U.S. Active Wildfires by #Hashtag | Wednesday, July 20, 2016 Update 2

Here are the active fires for Wednesday, July 20th PM Updates:


#DumpFire (WY) Johnson County. 1 mi NE of Kaycee, WY. Brush and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. Sage-grouse habitat threatened.  420 acres. 80% contained.  11 personnel.  1 crew.  7 engines.  County land.  Unknown CTD

#HookCreekFire (AK)   Hook Creek, Southwest Area Forestry, DOF. Forty miles southwest of Lime Village, AK. Timber. Active fire behavior with torching, flanking and backing. Structures threatened. Precipitation occurred over the fire area yesterday. 5,59 acres. 0% contained.  0 personnel or resources on fire. $21,000 CTD.  State lands.

#McHughFire (AK) Mat-Su Area Forestry, DOF. IMT 2 (Kurth). Started on BLM land 2 miles SE of Anchorage. Medium logging slash. Extreme fire behavior with group torching, short crown runs and spotting. Residences threatened. Road and trail closures in effect.  350 acres. 5% contained. 147 personnel.  3 crews. 16 engines. 4 helicopters. $875,000 CTD.  BLM lands.

McHugh Fire morning briefing 7-20-16

McHugh Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

#MM14 (ID). Highway 21, Boise District, BLM. Started on county land 3 miles East of Boise. Brush and short grass. Active fire behavior with running, flanking and backing. Numerous residences threatened. Road closure in effect.  1,500 acres. 10% contained. 171 personnel.  4 crews. 10 engines. 2 helicopters.  2 structures lost.  $500,000 CTD. County land.

Smoke Plume

Mile Marker 14 or MM14 Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

#OdellFire (MT).  BLM.  370 acres. 10% contained. 28 personnel. 4 engines. $63,000 CTD.

 #PioneerFire (ID) Boise NF. IMT 2 (Rosenthal). 5 miles North  of Idaho City, ID. Timber and grass. Moderate fire behavior with isolated torching and short uphill runs. Structures threatened. Road closure in effect. 350 acres. 0% contained. 200 personnel.  7 crews. 1 engine. 2 helicopters.  $325,000 CTD. Forest Service lands.

Photo of the history map for Pioneer Fire

#Pitmik RiverFire. Southwest Area Forestry, DOF. 15 miles South of Pilot Station. Short grass. Minimal fire behavior.  1,002 acres. 0% contained. 0 personnel or resources on incident.  State lands.

#ShawFire.  (AK) Socorro Field Office, BLM. 30 miles South of Datil, NM. Brush and short grass. Moderate fire behavior with uphill runs and backing. Last report unless significant activity occurs. 1,200 acres. 0% contained. 14 personnel.  4 engines. $10,000 CTD. BLM lands.

#SodaCreekFire (AK), Southwest Area Forestry, DOF. Started on native corporation land 27 miles NE of Medfra. Timber. Moderate fire behavior with torching, flanking and creeping. Precipitation occurred over the fire area yesterday. 149 acres. 0% contained.  0 personnel/resources on this wildfire. $14,000 CTD. State lands.

#SpringFire  (CA).  174 acres. 89% contained. 138 personnel. 5 crew. 1 engine. 1 helo. $425,000 CTD.

#TaylorFire (FL) 880 acres. 80% contained. 15 personnel. 2 engines. 1 helo. $211,000 CTD. Forest Service lands.

#TokRiverFire (AK). 731 acres. 56% contained. 145 personnel. 5 crew. 2 helos. $662,000 CTD.

Day 1 of Tok River Fire, taken from Tok Cutoff

Tok River Fire. (Credit: Clinton Northway)

#WallyFire (NV).  1,762 acres. 100% contained.  100 personnel.  3 crews. 2 engines. 1 helos. $523,000 CTD.


#ArdenFire (WY)  Big Horn NF.  About 35 miles East of Greybull, Wyoming, near Shell Reservoir and Lake Adelaide  350 acres. 0% contained.  Heavy timber. ICT3. (4) 20-person Hotshot crews, (2) 20-person handcrews. 5 engines. 2 helicopters and (1) AA.

View of the Arden Fire from Crooked Creek Hill on FSR 17 (July 19, 2016)

Arden Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

#BeaverCreekFire (CO) – Routt NF. 24 mi NW of Walden. Timber and brush. …Start 6/19/2016. Cause unknown and under investigation. 25,434 acres. 275 Firefighters. 2 crews, 23 engines, 1 dozer and 2 helicopters.

Beaver Creek Fire (Credit: Mike McMillan)

#ChokeCherryFire (UT)  Salt Lake Field Office, BLM.  10 miles SE of Ibapah. Timber and grass…. 1,554 acres. 20 % contained. 185 personnel. 5 crews. 8 engines. 3 helos. $300,000 CTD.

#CliffCreekFire (WY)   Great Basin Team 7, Incident Commander Tony DeMasters has assumed Command.  15 miles E of Hoback. . Timber. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs. Residences threatened. Road and area closures in effect…. 6,900 acres. 0% contained. 436 personnel. 15 crews. 7 engines. 4 helicopters. 1 structure lost. $600,000 CTD.

Dark smoke in the Granite Creek drainage.

Granite Creek drainage on the Cliff Creek Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb).

#FeatherFire (CA)  Off of El Capitan Truck Trail. South of Ramona (San Diego County).  CAL Fire….  100 acres. 100% contained.

#FleckFire (ID)  Sawtooth NF.  18 miles north of Fairfield. Timber and grass…. 205 acres. 100% contained. 44 personnel. 1 crew. 2 engines. 1 helo. $300,000 CTD.

#FoothillFire (CA)  CAL Fire.  Off Foothill Drive, community of Lucerne.   Lake County…69 acres. 90% contained.

#FullerFire (AZ) – Grand Canyon National Park. IMT 2.  4 miles NE of North Rim.  Timber and medium logging slash.  National Park lands….14,131 acres. 5% contained. 572 personnel. 14 crews. 15 engines. 5 helos. $4,500,000 CTD.

#HaydenPassFire (CO) – Fort Carson Army Base. Rocky Mtn Blue Team IMT. Started 7/8/2016. 21 mi SW of Colorado Springs. 20 miles SE of Salida. Hardwood slash, brush and tall grass…16,414 acres. 45% contained. 748 personnel.  18 crews. 27 engines. 7 helicopters. 1 structure lost. $6,700,000 CTD.

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#IndianCanyonFire (SD) South Dakota Wildland Fire Suppression, DOF.  6 miles SE of Edgemont. Timber and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. Numerous structures threatened. Evacuations and road closures have been lifted… 14,280 acres. 85% contained. 171 personnel. 4 crews. 23 engines. 1 helicopter. 2 structures lost. $1,500,000 CTD.

#LavaMtnFire (WY)  Shoshone NF. IMT 2 (Connell). 20 miles NW of Dubois. Timber and heavy logging slash. Moderate fire behavior with single tree torching, short-range spotting and creeping. Numerous structures threatened… 550 acres. 0% contained. 261 personnel. 6 crew. 8 engines. 5 helicopters. 0 structures lost. $1,000,000 CTD.

Lava Mountain Fire on July 18, 2016

Lava Mountain Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

#RockFire (NE), Nebraska NF. Fifteen miles southeast of Ardmore, NE. Tall grass. Minimal fire behavior….367 acres. 99% contained. 3 personnel. 1 engine. $7,000 CTD.

#SteamboatCreekFire (AK)  Valdez-Copper River Area Forestry, DOF. Started on NPS land 14 miles southwest of McCarthy.  Medium logging slash, brush and tall grass…. 12,263 acres. 0% contained. 0 personnel or resources.  $Unknown CTD.

The Steamboat Fire moves downhill.

Steamboat Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)


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