Seattle Police Officers Injured During DT Robbery

Incident Summary

Four Seattle Police Officers were wounded today after they responded to a robbery call in the 600 block of 1st Ave in downtown Seattle today.  Officers were dispatched around 1300 hours today to a robbery call at the 7-11 convenience where two young  suspects fled on foot.

Keeping the Public Safe

Those who were in surrounding buildings were told to shelter-in-place and not come out until it was safe.  A report of the courthouse was placed in Lockdown along with other governmental offices nearby.

Officers Sustain Injuries

One Officer was injured while a fight ensued with one of the suspects and trying to get the suspect into custody.  He was hurt by the suspect hitting him over the top of the head with a bottle.

During the foot pursuit, gunfire was heard and injured three additional Officers.  One suffered a GSW to the abdomen; the second had a hand wound injury and the third was hit in the abdomen.  Two of the three Officers were released with one being upgraded to serious.  The third Officer was shot in the face.

Suspects Off the Streets

There were a total of three suspects.  One was a 17-year old female and the other an adult male both placed in custody while the third was a 19-year old male who was found with multiple wounds.  He later died of his injuries.

Ongoing Investigation

The Seattle Police say this is an ongoing investigation case and there were limited additional details released, as Media continued to ask multitudes of questions during a Presser this evening.

All Around Thank Yous

The Seattle Police thanked many during their Presser this evening.  They stated they were greatly appreciative of the Officers whom responded to the robbery call and injured Officers for their courage and bravery into a hostile situation.

They also thanked the men and women from Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies for checking in on their Officers.

To the Seattle Fire Department and those at Harborview Medical Center for taking great care of their Officers.  They said they could not say how much they appreciated the care and would be amiss for not saying thank you to those directly involved.

Social Media 

Looking through the eyes of Social Media, we found several mainstream media news outlet reporting all kinds of misinformation, even after the main source reported their updates.  Since, we are not mainstream media and mostly go directly to the source for reporting, we were kind of baffled why the information was not correct.

Here are some of the reporting from those caught in the crossfire [not really but nearby the incident scene] or sending out good thoughts to SPD Officers.   Here is what some had to say…..

3rd suspect taken into custody shortly after 6pm. Now being interviewed by detectives.” – Seattle PD

“Bullet proof vest saved one Seattle Police officer after shooting. 2nd officer shot in face and chest, not in critical condition.” – Media

“Due to police activity: All cars exiting Colman Dock in Seattle will be directed north and south onto Alaskan Way. No eastbound access UFN.” – Ferry system goes in to Lockdown

“Armed police just appeared to enter the U.S. Post Office building at Madison & 1st with weapons drawn.” – Twitter user

“Prayers for the police officers shot in Our Country has gone mad!” – Twitter user

“What a sad day. First two police officers shot in Seattle, then attack on cops in Paris, and now two more shot in Hardeeville, SC.” – Twitter user

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the SPD officers and their families.” – Govt Agency

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters of the Seattle Police Department.” – Local Police Department

“BAD Public Safety day. 2 Officers killed in France, 2 Officers Shot in Seattle & an FF dies in a 2 Alarm Fire today.”  – Twitter user

“What a horrible day. Paris, Seattle, NY Fire Dept & Hardeeville Pd/Jasper County Sheriff.” – Twitter user

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Officer Down | Mount Vernon WA

Incident Summary

A Mount Vernon Police Officer has been reportedly shot this evening almost two-and-a-half hours ago was rushed to Skagit Valley Hospital. His condition is unknown.

Little details of the type of call he was responding has been made public.

Approximate Area

Skagit Valley College located at 2405 E. College Way in Mount Vernon, Washington was  immediately tweeting to its students to get inside and stay inside; to shelter in place.

Police activity was said to have closed off La Venture Road and Fir Street.

Incident Cooperators

Those assisting with tonight’s incident are Mount Vernon, Anacortes, Skagit County, Snohomish County and Washington State Patrol with more unknown Agencies assisting.

Current Status

It appears Police have the suspect surrounded and are currently evacuating nearby occupied homes to safer areas.

Media is reporting more shots are being heard in the area. STAY INSIDE.

Police are asking those who are not evacuating and are in the safe zone to shelter-in-place which means “stay inside”.

We ask that you shelter-in-place and do not come out to see what is happening. Police are asking that you do the same.  This will protect you and your family.  Additionally, this will allow for all those involved in this  incident to do their jobs more safely.

Thoughts and Prayers

Please keep the Mount Vernon Officer in your Thoughts and Prayers and those who are still working to get the suspect into custody. The elements can be uncomfortable for Police, 1st Responders and those who are supporting this incident.

Social Media Channels

We will update as details are released.

You can follow us on Twitter @nwfireblog or Facebook “The NW Fire Blog”


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Sheriff Office Searching for Missing Arlington Couple | Update 3


The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office released an additional formal statement on their websitetoday  regarding the Arlington, Washington state missing couple, Patrick “Pat” Shunn, 45 and his wife, Monique Patenaude, 46 who went missing on Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

Patrick "Pat" Shunn and his wife, Monique Patenaude in happier times. Photo Credit: Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

Patrick “Pat” Shunn and his wife, Monique Patenaude in happier times. Photo Credit: Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

Pat was last seen at his job in Kirkland on Monday, while his wife at 1300 hours on that same day.  Neighbors called Police on Tuesday, when Monique who had other plans did not show up.  Pat did not call or show up for work the next day either.  His brother says that he usually calls and this is so out-of-character for him.

Police originally called the disappearances as suspicious.   Detectives now believe that the couple may be victims of Homicidal violence according to evidence left at the remote wooded location where their two vehicles had been dumped and at the former home of one of the suspects.


Detectives believe the couple may be victims of homicidal violence due to the evidence collected from the two vehicles that had been dumped in a remote, wooded area about 15 miles from the couple’s home.  Access to the vehicles originally was delayed due to the very steep and rocky terrain.  The vehicles have since been towed from the dump site.

Police also found evidence at the former John Reed’s home near where the couple resided.


Two suspects have been named by tbe Sheriff’s Office.

John Blaine Reed, 53 is described as 5’8″, 190# with hazel eyes and gray hair. [See photo below].

Suspect John Reed.  Photo Credit:  Snohomish County Sheriff's Office

Suspect John Reed. Photo Credit: Snohomish County Sheriff’s Offices

John’s brother, Tony Clyde Reed, 49, is described as 5’11”, 150#s has green eyes and gray hair. [See photo below]

Suspect Tony Reed with facial hair.  Photo Credit:  Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

Suspect Tony Reed with facial hair. Photo Credit: Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

Suspect Tony Reed without facial hair. Photo Credit:  Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

Suspect Tony Reed without facial hair. Photo Credit: Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office Detective believe the Reed brothers are traveling in a maroon colored 2007 VW EOS Coupe with WA Plate #AXH5106. [See photo below]

Suspect Vehicle.  Photo Credit:  Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

Suspect Vehicle. Photo Credit: Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

They are convicted felons and have an extensive criminal history.  They are considered Armed and Dangerous.  Police ask that you do not approach them but call 9-1-1.


Search and rescue teams continue to search for the missing couple in a large area North of the couple’s home near Oso, Washington.  The Sheriff’s Office say that locating them is their number one priority.

If you know where the location of the Reed brothers are, contact Police by calling 9-1-1 and do not approach them.  An anonymous Tip Line has also been established at 425-388-3845.  The Sheriff’s Office say they are eager to catch the two brothers as well and get these two dangerous criminals off the streets.

Or, if you have information leading to the location of the Arlington couple, Police also ask that you contact them as well at the above phone numbers.






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Sheriff Office Searching for Missing Arlington Couple | Update 2


The Snohomish County Sheriff Trenary released an update on the missing Arlington , Washington state couple today at 1400 hours.

An Arlington, Washington couple – Patrick Shunn, 45 and his wife, former B.C. resident, Monique Patenaude, 46, have been missing since Tuesday, April 12, 2016.  Patrick was last seen at his job in Kirkland on Monday, April 11th.  His brother pleaded to the news media saying this is completely out-of-character for him.

Reports released in the Media, say Patrick “Pat” Shunn’s wife, Monique Patenaude was last seen around 1pm on that same Monday near her property.  Authorities were called when they failed to show up for pre-planned events.

The couple have ties to Oregon City, the Arlington-Darrington-Oso and B.C. areas.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is calling their disappearance as suspicious.


In a press release today at 1400 hours, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office stated that the couple’s two vehicles were located in a remote wooded area, approximately 15 miles from their home.  Deputies had a difficult time accessing the area due to the steep terrain.

The couple’s vehicles have since been towed out of the area and being searched thoroughly.


We reported on a previous lawsuit that came to light that seemed to include many of their neighbors.  Media asked the Snohomish County’s spokesman during the press release if the 2013 lawsuit had anything to do with their disappearance. It was answered as unknown as they did not have any info pertaining to that lawsuit readily available.

We missed the Spokesman’s initial statement but it was stated that brothers, John Reed and Tony Reed are wanted in connection with the couple’s disappearance. They are convicted felons and have an extensive criminal history but the Sheriff wold not elaborate if their criminal history included murder.

Police state they were possible neighbors that lived never Pat and Monique.  They are wanted by the Sheriff’s Office and are considered as Armed and Dangerous.  The SCSO is asking for the Public’s help and to call 9-1-1 if they are seen. Do not approach them.

Reporters at the Press Conference brought up the fact of the case of neighbors having a property dispute with the couple using their ATVs on others property to access the river.  The Sheriff was unable to comment on that part of the case.  He was more focused on finding the missing pair.


Do you have information on the whereabouts of Patrick Shunn and his wife, Monique Patenaude?  If you have any tips but are afraid of sharing what you know or have seen, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has set up an anonymous Tipline at 425-388-3845.


Editor’s Note:  

All information is gleaned from the various sources including the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, Washington State Courts, Address verification sources and Social Media.  

We do not represent nor proclaim we are Law Enforcement Professionals but we are familiar with the system and some of their investigative processes.



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Sheriff Office Searching for Missing Couple


An Arlington, Washington couple – Patrick Shunn, 45 and his wife, former B.C. resident, Monique Patenaude, 46, have been missing since Monday, April 11, 2016.  Patrick was last seen at his job in Kirkland on that day.  His brother pleaded to the news media saying this is completely out-of-character for him.

Reports released in the Media, say Patrick “Pat” Shunn’s wife, Monique Patenaude was last seen around 1pm on that same Monday near her property.  Authorities were called when they failed to show up for pre-planned events.

The couple have ties to Oregon, the Arlington-Darrington-Oso and B.C. areas.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is calling their disappearance as suspicious.


Both of their vehicles, descriptions, photos and Alerts were splashed all over mainstream media, Social media and through friends and family, in hopes they would be found along with the couple or, at least giving a sense of where they could be located.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office released a statement in how their Helicopter, “SnoHAWK10” located both vehicles, which appeared to have gone over an embankment down into a remote wooded area in the Oso area. Both vehicles lay near one another.

Due to the vehicles’ location, Police state they had not had the opportunity to search.  They are still rulling this disappearance as suspicious.


A news source reported and tipped us off about a lawsuit filed against the couple for some type of trespass charge.  We wanted to find out more about it ourselves before reporting on  our own, in hopes it could shed light on what they were having to live through and what that may have entailed, as this whole thing seems like a mystery all in itself.


In pouring over the many Washington State Court cases, we did happen to find one that appears to include many potential neighbors as we will call them due to the close proximity to where those in the Declarations live to the couple.

Since, we are not Legal Experts nor directly involved with this one case – we will not be making any type of assumption as to what the case may be about. However, what we will say is this – there are a lot of parties involved in this one particular case that could easily peeks someone’s interest.

We can only theorize but we will leave that up to the Law Enforcement professionals to make that determination based upon what the evidence is telling them in their investigation.


Do you have information on the whereabouts of Patrick Shunn and his wife, Monique Patenaude?  If you have any tips but are afraid of sharing what you know or have seen, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has set up an anonymous Tipline at 425-388-3845.


All information is gleaned from the various sources including the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, Washington State Courts, Address verification sources and Social Media.  

We do not represent nor proclaim we are Law Enforcement Professionals but we are familiar with the system and some of their investigative processes.

For the purpose of this post, we are only engaged in reporting the facts in a journalistic point-of-view.  All our opinions are our own and not a representation of any Law Enforcement Agency.


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Around 1354 PDT, a M8.3 Earthquake shook Chile with enough force that emergency tsunami warnings began being sounded to neighboring Countries, including the United States coastal communities.

The earthquake is said to be 8 miles deep and located at coordinates 31.6 South, 71.8 West along the Coast near Central Chile.


Alert to West Coasts @ 1601PDT 9/16/15

Public Tsunami Info Statement #1 broadcasted by the NWS located in Palmer AK for AK/ BC/ WA /OR and CA.

  • M7.9 earthquake
  • Occurred 1554 PDT or 3:54pm West Coast Time
  • Coordinates: 31.6 S, 71.9 W
  • Depth: 21 miles
  • Location:  Coast near Central Chile

States per their evaluation, these events can occur:

  • Earthquakes of this size can produce large tsunamis outside of the source area.
  • Can be dangerous to coastal areas.
  • The U.S. National Tsunami Center is evaluating the event.
  • The earthquake can produce large Tsunamis causing major damage to areas in the source location.

Reports from Hawaii – 9/16/15 @ 1924 Hours

The NWS from Ewa, Hawaii sends out an alert showing the earthquake has been upgraded to a M8.3

Activity Happening on Coastal areas in CALI – 9/16/15 @ 2245 Hours

An Alert was just broadcasted by Social Media sources that the LAFD will be in Unified Command at 0330 Hours beginning on 9/17/15 with Law Enforcement partners.  Command Post will be at Angels Gate Park in San Pedro.  This is due to the Tsunami Advisory.


Red Cross

Update your information on the American Red Cross website under “Safe and Well” letting your friends and family know you are safe. This is a great site especially now that a major disaster has occurred.  Check out the site at


  • California Closures:  All marinas, beaches and harbors will close at 0400 hours PDT on Thursday, 9/17/15.
  • President Bachelet: “call people evacuated to stay in higher areas.”
  • Australian Schools: Seismic waves from Chile earthquake recorded on seismometers in schools.
  • Alerts:  Tsunami activity expected to arrive in the LA area at 447am tomorrow. Stay off the beach and out of the water.
  • More CA Alerts/Warnings:  National Tsunami Warning Center issues Tsunami Advisory effective now San Onofre-Southeast of LA County-Ragged PtSan Luis Obispo
  • New Zealand on Alert:  Likely to only be a marine threat to the known hot-spot areas of NZ – Chatham Islands, East Cape, Coromandel, and Banks Peninsula.
  • Earthquake History:  Nepal’s April 25 quake was a 7.8, so this is likely to be the biggest earthquake on the planet so far this year.
  • Chileans feel Aftershocks:  Two significant aftershocks already reported from . 6.2M and 6.4M. Larger of two closer to land.
  • Observations:  Perspective: That’s as large as the 1906 earthquake that decimated San Francisco.
  • Injuries:  Chilean Interior minister Burgos asks people to remain calm and confirms no injuries have been reported as of yet.
  • Other areas Alerted:  Warnings for Hawaii and Peru … Quake felt in


More info will be posted as it comes to light. We are thinking of those impacted in Chile and those who have loved ones there.


Please beware of Coastal changes on the BC, WA, OR, CA Coasts due to a potential threat of large waves, sneeker waves and tsunamis. Please report anything you may see to authorities so they can track them and get necessary warnings out to additional agencies or to the general Public.

If they tell you, that you need to evacuate an area – please don’t question as to why or fight with them to stay.  They are doing their jobs and working to protect you and your family.

Thank you for reading our blog and following along with this Quake Disaster in Chile.

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NW CAREER OPPORTUNITIES | Law Enforcement | August 9, 2015


 Nampa PD – Nampa ID – Closing Date not Listed. $17.30/hourly.


 Kootenai County Prosecutor’s Office – Kootenai, ID – Closing Date not Listed. $13.54 to $14.79/Hr/DOE, Non-benefited, PERSI only. part-time.


 Umatilla County Sheriffs Office – Umatilla, OR – Closes 8/28/15 1700 PDT. $3792/monthly.


 City of Everett PD – Everett, Washington – Closes 9/18/15. $5346/ monthly.

City of Coeur d’Alene PD – Couer d’Alene, ID – Closes 8/21/15. $22.04/hour.

 Nampa PD – Nampa, ID – Closing Date not Listed. $19.79-$32.24/hr.(DOE).

 Idaho City PD – Idaho City, ID – Closing Date or Salary is not Listed. Part-time.


 City of Coeur d’Alene PD – Couer d’Alene, ID – Closes 8/21/15. $22.04/hour.

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NATIONAL POLICE WEEK | May 11 – 17, 2015 | Remembering Those Who Protect & Servei

Washington, D.C.

In 1962, U.S. President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation designating May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week it falls on as Police Week.  The Memorial Service first began on May 15, 1982, when 120 survivors and supporters of Law Enforcement gathered together in Senate Park during a time of reflections.

An event held in Washington D.C. is host to between 25,000 and 40,000 those in Law Enforcement from Departments around the United States and globally.  It’s a perfect opportunity to meet with one another who share the common thread of brother/sisterhood.

This year, more than ever – we find this to one of the best chances to share your stories with one another, help support each other and to network with Departments.  There have been too many Officers targeted and killed in the Line of Duty. This is the chance of a lifetime to visit in D.C., tour this great City and celebrate in unison National Police Week. 

The Grand Lodge of Fraternal Order of Police will be host to the National Peace Officers Memorial Service and the Fraternal Order of Police DC Lodge #1 will be Sponsors of receptions in the afternoon and evenings during Police Week.

To find out more information, go to the Event’s website at

In Honor those Killed in Action, please fly a “BLUE” ribbon on your car antenna to show your support for Police Week.

[ Editor’s Comments:  “We are thinking of those who may be hurting from the loss of Officers from your Department.  We send our love, encouragement, support and most of all – we have your backs.  We understand it is kind of late posting this but if you can still go, what a great way to meet/greet others and network with your fellow brothers/sisters.  Be safe friends. ” ]

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Featured Image -- 8387


Anna knew she only had three dollars in her pocket when she walked inside the family grocery store across town.  With the gas tank on empty and no food in the fridge, Anna felt like she had no choice but to go to the store anyway.  She felt it was her only means to support her family.  Though Anna had always obeyed the law and stealing was not part of her mentality, this would be the hardest and most desperate thing she would ever have to do to help them survive.

Her kids had not eaten in a day and it had been two days for her.  Crying herself to sleep, only made the sadness temporarily disappear until the morning when their bellies gurgled from being hungry.  Trying to make a fresh start from an abusive boyfriend, she found a friend giving her a second chance at life with a new apartment.  When her boyfriend found and beat her, he took everything she desperately needed so much.  It was now all gone.  She was left with no food, formula or money.

Walking into the store, Anna tried to casually look around to see if others were watching. When the coast was clear, she began sticking small food items into her oversized coat pockets.  She worried about being caught by the store or by being arrested but her mind was solely focused on feeding her children at whatever cost. Feeling like she had what she could hide, she headed for the front door walking outside towards the parking lot. She was confronted by a Loss Prevention Officer who told her she was being detained for shoplifting.

He escorted her to the back office ordering her to remove all of the items she had stuffed inside her coat telling Anna how the camera caught everything and he had no choice but to call Police.  Anna begged him not to call but the Officer told her it’s their store’s policy to prosecute all shoplifters and she was one of them.   Trying to explain why she did what she did, the young Security Guard did not want to listen to her.  He seemed to be more interested in catching one of the bad guys.  The dramatic young man seemed to be scaring Anna into tearing up.

One Police Officer responded to the shoplifting call expecting something other than whom he was met by.  In the interim, the Store Manager did not want to press charges and took his Security Guard out of the room then came back in without him.  “There seems to be something wrong with our Security camera and we didn’t see her take anything.  It appears to be a misunderstanding between my employee and this young lady.” The Manager would later say.  Anna knew one of them was lying but she couldn’t understand why, nor did she want to question it.

Later, he would be told he was once hungry and someone helped him.  He wanted to do the same for this single mom.  Anna and the Officer walked outside to his vehicle for further questioning. He had a decision to make.

At the Officer’s cruiser, he found no warrants not even a parking ticket in Anna’s name.  Standing in front of him in tears, she begged him. “Please don’t arrest me in front of my children. They have seen some really bad stuff in their short lives and they can’t see their momma be taken away in handcuffs.  It would destroy them.”

The Officer who has seen his share of families struggling without the basic necessities and knowing jail is not the answer decided not to arrest Anna but instead of doing the next best thing.  At that time another Officer happened to be driving by and stopped at the store to assist.  Fear washing over Anna begged the Officers again.   “Please not in front of my kids.  I only stole this one time for my kids who haven’t eaten in a few days.”

The Officer talked over his decision with the second Officer and announced to Anna he was not going to arrest her.  He said he and the Officer had to go back inside the store and for her wait until they returned.  Upon walking in the front door, they were greeted by the Store Manager.  “I was hoping you weren’t going to arrest her.  Please take whatever she needs.  Consider it a donation from me personally to her family.”

Expecting the Officers to come back outside to arrest her, Anna would instead be overjoyed by the display of compassion reigned upon her family.  Loading up the small bag of groceries into her vehicle, they know it’s not much to feed a family of three at the moment and would have to do for the time-being.

Anna is so overjoyed, she can’t stop saying thank you to her Heroes as she calls them for saving her and her family from the unknown and being arrested.  Following her home, they see firsthand how Anna and children are struggling to pay rent on a newly moved into apartment and driving a beater car.  They know they can give her a much better start in life but they are going to have to call in more reinforcements.

Later that afternoon, Anna remembers a knock on her apartment door and instead of just the two Police Officers she had an earlier encounter with, she is met by a whole force or so it seems to Anna.  They have not just come to visit her but to bring her family more groceries, money and offer support from the town’s local Police Department and Social workers they called in for assistance.  Her tears are no longer about how is she going to take care of her family but of joy in knowing she is now be empowered to take care of them with the help of her Community.

# # # #

About the Inspiration behind this Story.

So many Police Officers have seen tragic things on the job and this is based upon one Police Officer in a sea of terrible things took a golden opportunity to Pay It Forward.  In addition to his great humanitarian act, he enlisted the assistance of fellow Officers who would change a woman and her six kids lives forever by purchasing additional groceries filling her fridge and helping her financially.  Officers gave of their own money to help a perfect stranger without any limelight or expecting any media attention.  She will forever remember the good deeds of these Officers in her community and Pay It Forward to someone who may need the same act of kindness.

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Using SOCIAL MEDIA in the Public Safety World. Part 1: “The Basics”


After many years of writing, we decided to create an online publication through WordPress, a platform creating blogs and websites.  This blog is specific to sharing, covering, broadcasting, recognizing stories, events, happenings, opportunities and photographic images with our readers whom are in Public Safety, about Public Safety and those whom support Public Safety altogether.

We use Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other platforms to share with you on many levels of information. Based upon the social media sites, we have been successful in broadcasting our many “posts” or “messages” locally, as well as around the world.

Using Social Media responsibly can reap many rewards from posting information about a Missing Person to an emergency alert broadcasted to citizens when an EOC has been activated and providing vital details to its citizens.

social media header for article

Definition of SOCIAL MEDIA

When you type in these two simple words, “Social Media” you will find a vast array of many definitions.  When this form of communication is used properly, you can reap the benefits.  Generally speaking, Social Media is defined as “Websites, Internet-based applications and other online means of communications used by large groups of people to share information.”


Here are some examples why many users are implementing Social Media into their lives.

  • A fire has occurred in a certain location and a Fire Photographer has taken photos of the incident.  He or she wants to share the information with the media, colleagues, friends or let the general public know about the event that is happening at that moment or has already occurred.
  • An Emergency Preparedness Manager is offering classes to the general public to learn about Disaster Preparedness and needs to announce course details and information.
  • A large Fire Department has promoted several and takes photos of the event showing who has received this special recognition.
  • A reporter covering a story on a crime, writes an article about the event on their website.

This is just a tiny amount of examples, but there is a whole array of them with the easy possibility of filling pages and pages without too much brainstorming.

Available SOCIAL MEDIA Sites

We will discuss a few available Social Media Sites you can access, the type of website it is and other statistical information.  This will only be the “tip-of-the-iceberg” list as there are hundreds, possibly thousands out there.  You can access these sites at of Social Media Sites.

  • – Platform for sharing research papers, monitor their impact and follow research in a specific field.  16 million users. Launched in September 2008 by Founder Richard Price.
  • – Personal web-hosting service offering registered users to a simple platform to link Facebook, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube.  Founded by Tony Conrad, Ryan Freitas and Tim Young. Launched October 2009.  5M users.
  • Blogster – A Blogging Community that features specific-interest blogs. Registration is required.  Founded by Blogster Team. Launched in November 2005. 85,000+ registered users.
  • CaringBridge – A 501[c][3] providing free personalized websites to people facing various medical conditions, hospitalization, medical treatment and/or recovering from a significant accident, injury, illness or procedure.  The service allows family and friends to receive information.  Visitors are provided a URL and a password for access.  Website: Founded in 1997 by Sona Mehring.  Health Crisis Support field. 9.5M users.
  • aka Memory Lane – Originally created to assist members to finding friends and classmates from Kindergarten, primary school, high school, college and the military has now changed to appeal to older users.  Content is now focused to include music tracks, movie trailers, high school yearbooks and photographic images.  Created in 1995 by Randy Conrads and later taken over by CEO Mark Goldston.  50M users.
  • – Online Social bookmarking storing, sharing and discovering web bookmarks.  Optional registration.  Joshua Schachter, creator of GeoURL, and co-creator of Memepool in September of 2003.  8.8M users.
  • Facebook – General: Sharing photos, videos, blogs, apps and groups.  Launched in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with college roommates Eduardo Severin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. For ages over 13 years old. 1.3B registered users.
  • Flickr –  Photo sharing, commenting, photography related networking, worldwide.  Launched in February 2004. 32M users.
  • Google+ – Social networking and identity service owned strictly by Google. It is described as a “social layer” as an authorship tool that associates web-contact with its owner/author.  Launched in June 2011. 548M users.
  • Instagram – Photo and video sharing site. Launched in October 2010. 150M users.
  • LinkedIn – Business and professional networking site. Launched March 2003. 200M users.
  • Pinterest – Online pinboard for organizing and sharing things you love. Launched March 2010.  Founded by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann.
  • Twitter – General.  Microblogging. RSS, Updates. Immediate messages posted to US and around the World. 645M users.

These are some of the Social Media basics that have touched upon and as we move along, you may discover a whole another realm of ways to reach out to your “Followers”, “Fans” and “Supporters” than you could ever imagine.

In the next article, we will talk about the Social Media sites more in-depth, the advantages and disadvantages to this highly discussed topic.

[Sources: Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress]

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