WA WILDFIRE | Carpenter Rd Fire | August 20, 2015 | PM SitRep

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

~ William Shakespeare


  • Location:  35 miles NW of Spokane
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Acres:  9658


  • Fire Behavior:  Extreme.
  • Threatened:  400 homes & structures, 5 commercial properties, 200 others
  • Containment:  0%

Carpenter Road Fire Map. Courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Blue Team. [8/19/15]

Map updated on 8/18/15. Courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Blue Team.


  • Destroyed:  16 homes destroyed; unknown number of “other” structures reportedly destroyed.


  • Personnel:  301
  • Crews:  5
  • Helicopters:  3
  • Engines:  32
  • Actions:  Structure Protection


Level 3 [Mandatory evacuation. Leave your home/business now for your own personal safety.]

  • Lessig Road along the Springdale Hunters Road to Springdale. This includes all secondary roads off of Springdale Hunters Road including Gennett Road and Rosehill Road and other road spurs to the South.
  • Region from Belinger Road to the SOUTHEAST “the way the crow flies” to State Highway 231.
  • Out of Fruitland Valley which includes Fruitland Valley Road and Turk Road.

Level 2 [Prepare to evacuate. This is a mid-range level of preparing to evacuate and also a level of voluntary evacuation.]

  • From the Spokane Agency Reservation boundary south to Lake Roosevelt (to include the West End Community).
  • From Springdale Hunters Road to Waitts Lake.
  • From Belinger Road EAST to State Highway 231.
  • From area around Waitts Lake to the Huckleberry Mountains south to Springdale Hunters Road to State Highway 231.


Call Center

  • Operational Period: 0800 – 2100 PDT
  • Phone Lines: 509-722-6040 or  509-722-6165


Red Flag Warning

  • Initiated due to hot dry weather, very low relative humidity, and strong winds in the Columbia River Valley. These conditions have led to the persistence of the same extreme fire behavior as has been seen over the past several days.



  • Wildland Firefighter Foundation:  “Will make a huge difference for these families experiencing the loss of a firefighter tonight. The WFF supports these families like no other, and supports those injured too. Please donate!
    RIP brave heroes keeping others safe. https://www.facebook.com/WFFoundation?fref=ts” This is from a Twitter supporter.  You can Make a Difference in a Family’s life.  Click on this link today.

Thank you for what you all are doing out there.  Wishing safety and prayers to get those darn fires out.  We appreciate your tireless efforts, hard work and dedication.

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