Fire Storm 2016 | U.S. Wildfire SitReps | June 13, 2016

Update 2115 Hours PDT


Pony Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Pony Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)


The #PonyFire started on June 7, 2016 around 0245 Hours.  It located W of Highway 96 and 15 miles SW of Happy Camp, California on the Klamath NF.   1002 Personnel. Lightning caused.  2296 acres.   20% contained.


Juniper Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Juniper Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

The #JuniperFire ignited by lightning on May 20th at 00:00 hours.  It is located 10 miles S of Young, Arizona.  Approximately 30,631 acres have been consumed by fire. One-half inch of rain fell upon the fire on Friday evening.  There are 280 Personnel assigned to this incident.  Fire crews have successfully gained a 30% containment status around the wildfire.



The #TenderfootFire started on June 8th @ 1515 Hours from an unknown human-caused ignition which is still under investigation.  The fire is located in Yarnell, Arizona.  The fire has consumed 4,087 acres and crews have successfully reached  a 61% containment.  There are 320 personnel along with an overhead crew and support members assigned to this incident.

Fire crews were working on addressing hot spots on the SE’rn flank of the fire were aided by air resources above with water drops and enabling them to complete mop up operations of any heat within perimeter.

Resources include:  5 Hotshot crews, 1 Type 2 Initial Attack crews, 2 light and 2 heavy helicopters, 2 Air Attack fixed wing aircraft platforms, along with support personnel.


Aerial image of Wildcat Fire on June 13, 2016.

Wildcat Fire. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

The #WildcatFire was reported earlier this afternoon prompting the dispatch of North Zone Firefighters of the North Kaibib Ranger District on the Kaibib NF, located S of Hwy89A and SW of Forest Service Rd (FS Rd) 8910 and 211 junction.  It is also in the vicinity of South Canyon trail head and Saddle Mtn Wilderness in Arizona..  The fire has consumed 20 acres so far.

The fire is wind-driven and is now moving North to NE.  There are 20 personnel assigned but more resources are on order and expected to arrive in the next day or so.  Here are the types of resources on-scene:  1 Type 3 Crew, 1 Type 3 helicopter with Helitack and 1 Resources Advisor.

Smoke is visible from Hwy89A as it burns Pinyon and Juniper.

No known cause is known at this time.


Jack Fire (Credit: King, Summit FD)

Jack Fire (Credit: King, Summit FD)

The #JackFire started when lightning struck the area.  The fire is approximately 14 miles N of Clints Wells, AZ on the E side of Lake Mary Road and near Happy Jack, along Forest Roads 294 & 294C.

About 32,500 acres of ponderosa pine forest along with heavy, dead and down logs, pine needles, grass and forest litter understory have been consumed. Fire crews have successfully reached a 20% containment status around the wildfire.  100 Personnel are assigned to this fire, along with a Type 3 IMT IC.

Resources include 2 Type 1 crews, 7 Engines, 1 Bulldozer and lots of support team members.



North Fire. (Credit: Keith Hughes)

North Fire. (Credit: Keith Hughes)

The #NorthFire was started by lightning like many of the wildfires reported here. This fire has burned 20,615 acres of ponderosa pine with grass, litter understory, pinyon-juniper and mixed-conifer.  It is located about 25 miles SW of Magadalena, NM on the Magadalena Ranger District and in the San Mateo Mountains.

The fire started on May 21, 2016, around 1645 hours.  Fire crews have successfully reached a 30% containment around the fire.

There are 124 personnel attached to this fire, along with a Magadalena RD Type 3 IMT and being led by IC Scott Schrenk and Trainee Ken Watkins.

An Open House for residents along with Staff will be held on Thursday at the Magadalena RD Conference Room.


Akawana Fire near Sisters, Oregon

Akawana Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

The #AkawanaFire is located 4 miles W of Geneva, in the Central Oregon District and has suffered 2,094 acres scorched.  It was ignited by lightning on June 7th around 1615 Hours.

About 537 personnel are assigned to this incident along with IC Link Smith, a Type 3 IMT that makes up 140 firefighters and support staff.  In addition, there are 3 Engines, 4 Tenders, 2 Bulldozers, 3 Skidgines and 1 helicopter.

The fire behavior is now minimal, creeping and smoldering.  OR Department of Forestry Central OR Ranger District Fire crews have reached a 80% containment and will continue with mop-up operations into the burned area about 300 feet.  Winds are due to be lighter but the days are to get more warm and dry.  This is a final update.


Fresno Fire. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

The #FresnoFire was started by lightning on June 11th around 2100 hours, in the Fresno Drainage located S of Chisos  Mountains and S of the Dodson Trail in Big Bend National Park (TX).   It is now within the Sierra Quemada.

Fire fuels include grass and brush.   It has been deemed by the Park’s helicopter and Firefighters to be burning in a very remote area and is NOT a current threat.

There is a small number of firefighters (33) attached to this incident.  The SW portion of the fire is active.  About 50 acres has been consumed.  Fire crews will continue to assess and recon the fire.


Coleman Fire (Credit: Los Padres NF)

Coleman Fire (Credit: Los Padres NF)

The #ColemanFire is located 11 miles SW of King City, CA and just N of Fort Hunter Leggett.  The fire behavior has been minimal for the last 24 hours and fire crews have done an outstanding job in reaching a 96% containment status around the fire.  Hot ash pits and stump holes are being located on the NE side, as well as other areas displaying hot areas near the containment line.  Other remainder areas are in patrol status by fire crews.

There are 108 personnel left assigned to this incident along with a Type 4 IMT.  Command will transition over to a Type 3 IMT on Tuesday, June 14th around 0700 Hours.  This is the final and last update for this fire.

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