Another Derelict Building Up in Smoke


INCIDENT SUMMARY | Seattle Firefighters were called to a working Fire in Building call just before 1600 hours on Tuesday, May 8, 2021. First due units confirmed a working fire in the vacant and another derelict structure.

LOCATION | For easier mapping, it is located in the 500 block of Harrison Street and northbound of Denny Way to Republican Street and right across from the Seattle Center, a favorite and iconic City tourist locale.

PC: Seattle Fire Department

RESOURCES | Units were dispatched via the Fire Alarm Center or FAC at 1558 hours PT.

  • Air Units — 240, 240-260.
  • Battalions — 2, 5, 6, 55.
  • Engines — 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 17, 20, 22, 25, 31.
  • Command Staff — PIO, DEP1, SAFETY2, STAFF10.
  • Ladders — 1, 3, 4, 6, 10.
  • Medical Group — MEDICAL GROUP | M44 (Supervisor), M10, A25, REHAB1.

OPERATIONS | Timeline for this incident

  • 1601 — Crews were investigating reports of a fire in a vacant building.
  • 1604 — Water on the fire.
  • 1608 — Changed strategy from defensive to offensive position after a possible person reported inside the building.
  • 1711 — 10 fire engines, 5 ladder trucks and additional support units on-scene. 70 firefighters fighting the first alarm blaze.
  • 1713 — Reports of a person in the building but crews checked with thermal imaging cameras (also known as TICS) from the outside. They were unable to locate anyone. At this time, firefighters were unable to enter the interior of the building due to heavy smoke and for firefighter safety due to a possible structural collapse.
  • 1715 — Operations in a defensive strategy and a collapse zone.
  • 1732 — Upgraded to a 2nd Alarm. PIO arrived on-scene. Heavy smoke in the area.
  • 1823 — Alpha-Delta. Collapse of wood façade on the corner of the building.
  • 1900 — RMC clearing and going back in service.
  • 1901 — REHAB1 back in service.
  • 1904 — B6 back in service.
  • 1913 — PIO in service.

SIGNIFICANT EVENTS | Highlights of this Incident

  • Person reportedly inside the building was never located.
  • Heavy flames and smoke could be seen from all around Seattle.
  • Refueling of apparatus completed during the incident.
  • Upgraded to a 2nd alarm.
  • Collapse zone established.
  • Fire Watch is in effect and will remain on-scene overnight to watch for hot spots and rekindling.

FIRE BUILDING | This is a masonry constructed with low quality built in 1929, is approximately 12,855 square feet. It is listed with the King County Tax Assessor as a Restaurant/Lounge as its present use. However, we see that it has been unoccupied for awhile and boarded up. It is located near the Seattle Center and Space Needle.

Building media
PC: King County Tax Assessor

This building was remodeled in 1999 and 2004.

Building assessed value is just over $4 Million Dollars from $3.5 Million Dollars in the previous assessed year, per Tax records.

Current Picture
PC: King County Tax Assessor

CLOSURES | Issued by the Seattle Department of Transportation

  • 5th Ave N NB closed at John St.
  • 5th Ave N SB closed at Republican St.
  • Broad St EB closed at John St.
  • Thomas St closed EB & WB between 5th Ave N & Taylor Ave N.


“Really hazy at Mercer and Dexter”

“Sad to see that. It’s been boarded up for awhile, but I would not be surprised if there was some temporary occupation going on.

Oh that’s a big fire in Seattle

“That burning vacant building used to be a dance club back in the day.

“[SFD] still fighting the flames inside this vacant building that used to house popular nightclubs.

there is a massive fire in a vacant building right below. CRAZY!

This fire was covered by local, national news and in our nearby neighbors in Portland, Oregon.

INJURIES | None reported that we are aware of.

CAUSE | Unknown, under investigation.


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Firefighters Fight Fires Simultaneously

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON | January 24, 2021 0016 hours PT


Firefighters were dispatched to the first “Fire in Building” call on Saturday, January 23, 2021, at 2026 hours PT to the 700 block of NE 42nd Street in Seattle.

This is another vacant building inside the City, that appears to be in great disrepair. Firefighters had difficulty accessing different areas during interior fire operations. Dispatch stated there was a report of a dweller being on the main floor but after a primary and secondary search, there was nothing found in the entire building.

Credit | MSLS

According to Zillow records, this building has been on the market for 151 days with 429 views. It is currently in pre-foreclosure since 2020, and to be auctioned off. It is valued at an estimated value of over 1.8 Million Dollars.

Fire units and assets were dispatched at 2222 hours PT includes A5 AIR10 B2 B6 DEP1 E16 E17 E22 E31 E38 L10 L8 L9 M17 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 E5 E21 E10.

The fire was knocked down at 2243 hours PT. The Discovery of a large hole on the main floor was reported by interior operations and Command broadcasted the message for all those on the fire ground to be cautious while operating.

Division 2 was established for those working on the second floor of the residence. The fire appeared to be extended to the roof’s eaves but firefighters were able to quickly put it out at 2327 hours PT.

At 2255 hours, crews were forced to dig out hotspots on the second floor in the ceiling.

Firefighters were still picking up hose lines at 0012 on Sunday morning.

As Seattle Fire crews were working this fire, another “Fire in Building” call came in at 2305 hours PT.


While some units were returning back in service, a few others were re-dispatched to this incident and original resources continued operating.

This second fire incident is located in the 13700 block of Aurora Avenue North.

Units dispatched to this second fire were A25, AIR 240-260, B4, B5, E18, E20, E25, E39, E9, L5, L6, M31, R1. E30, Safety 2, Deputy 1, Staff 10, A14, M44 and L10.

First-due units arrived at 2316 hours PT and reported visible flames from the rear of the 30 x 50 wood-frame structure. A hose line was immediately laid. With what Seattle Fire does best on their egress tactics, the fire crews successfully produced a tap fire at 2328 hours PT.

A primary and secondary search of the whole building produced no results.

According to, this is listed as a 0.3-acre lot with a single-family residence that was built in 1947. It is currently off the market and valued between $975,000 (Redfin) and $1 Million-plus (Zillow). The business this is showing occupying this property is the All Season Window Tint (Facebook, Web), a well-loved and iconic Seattle business.

The cause of both fires are unknown and are being investigated by the Seattle FIU team of Investigators.

Both fires about 6.1 miles by car from each other and taking approximately less than 10 minutes of reaching each destination of one another.

No injuries to firefighters or civilians reported.

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Pre-Turkey Day Fire Erupts

SEATTLE, Wash. | Firefighters and equipment were dispatched to a residential structure fire located in the 10000 block of Sand Point Way NE at 2021 hours on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.


The fire building is a 3 bedroom and 1.75 bath home with 1,600 square feet with a basement, main floor and attic. It was built in 1939, with a finished basement and underground parking garage. The lot size is over 7,000 square feet.


Units dispatched were Seattle Fire’s Aid 25, Air Unit 10, Battalions 2 and 6, Deputy 1, Engines 16, 24, 31, 38, 40, Ladders 5 and 10. Medics 17 and 44 (Supervisor), Marshal 5 (FIU Investigator), REHAB 1 (Fire/Medical Rehab), Safety 2 and Staff 10.

Stock Photo
(c) 2020 NW Fire Blog – Stock Photo


Water Supply – Established with E39 taking a secondary hydrant.

Search and Rescue – Ladder 5 did a split search from floors one to two completing their task quickly, with nothing found. Primary and secondary searches were completed of the whole structure.

Command – Battalion 6 assumed command at 2033 hours.

Per scanner traffic, visible flames were reported to be out the basement windows when first due units arrived. Crews did not find any extension to the attic or to the knee walls. The fire was knocked down less than 15 minutes.

Ventilation operations with fans was tasked to Ladder 9.

Units were starting to be released by Command within 20 minutes from the original dispatched call time.


At the time of this post, the cause and preliminary damage to the the property and contents were unknown.

The Seattle Fire Investigator, Marshal 5 was on-scene.


No reports of injuries to firefighters or citizens was reported by the Seattle Fire Department.


An update will be posted when information has been received.

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Seattle Has 2nd Alarm Fire

Firefighters were dispatched on Saturday, October 24, 2020, at 1620 hours PT to a vacant building located in the 400 block of 7th Avenue South in Seattle, Washington.

At 1633 hours, 7th Avenue Command upgraded the call to a 2nd Alarm fire incident sending out additional resources and equipment.

First and second alarm Seattle Fire units include: E10, B6, E5, L1, A10, Air10, B2, Deputy1, E2, E25, E6, L10, L6, M10, M44, MAR5, REHAB1, Safety2, Staff10, L3, Air240-260, B6, E13, E22, E30, E34, L6, L9. PIO and L4.

2nd Alarm units were quickly code green at 1638 hours PT.

A small fire was said to be burning at the time of the stairwell on floor three but would be knocked down relatively fast. Command called it a tap fire at 1642 hours.

MAR5, Seattle Fire’s Investigator was on-scene to determine what the cause of the fire is and its origin. At this time, there is no preliminary cause to report.

Just like when they train and drill, SFD’s crews focus on suppression and containment applying quick egress efforts. Actions of firefighters quickly stopped the spread to other connected exposures and limiting damage to the structure overall.

There were no reports of injuries to firefighters or civilians.


This building is located in the 400 block of 7th Avenue South in the heart of the Sodo (industrial) area of Seattle. This structure is listed as a brick building that was built in year of 1920.

According to 2020 assessed King County tax records, this is the home to the Republic Hotel, a rooming house on the top three floors of the building, a retail store on the street level and an unfinished basement.

However, when firefighters arrived – they stated this is a vacant building.

Here is a current photo of the vastly 7,680 square multi-level building that was touched by fire this afternoon. It is said to be valued at $2.3 Million according to a 2020 assessment.

Photo Credit | King County government

Building media

Nice work, Firefighters and saving another Seattle iconic structure.

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Lake City Apartment Catches Fire, Prompts Fire Response

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – Firefighters were dispatched to a fire in building call on Sunday early evening around 1846 hours PT.

The  incident occurred at a privately managed apartment building in the 3000 block of NE 140th Street in Lake City, about eight miles north of downtown Seattle.

Units dispatched were: A31, AIR10, B2, B6, DEP1, E16, E17, E24, E39, E40, L10, L5, L9, M17, M44, MAR5, REHAB1, SAFT2 and STAFF10.

First due Engine 39 reported light smoke from a two-story 100×100 wood frame apartment building.  They assumed command and E40 established a water supply.

All occupants self-extricated themselves from the apartment unit.

No injuries to firefighters or citizens were reported.

The fire was quickly under control and later tapped.

Some units returned back to service, while Seattle Fire’s Marshal 5 remained on-scene  investigating the cause.  No preliminary causes have been released at the time of this post.

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Seattle Firefighters Battling Building Fire

SEATTLE, Washington

Firefighters are yet again on another large blaze this weekend.  Seattle Firefighters were dispatched on Saturday morning around 1051 hours PST to a 2-alarm fire in a vacant building located in the 600 block of South Roy Street.

First due units reported heavy smoke and flames in the vacant building.  Due to heavy fire and unknown interior conditions of the building, crews were being forced to fight it from the outside; a defensive operation.  No fire crews were allowed inside the building.

The Fire Department was encouraging those who live in the area to close their windows due to heavy smoky conditions to prevent smoke inhalation.

Photo Credit | Seattle Fire Department


A wall on the Delta side was starting to bow out (around 1227 hours) and command asked crews on this and Charlie sides to watch the structure.  All firefighters were out of the collapse zone.

After almost fighting the fire over a period of two hours, fuel tanks were beginning to run low.  A fuel truck was requested to assist with several companies.

We are covering this incident with Live Updates on Twitter @nwfireblog 

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Firefighters Respond to 2-Alarm Fire in Seattle

Seattle, WA | Firefighters were dispatched at 1048 hours PST this morning to the 4500 block of University Way NE for a fire in a building.  The building is the venue to the Hunan Chinese Kitchen Delivery formerly the Silk Road Noodle Bar restaurant, according to Yelp.

Units Dispatched

Battalions: 2, 4, 6.

Engines:  2, 9, 16, 17, 18, 22, 25, 38, 40.

Ladders: 1, 4, 5, 8, 10.

Medic/Aid Units:  M18, A25, M31, M44. REHAB1.

Staff:  Safety2, Staff10, PIO, MAR5. Deputy1.

Air Units:  10, 240, 260.


Marshal 5, Seattle’s FIU investigative unit is currently working through the fire scene with the help of Firefighters, as they help him move things around.  At this time, there is no preliminary cause of this fire.

Fire Activities

Seattle Fire’s Ladder 1. (c) NW Fire Blog (stock photo)

We picked up active scanner feed via the Seattle Fire radio transmissions about twenty minutes into the incident.  The command name is “University Command”.

At 1117 hours PST, Engine 25’s crew was tasked with a primary search on floor 2. They reported their progress was about 3/4 way through and had zero visibility. Hydraulic ventilation was also reported by another crew.

A large skylight that ran down the whole length of the fire building on the Alpha side seemed to play a key role in some of the obstacles firefighters faced.  At 1124 hours, it was determined there was no fire in the attic.

After careful inspection and 4×4 cuts on the Charlie/Delta corner, there was no extension into the Delta exposure building.

A primary search of floor was conducted at 1127 hours and an all clear was called.  Ladder 1 pulled ceilings in the Charlie / Delta corner and reported an all clear.  E25 reported a little fire in the cockloft. They were working on getting water on the fire.

Command to Dispatch reported that the fire was under control at 1130 hours with a completed primary search with an all clear and vertical ventilation had been started.

No heat was found in the ceilings but a heat signature was found due to hot spots in the interior walls at 1136 hours PST.

Division 2 reported no fire in the  northern rooms, overhaul had been completed and E2 crew was exiting due to low air.  New replacements would be deployed by Command. A tap fire was reported to Command.

Smoke began to clear on the Bravo / Delta side at 1148 hours.

A secondary search on the Floor 2 was conducted by E18 at 1152 hours.

Units began returning back into service at 1153 were Air260, Engines 2, 18, 25, Ladders 4, 5, 1 and the PIO.

At 1233 hours, power had not been secured yet and therefore fire crews were notified that the building was still energized.

Some remaining fire crews are still on-scene and remain until Command is terminated.  More information will be updated as it is received.

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Firefighters Respond to Fire at Seattle Waterfront Hotel

Seattle, Washington | Firefighters were dispatched today for a “Fire in Building” call at 2411 Alaskan Way.  Units dispatched:  Engines 2, 22, 25, 5, 8; Aid 2; Air9; Battalions 4, 5; Deputy1; Ladders 10, 4; Medics 10, 16; REHAB1; Safety2; Staff10 . [1200 PDT] and later Fireboat4 aka The Leschi staffed by Engine4 crew. [1211 PDT]

Fire was named, “Alaskan Command”. [1200 PDT]

Fire was deemed as a wall fire and appeared to be smoldering for awhile  to be coming inside the building, not from underneath the pier. [1212 PDT]

The fire was brought under control. Fireboat4/The Leschi was Code Green due to no access from the water side.  The RIT was also cancelled as well. [1214 PDT]

Traffic broadcasted between crews and Command staff eluded to this being a wall fire inside a 4-story wood frame hotel on the pier, approx 300×75. They were using tactics to battle the smoldering fire above the fireplace flue. [1221 PDT]

The wall was opened up by Firefighters checking for extension, which none was found.  Firefighters then used positive pressure ventilation on Floor 2. Smoke conditions at that time were light and hazy. In addition, several companies were above the chimney flue, on the interior and overhauling on the exterior. [1222 PDT]

A water supply was established, temporarily closing Alaskan Way to allow firefighters to lay their hose lines across the roadway. [1222 PDT]

The fireplace flue was being looked at above the exterior side. The interior looked good at this time. No additional resources were needed.

Firefighters brought the fire under control within 20 minutes into the incident. They were still busy with working to dig out hot spots. [1227 PDT]

Battalion 2 reported no heat and no char above the fireplace, above Floor 2. [1230 PDT]

About 30 minutes into the incident, Firefighters successfully reached a tap fire status or fire is out.  [1230 PDT]

After Fire Command called a tap fire, some fire units began going back into service. Some will remain on scene waiting for Marshal 5 [Fire Investigator] to arrive on scene. [1305 PDT]

Seattle Fire’s PIO was paged to contact B4. Sounds like this event is turning into some bigger than it appears. Glad to be able to hear how the call went. It almost seemed like we were there [again] in person. We so miss those days of fire buffing and taking care of firefighters on the fire ground. [1305 PDT]

All units were placed back in service. [1315 PDT]

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Seattle Firefighters Battle Christmas Eve Fire in International District

Seattle, Washington – At approximately 1557 hours today, Seattle firefighters were dispatched to a Fire in a Building [multi-level abandoned apartment building] located at 669 S. King Street.  

Units dispatched were Aid 5, Air9, Battalions 5 & 6, Deputy 1, Engines 10, 2, 25, 5, 6; Ladders 1 & 3; Medic10, Rehab1, Safety2, Staff10.

It was upgraded to a 2-11 with additional fire crews and apparatus being dispatched.  Responding units and resources were Engines 8, 13, 30, 20, 16, 26, 32; Ladders 6, 7 & 4; PIO, Marshal5, Air260 and CommVan.

Firefighters evacuated the exposure building.  Firefighters are fighting the fire from a defensive point and are concerned with the top two floors collapsing.  A collapse zone has been established around the burning building.

Some fire apparatus have also moved away from the fire building and out of the collapse zone.

Firefighters continue to work on the rooftop and from the exterior. Check out photo on #Seattle #Fire’s photo.

Embedded image permalink

[Courtesy of Seattle Fire Department]

It is reportedly that the apartment building has long been abandoned with a few businesses on the first floor. The rest of the building has been left unmaintained and its structural integrity is in question.

The collapse zone is deemed all of S. King Street by Seattle Fire Department.

There is no cause known at this time as firefighters are still fighting the fire.  Once the fire is out and cooled, then the Fire Marshal will be able to enter the premises to locate the cause of the fire.

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Structure Fire Upgraded to 8-Alarms in Boston, MA

Boston, MA – Firefighters were called by the Summer Street Fire Alarm System Monitoring Company in the early hours this morning to report to a structure fire.

Summer Street Command

Boston Firefighters were dispatched and reported a 5-story brick office building located at 327-333 Summer Street with smoke showing.  They would later call for a 3-alarm after finding heavy fire on several floors of the building.

Shortly after, fire blew out windows on floors 1-3 initiating a 7-alarm response.  No injuries were reported at the time of the blow out.

Evacuation sirens began to sound.  Firefighters at this time repositioned their fire apparatus and deck guns on the fire.

Later, the fire was upgraded to a 8-alarm fire.  

Major notable operations that took place during the stubborn fire with the Department of the Chief Hasson assuming Command on the fireground.  The Fire Alarm Emergency  Dispatch Operations conducted a PAR [an accountability system for all fire crews on the fireground]. There was no missing Firefighters reported.

Firefighters were Heroic this morning when they had to forcibly open doors, enabling several cleaners to escape with their lives out the back of the building.  

Firefighters fought the blaze for several hours into the late morning, finally stomping on the stubborn fire that refused to be extinguished.  And, for having no firefighter injuries – Everyone Goes Home Safe.

The Boston Fire Department reported at 1245 hours EST, the fire was still smoldering.

It is estimated that damage to the Office Building is $2 Million.  Fire Investigators had been on scene but had not been able to access the inside of the building. Cause is currently unknown at this time and the BFD states they may not have a cause for a day or two.

A Structural Engineer was brought in as the Chief had concerns about a depression in the street.  Streets around the building were closed but were recently opened at 1535 hours EST.

Currently, there is 2-engines, 2-ladders along with a District Chief checking for hot spots.  The IC and Safety Chief had entered the building checking the interior.  

Some reports are coming back saying that a wooden floor at the rear of the building has been burned away.  A burned beam is currently holding up floor 1. 

We will report as soon as we receive more details about this incident.

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