Stillwater County MT | A second fire has broken out in Montana and this one is approximately 8 miles East of Columbus and 6 miles West of Park City. It is burning near a subdivision.


The fire has scorched 3,000 acres and has a 0% containment status.


One structure has been lost.    Many are currently threatened. Number is unknown.

Evacuations are in place for the north end of Pine Crest Subdivision.

NOTE:  If you receive a notice to evacuate, please know they are doing this to save you and your family. You are irreplaceable, your home is replaceable. We understand that this is YOUR home. Please take what you can. Staying may cause people to put their lives on the line unnecessarily or could cause you to lose your own.  It is NOT worth it.  Your LIFE is.


Previously, the Fire & Aviation Mgmt Bureau out of Missoula, MT were managing the fire but had requested additional resources, including establishment of a Type 3 IMT team which has been assumed by DNRC as of 1000 hours MT in partnership with Columbus Fire Department.


Current resources on the fire are:

  • BLM
  • Absarokee VFD
  • Columbus VFD
  • Park City VFD
  • Stillwater County
  • Sweet Grass County
  • Yellowstone County
  • US Fish & Wildlife
  • US Forest Service
  • 4 helicopters


Currently, the weather is partly cloudy with 57-degrees and 0% chance of rain.  The high is expected to get up to 68-degrees.  Winds are 10 mph from the N to the SW with gusts up to 18 mph.  [Park City, MT]

Weather conditions in Columbus MT are 67-degrees, partly cloudy with winds from the West at 14 mph with no chance of rain in the forecast.

Saturday’s winds had been coming from the West at 5-15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph as of yesterday. [Park City, MT]


I-90 is currently open but had been previously closed due to blowing smoke and low visibility and multiple vehicle crashes.


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