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Stock Photo of Seattle Fire apparatus. Photo Credit: (c) LR Swenson

1st Alarm Units

A fire broke out between buildings, an apartment complex and a single-family residence (SFR) next door.  The first alarm dispatched fire units E6 A25 AIR9 B5 B6 DEP1 E25 E30 E34 E5 E8 L10 L3 L6 M10 M44 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 at 2235 hours PDT.

2nd Alarm Units

The arriving IC reported that a fire on floor one (Fire building) was racing up floors two and three, a 40×60 apartment complex and a second structure on fire.  This prompted a second alarm to be called a few minutes afterwards.  Units dispatched were AIR260 COMVAN E10 E13 E22 E36 L1 L7 M1.


All arriving 2nd Alarm units were sent to Staging, west of 19/20th on East Cherry.  Command asked for SPD to close down traffic on East Cherry.

Stock Photo of Seattle Firefighters filling up their air bottles. (c) LR Swenson

Fire Activities

Fire between the two structures was knocked down at 2248 hours.

Firefighters found a fire in the knee wall on the Delta side of the Bravo exposure and were busy digging it out.

Primary/secondary searches would be conducted on both structures with nothing found.

The fire was ruled under control at 2259 hours PDT, about 20 minutes after they were initially dispatched. (both structures)

Around 2311 hours, firefighters were focusing on overhaul and confirmed power had been secured to Bravo exposure.  Firefighters were also working on the roof of the Fire Building for overhaul.


A cause is not known at the time of this post but we will be updating info as soon as it arrives.

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#PhinneyFire | Seattle, Washington

Seattle Fire crews (Stock Photo by (c) 2017 LR Swenson)



Firefighters were dispatched @ 1850 hours PDT to a FIRE IN BUILDING call in the 4700 block of Phinney Avenue North in Seattle (Phinney neighborhood), Washington on Saturday evening.


Command first established “Phinney Command” at the time of arriving


Fire operations would quickly take off, just like this incident.  Here is the timeline for this fire:

1856 | L8:  Assigned to the roof.

1857 | E18:  Laying a back-up line.     Command:  Floor 3 showing smoke from the roof, possibly into the roof. Asked unit to check for extension.

1858 | E21:  En route with pike poles.  Reported 3.5 stories and fire on Fire 3.  Fire coming from the ceiling.  Need pike poles. E17:  Assigned to put water on exterior side and using water from E9.  E16:  Assigned RIT.

1902 | Dispatch:  10 minutes on the incident clock.

1904 | Primary Search:  Completed on the fire floor (Floor 3).  All clear.

1905 | Command:  3-story wood frame, residential building turning white and multiple crews inside.  REHAB is at 47th & Phinney.

1906 | Command to Dispatch:  Blocking Phinney Avenue N.  Asked to notify King County Metro that street is blocked.

1909 | An unknown fire crew:  Smoke is pushing from the attic.

1910 | Equipment Request:  multiple 8 ft. Pike Poles are requested.

1912 | 20 minutes on the clock.

1913 | Report:  Fire knocked down.  1 crew is checking  extension.

1915 | Report:  Fire knocked down.  Marshal 5 has been requested.  Interior crew to wait to do any further knock down until FIU arrives on-scene.  E9: Decon line established.

1916 | E26:  Exiting out of the building.

1917 | Air9:  Arrived to fire.

1918 | B6:  Sufficient with needs.  No additional resources needed.

1919 | B6:  Secondary search completed.  All floors searched, Nothing found.

1922 | Back in Service:  Engine 6 and Ladder 6 were put back in service.

1924 | Dispatch to Command:  33 minutes on the timer.  Tap fire.

1927 | E16: RIT team reporting tap fire.  Will remain in Staging.

1928 | Fire crews found the electrical panel, shutting down power to the building.  North end of the fire building have been searched (secondary) on all floors are an all clear.

1930 | E9:  Engine water to be used and they can now remove the supply line.


The following units were dispatched to this fire:

A2 AIR9 B4 B6 DEP1 E16 E17 E18 E21 E6 E9 L6 L8 L9 M18 M44 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 and MAR5 (FIU).


The fire was knocked down at 1913 hours and a tap fire reached at 1927 hours.  A Decon line was set up and all fire crews were sent through.

Firefighters worked diligently to get this stubborn fire suppression, under control and contained.  No civilian or firefighter injuries were reported.

Marshal 5 is still on site searching for the cause.  There was no preliminary cause released at the time of this post.

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While Seahawks Play, Firefighters Save Zoo Animals

Updated 6:50 PM PST

While the Seahawks Play…

As the Seattle Seahawks were ramping up for their game this evening, Seattle Firefighters were dispatched around 3:10 P.M. PST to a fire that broke out in the 600 block and N 59th Street.

A fire broke out inside the Nocturnal building at the Woodland Park Zoo and would quickly turn into a 2nd alarm bringing many fire resources city-wide.

Nocturnal Building Fire. (Credit: Seattle FD)

Units Dispatched

The following were dispatched to the “Fire in Building” call at 3:10 p.m.

  • Aid 2
  • Air9, Air240, Air26
  • Battalions 4 & 6
  • Comm Van
  • PIO
  • Deputy 1
  • Engines 8, 17, 18, 20, 21, 24, 31, 35, 36
  • Marshal5
  • Ladder Cos. 4, 6, 8, 9
  • Medics 1, 10, 16, 18, 28, 44
  • Safety2
  • Staff10
  • REHAB1
  • MRN (Marine) 1


Marshal5 (Fire Investigator) was also dispatched to the fire scene.  There is no known cause or preliminary information as to the area where the fire started.


There was a report of two firefighters injured by a news media outlet but nothing official from the Fire Department sources we glean from.  There injuries and conditions are unknown at this time. We hope they are okay and are on the mend quickly.

No animals were said to be injured but were being moved from the fire building to a safer location.

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Western Washington Weather Brings Lots of Rain, Flooding and Mudslides


Tuesday’s weather has been a very soggy day bringing lots of rain with some reporting up to 2″ in some places, causing flooding and mudslides in Western Washington State.  Already saturated by rains in the last few days, more began dumping today and not letting up until later this afternoon.

By then, areas like Kent reported large flooded areas and some drivers ignoring common sense and trying to “drive” [we call it boating] across large bodies of water that seemed more like a big swimming hole.



  • Index Galena Rd |  @ MP 3 to end of Roadway | Closed: 11/9/15 – Long-term closure | Washout | Source: Snohomish County Public Works.

Granite Falls

  • Monte Cristo Rd | Mtn Loop Hwy to end of roadway | Closed:  4/24/15 1200 PST, Long-term closure | Source:  Snohomish County Public Works.
  • Mtn Loop Hwy | Monte Cristo Rd – White Chuck River Rd | Closed:  11/18/15 1745 PST | Source:  Snohomish County Public Works.


  • Ben Howard | 311 Ave SE – Cedar Ponds Rd | Water over Roadway | Closed: 12/18/15 2030 PST | Source: Snohomish County Public Works.
  • Tualco Loop Rd | Tualco Rd | Water over Roadway | Closed:  12/8/15 2100 PST | Source:  Snohomish County Public Works.


  • Hwy 27 | 2 Mi N of Palouse | Landslide blocking roadway | Source:  KREM 2 News 12/8/15 2122PST


  • 35 Avenue SE | 141 St SE – 139 St SE | Water over Roadway | Closed: 12/8/15 1230 PST | Source:  Snohomish County Public Works.
  • 311 Ave SE | SR 2 – Mann Rd | Water over Roadway | Closed: 12/8/15 1930PST | Source:  Snohomish County Public Works.
  • Mann Rd | 311 Ave SE to end of Road | Water over Roadway | Closed: 12/8/15 1530 PST | Source:  Snohomish County Public Works.

FLOOD WARNINGS  [Source:  NWS Seattle]

Skokomish River Near Potlatch

  • Warning til Thursday, 12/10/15
  • Flood stage is 16.5′
  • Currently at 17.6′ as of Tuesday, 12/8/15
  • Expected to rise & crest at 17.8′
  • Major flooding occurring
  • Expected to drop below flood stage at 0400 Wed, 12/9/15
  • Expected to drop to 17.5′ on Thursday AM
  • To cause additional major flooding, deep & quick floodwaters flooding some homes, roadways and much of the farm land in Skokomish Valley.

FLOOD WATCHES [Source:  NWS Seattle]

  • Lower Columbia and I – 5 Corridor in Cowlitz County; South Washington Cascade Foothills; Willapa Hills | Expires: 12/9/15 0400PST.
  • Central Columbia River Gorge; Western Columbia River Gorge | Expires:  12/9/15 1600PST.
  • Greater Vancouver Area | Expires:  12/9/15 1900PST.
  • South Washington Cascades | Expires:  12/10/15 0852PST.
  • South Washington Coast | Expires:  12/11/15 1200PST.
  • Yakima | Expires:  12/10/15 0852PST.
  • Cowlitz | Expires:  12/9/15 1903PST.
  • Whatcom | Expires:  12/9/15 1624PST.
  • Snohomish | Expires:  12/10/15 0723PST.
  • Mason | Expires:  12/10/15 2040PST.
  • Grays Harbor | Expiring Until Further Notice. 


Bellevue & Vicinity, Bremerton & Vicinity, E Puget Sound lowlands, Seattle & Vicinity, W Slopes North Cascade and Passes, W Slopes N Central Cascades and Passes, West Slopes S Central Cascades and Passes.

  • Additional heavy rainfall: expected tonight will lead to an increased threat of landslides in Western Washington.
  • Rainfall expected: 4-7″ on the Coast.
  • Rainfull expected:  5″ elsewhere in lowlands.
  • Rainfall total expected:  1-3″ rain expected in lowlands in the next 18-hour period ending 12/9/15 1000 PST.
  • 12/7/15:  Landslides occurred in Woodinville and Edmonds.
  • Future Expectations:  More land/mudslides to occur.
  • Warning Expires:  12/9/15 1400 PST

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Firefighters Respond to Fire at Seattle Waterfront Hotel

Seattle, Washington | Firefighters were dispatched today for a “Fire in Building” call at 2411 Alaskan Way.  Units dispatched:  Engines 2, 22, 25, 5, 8; Aid 2; Air9; Battalions 4, 5; Deputy1; Ladders 10, 4; Medics 10, 16; REHAB1; Safety2; Staff10 . [1200 PDT] and later Fireboat4 aka The Leschi staffed by Engine4 crew. [1211 PDT]

Fire was named, “Alaskan Command”. [1200 PDT]

Fire was deemed as a wall fire and appeared to be smoldering for awhile  to be coming inside the building, not from underneath the pier. [1212 PDT]

The fire was brought under control. Fireboat4/The Leschi was Code Green due to no access from the water side.  The RIT was also cancelled as well. [1214 PDT]

Traffic broadcasted between crews and Command staff eluded to this being a wall fire inside a 4-story wood frame hotel on the pier, approx 300×75. They were using tactics to battle the smoldering fire above the fireplace flue. [1221 PDT]

The wall was opened up by Firefighters checking for extension, which none was found.  Firefighters then used positive pressure ventilation on Floor 2. Smoke conditions at that time were light and hazy. In addition, several companies were above the chimney flue, on the interior and overhauling on the exterior. [1222 PDT]

A water supply was established, temporarily closing Alaskan Way to allow firefighters to lay their hose lines across the roadway. [1222 PDT]

The fireplace flue was being looked at above the exterior side. The interior looked good at this time. No additional resources were needed.

Firefighters brought the fire under control within 20 minutes into the incident. They were still busy with working to dig out hot spots. [1227 PDT]

Battalion 2 reported no heat and no char above the fireplace, above Floor 2. [1230 PDT]

About 30 minutes into the incident, Firefighters successfully reached a tap fire status or fire is out.  [1230 PDT]

After Fire Command called a tap fire, some fire units began going back into service. Some will remain on scene waiting for Marshal 5 [Fire Investigator] to arrive on scene. [1305 PDT]

Seattle Fire’s PIO was paged to contact B4. Sounds like this event is turning into some bigger than it appears. Glad to be able to hear how the call went. It almost seemed like we were there [again] in person. We so miss those days of fire buffing and taking care of firefighters on the fire ground. [1305 PDT]

All units were placed back in service. [1315 PDT]

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Seattle Fire Responds to West Seattle Garage Fire

Around 1724 Hours PDT this evening, Firefighters were dispatched to the 3000 block of 28th Ave W in Seattle, Washington to a detached garage fire with one vehicle inside.

Units dispatched [according to their online CAD system]:

  • E11
  • E20
  • L8
  • B4
  • Safety2
  • E18
  • E8
  • Aid2
  • Air9
  • B6
  • Deputy1
  • E2
  • L6
  • M18
  • Staff10
  • REHAB1
  • Marshal5

Firefighters quickly had water on the fire and got it knocked down super fast.  Around 1734 the fire was knocked down and all units except E41, E20, L6, B4, Safety 2 and Air 9 were Code Greened.

The fire was said to be about 20×20 detached garage with one car inside.  A preliminary report states the car fire extended to the structure.

Seattle Fire’s Marshal 5 [Fire Investigator] was requested.  Firefighters still remain on-scene until the cause has been determined or until released by Command back into Service.

No injuries to Firefighters or civilians were reported.

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NW CAREER OPPORTUNITIES | Fire | Friday, August 7, 2015


City of Everett [WA] – Closes 10/31/15 @ 1700 PDT.  $4429 – $6320/month plus benefits. https://everettwa.gov/Jobs.aspx?UniqueId=98&From=All&CommunityJobs=False&JobID=Firefighter-69

City of Seattle [WA] – Closes 9/21/15 @ 2359 PDT.  $5,515.00 Monthly. http://agency.governmentjobs.com/seattle/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=1055491

Idaho National Guard – Boise, ID – No Closing Date. http://jobs.nationalguard.com/ngb/display_job/644050/Firefighter.html?searchId=1438991759.2477&page=601&vnd=indeedjobp23831


West Valley Fire DistrictWillamina, OR – Closes 8/31/15. Part-Time.  $10/hour.  http://www.indeed.com/cmp/West-Valley-Fire-District/jobs/Firefighter-EMT-526d975142fb269b?q=firefighter


City of Gresham – Gresham OR – Closing Date not listed. $8,214.00 – $10,676.00 Monthly. http://www.resume-library.com/job/view/4836109/Operations-Chief-Fire-Emergency-Services?pj=yes

Posted 8/7/15 2010 PDT

STRUCTURE FIRE: Seattle Firefighters Respond to S Holden St House Fires

Seattle, Washington

Firefighters were dispatched to the 3500 block & S Holden Street.  Here is the call log of the incident as we heard it going down.

2102:  Engines 13, 26, 30, 27, 33, 10, 26, 36, 6.  Ladders: 1, 3, 7, 12. Battalions 4, 5.  Aid Unit 14.  Medic Units 28, 44.  Air 9. Deputy1. REHAB1. Safety2. Air260. CommVan. PIO.  Marshal5. 234.  [Per Seattle Fire CAD]

21xx: Time not recorded. First due unit reports: “2 fully single family residences approximately 20×30. Asked immediately for 2nd alarm. Established “Holden Street Command”.

21xx:  E13 laying a pre-connect, on the water hydrant and is now taking a line through the front door. E33 is water supply. E27 is on Charlie side, laying down line to at rear of house. L12 is Search and Rescue west side. E30 is backup for E13.  E26 checking East basement. L12 conducting primary search.

2130: Assignments: “East Branch” B4, E33, E26, L7, L12.

Seattle Fire Buff Unit driven by Lee Kane, Support 4. [Photo by LR Swenson]

Seattle Fire Rehab Unit [Stock Photo by LR Swenson]

2131: Division Charlie/E27: Reporting  fire mostly knocked down. Going to get air bottles exchanged.

2132:  Wset branch requesting one company.  E6 is reassigned to branch.

2133:  E10 reassigned to Charlie Division. REHAB & Staging is located at Air9 unit, west of Command Post.

2136:  Fire knocked down in both buildings. Red Cross needed for 2 displaced adult males.

2137:  L7 exiting building.

2138:  East branch reports Fire under control; doing overhaul.

2139:  IC told: City Light can’t guarantee that the house isn’t energized.  Will take 10 minutes


Seattle Air Unit [Credit: LR Swenson]

2140:  West branch/E36 &  East branch/E6. Told to exit the building with all of the firefighters.  Power not secure.

2141: Fire under control.  Completing a demob plan. Due to the heat, keeping firefighters a little longer in REHAB.

2142:  “Holden St Command” called Dispatch to confirm 2 Alarm companies.

2145:  All firefighters are out of the West building. E36 PAR. L1, L3 back in service.  40 minutes on incident clock.  PIO on scene.

2146:  Command requests to terminate incident clock.  Says that no burning embers.  Dispatch will discontinue time checks.  Said tap fire will take a little while.

2148:  Power has been secured.

Firefighters help each other with their air bottles at the S. Monroe fire on June 18, 2012. (Photo by Lisa Swenson)

Firefighters help each other with their air bottles (Stock Photo by LR Swenson)

2149:  E10 to report to Command Post.  E27 to replace them.  E6 to complete overhaul in the East branch.  West building power is not secure. City Light is in process of pulling meter.

2200:  Bottles being from Air 260.

2205:  E10 in service, returning.

2207:  Attic on West side is cold.

2208:  Aid14 is back in service.

KUDOS to Seattle Firefighters for getting the fire out Super fast.  The citizens are lucky to have such great Firefighters in their City!  Here’s to a vwarywary qwuiet night. [Shhhh…]

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Washington State Patrol Sgt Hit by Drunk Driver on I-90

Seattle, Washington |  A person who decided to drive drunk has struck again in Washington as they do every so often. This time the DUI driver slammed into the side of a stationary State Trooper Sgt. sitting on the right side of the I-90 freeway.

The MVI [motor vehicle incident] occurrred Friday evening, May 29, 2015, around 2115 hours PDT, located westbound I-90 at the East highrise.

Seattle Fire units that were dispatched :

  • Aid 10
  • Engine 30
  • Engine 6
  • Aid 5

Though we don’t know the Trooper’s name or condition, most likely he or she was transported to HMC [Harborview Medical Center], our regional Trauma hospital here in Seattle.

For those of you or have friends/family traveling through the area, please always remember #MoveOver for emergency vehicles with #LightsAndSirens and to please remember to NOT #DontDrinkandDrive.  We CARE greatly about you, your safety and most importantly, for the #Lives you may seriously injure or kill.

Washington State Patrol, we are thinking of you all tonight and hoping his or her injuries are non life-threatening.

For traffic updates, please visit the Washington State DOT website at http://www.wsdot.com/traffic/trafficalerts/pugetsound.aspx?refnum=189257&action=2&aw=1.

To follow along with updates about this incident, follow @wsp2pio WSP Trooper Chris Webb.


According to MADD’s website [http://www.madd.org/drunk-driving/] in 2013, 10,076 people were killed from drunk driving incidents and approximately 290,000 were injured.  This is so sad, because this is so completely preventable and that’s why we refuse to call it an “Accident”.   This is when a person makes a seriously bad choice and CHOOSES to drink with their own “Free will”.  It is not by accident that a person gets in the car and drives.

This not only does this affect many victims in these crashes but their support systems, such as their families, classmates, co-workers, friends, Public Safety 1st Responders and those who are indirectly involved which will help pay for the $132Billion annual price tag from drunk driving.

Please reach out to those who need yours or a Professional to help them stop drinking.  There are many resources that can be found on the internet and within your own communities.

Thank you for following our story this evening and please pray for the WSP Trooper/Sgt.  Though we are not technically not firefighters or police officers, we feel that ANY & ALL Public Safety/First Responders are OUR Family Members and we grately Love every single one of you out there and the people who support you.

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LAW ENFORCEMENT CAREER OPPORTUNITIES | Washington State | April 11, 2015 Saturday




4/11/15 2325 PDT

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