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CLEARLAKE OAKS, Calif. – A wildfire that started Saturday, June 23rd was said to be like an out-of-control runaway train or as we may say it more like a Firestorm is starting to become more tame by the day.

Firefighters are beginning to make some good progress on containment, but not without a fierce fight and tireless efforts both day and night.

Photo Credit | NASA Earth

Here is the Sit Rep for the North California  wildfire called the Pawnee Fire.


Start Date/Time | The fire started on Saturday, June 23, 2018 around 1721 hours.

Location | It is burning on Pawnee Road x New Long Road,  4 miles northeast of Clearlake Oaks, California.

Unified Command | CAL FIRE, Lake County SO, US Forest Service and Northshore Fire Protection District .

Cause | The cause is unknown at this time.

Incident Cooperators | Lake Co SO, Lake County OES, CA DOC and Rehab, CA Conservation Corps, BLM, US Forest, CHP, PG&E and Lake Evacuation Animal Protection.


June 26 – Tuesday

2024 | Hot and windy weather fire conditions are in the forecast.

1904 | 2700 personnel. 235 engines, 58 fire crews, 15 helicopters, numerous air tanker teams through the State (flying as conditions will allow), 69 bulldozers, 25 water tenders.  13,000 acres. 17% containment. 22 structures destroyed.  4 structures damaged.

Road Closures:  At Hwy 20, the follow roads are closed – Old Long Valley Rd, Walker Ridge, Mule Skinner Rd, Bear Valley Rd; At Brim Road, all roads are closed – Bear Valley Rd and Leesville Lodge Rd.

Mandatory Evacuations:  Spring Valley Community: entire area including all roads accessed off of Old Long Valley Rd and New Long Valley Rd, north of Hwy 20;  Mule Skinner, Long Branch, Watertrough Rd, Flintlock, Muzzleloader, No Guns, Antelope, Cougar, Marianne, Ramrod and Moccasin.

Advisory Evacuation Notices: East of Walker Ridge area, Wilbur Springs area, Bear Valley and Brim Road.

Evacuation Shelters:  Lower Lake HS. 9430 Lake Street, Lower Lake, CA.  [Contact: Sheriff’s website for additional evacuation info.

Animal Evacuations:   Contact Animal Control at 707-263-0278.

1205 | Fire moving southeast.

June 25 – Monday

1925 | Media began reporting the fire was expected to jump Water Ridge by 1930 hours and head down into Bear Valley.  Crews were in the middle of structure protection of a communications repeater (infrastructure).

1852 | CAL FIRE firefighters continue to directly engage in building containment lines and utilizing aerial attack when possible.

1759 | Winds picked up in the Spring Valley area which created unpredictable fire behavior and media was reporting that the fire was so big, it was creating its own weather.  This was occurring off of Chalk Mountain Road, which they reported fire crews were working on structure protection.

1615 | A VLAT  (For those non-fire speaking folks: this stands for very large airtanker) was observed dropping in front of some CAL FIRE engines while extending the fire-retardant lines.

1522 | Reports of the fire just made a strong run and crews just lost a line. They are hoping the next one holds.

0727 | The fire was located northeast of Clearlake Oaks in Lake County had grown to 8,200 acres.

June 24 – Sunday

1830 | 7,700 acres burned. 237 personnel. 5 crews, 2 helicopters, 7 dozers, 2 water tenders.  More aircraft incoming and on order. Fire is moving up ridges and heading towards Double Eagle housing development.  Dozers, tankers, air craft and strike teams are working tirelessly to gain fire suppression, control and containment but the fire is moving extremely quickly.  Some of the units are trying to hold the fire but it is not holding.  / Updated @ 2145 hours PDT

1709 | Hotspot data just popped up on the NASA GIS server and now appears on the map.  There is a 3-hour lag. Hotspots likely sensed at 1350 hours. Map Credit is @MappingSupport

1706 | Mandatory evacuations now include all areas north of Highway 20 and east of Old Long Valley Road to Round Ball Road,  including Mule Skinner, Long Branch, Watertrough, Flintlock, Muzzleloader, No Guns, Antelope, Cougar, Marianne, Ramrod and Moccasin.

1702 | CAL FIRE is requesting all remaining residents in the Spring Valley area reduce their water usage immediately to conserve water for firefighting suppression efforts.

1657 | Alameda County Fire Engines 308 and 330 are dispatched and en route to the fire, part of the Strike Team XAL 2002C with crews from Berkeley FD, Hayward FD and Fremont FD.

1602 | Mandatory evacuation orders expand to include all areas north of Highway 20 and est of Old Long Valley Road.

1536 | Estimates at 3,000 acres with a 0% containment status.

1528 | 4 spot fires just popped up across New Long Valley Road near Indian Hill Road. IC calls for need of Engine Strike Teams (25 engines) for immediate structure protection.

1509 | LA Co FD dispatches 4 Camp Crews (11-1, 11-2, 19-2, 19-5) plus 1 BC (BC46) to assist CAL FIRE.

1505 | Multiple spots along New Long Valley Road, critical need for copters to assist in maintaining fire line.  Fire is .25 to .5 mile away from the dam.

1408 | Significant fire moving downhill into Wolf Creek Road area with structure threat.  Is said to be moving east towards the reservoir.  Infrastructure of a hydroelectric facility at the dam.  Air resources to put retardant in the area for structure protection.

Photo Credit | CAL FIRE

1416 | AA advises if fire hits the Spring Valley area and they engage in structure protection, may be dropping retardant all over houses, fire equipment. Fire moving to the N/NE.  The next road in that area is Bartlett Springs Road.

1341 | Tankers 01 and 10 divert from this wildfire over to Redding for the Clear Creek fires.

1337 | Evacuees are being sheltered at Lake County High School, a Red Cross shelter.

1245 | CAL OES approves Fire Management Assistance Grant which provides Lake County agencies to receive 75% reimburse of their fire suppression costs.

1226 | No divert on 4 air tankers due to imminent life to civilians and firefighters.  CAL OES Coastal and Inland EOCs  are activated and staff from regional response teams are deployed.

1154 | Pawnee Fire activity shows gusty northern winds are part of #cawx forecast to shift to a southwesterly direction in the afternoon. | Photo Courtesy:  NWS Sacramento, GEOMAC and MODIS satellite instrumentation.

1131 | Animals in Disaster group Halter Project gives “Animals Sheltering in Place”

  • Leave as much as water as you can
  • Do not leave hay
  • Remove masks/halters/wraps/fly sheets etc.
  • Paint ID info on animals. Use MARKERS ON HOOVES
  • Close access to barns
  • Do not turn equine/livestock loose where they can get on roads
  • If you need emergency assistance with your animals contact LEAP: 707-263-0278. This is also the same number to call for urgent boarding of large and small animals (as of 6/24 there is still room).

1056 | Berkeley Fire Engine 305 dispatched to fire as mutual aid.

1046 | Alameda County Fire crews (CAL OES STrike Team 2870 OC) arrive in Staging safely.  They begin a 24-hour operational shift.

0942 | RED CROSS working on opening shelter at Lower Lake HS located at 9430 Lake Street.

0904 | IC requests Aircraft resources:  1 VLAT, 2 LATs and 3 add’l S-2s  for a total of 4.

0711 | Fire is now 1,500 acres.

Photo Credit | CAL FIRE

0407 | Fire continues to grow and remains at a 0% containment status. Bay Area Fire resources have been activated.  Some structures have been lost. Air attack will begin at first light.

0316 | Rio Vista FD Brush 55 unit is dispatched, en route to the wildfire.

0251 | Video Photo Credit:  Alameda County FFD.

0151 | PG & E lines shut down.

0139 | Fish and Game helping with animal evacuations.

0052 | PG & E lines are down and still alive.  Request to company to shut down in the whole area.

0018 | Multiple structures are ablaze with fire on both sides of Wolf Creek Rd. Heading and due to impact Spring Valley Road heavily.

0003 | IC requests Sheriff to do another emergency mandatory evacuation alert for the entire Spring Valley area, all subdivisions and roads that lead to that area. Multiple structures on fire with civilians still in area.

June 23 – Saturday

2306 | Fire heading towards Indian Valley Reservoir.

2110 | Fire reached 400 + acres and making a run. All aircraft are off the fire for the night.

2044 | AA estimates fire at 200 acres. Helo was in process of mapping the fire.

1907 | AA reports 60-acre fire with moderate fire behavior and ROS on all flanks.

1804 | CAL FIRE notification of firefighters battling 75 acre fire.


Personnel | There are currently 237 personnel which include 5 fire crews.

Equipment | There are 32 fire engines, 2 helicopters, 7 bulldozers and 2 water tenders.


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