POWER SHUTDOWNS –> PG&E Conducts Public Safety Power Shutoffs in Response to High-Wind Event, Scope of Event Reduced to 65k. First Wave of 11k Public Safety Power Shutoffs Completed Sunday Morning; Second Wave of 54k Customers in Central Sierra Begins Sunday Afternoon



ROAD CLOSURES –>  Multiple local roadway closures. Visit (511 SF Bay)

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