Wildfires Continue to Burn | Friday, August 5 2016

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(1)  MAFFS C-130 air tanker and support personnel each from the 153rd Airlift Wing, (Wyoming Air National Guard) and the 302nd Airlift Wing, (Colorado Springs, Air Force Reserve) have been deployed to Boise, ID in support of wildland fire operations.

(1)  Convair 580 airtanker group from British Columbia has been deployed to Billings, MT in support of wildland fire operations.


burnout operations

Burnout ops on the Pioneer Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)


NEW | 88 Fire (MT):  485 acres.  100% contained. 9 personnel.  4 engines.  $25,000 CTD. County lands.

Anole Fire (LA):  Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, FWS.  33 miles SW of Saint Charles.  Tall grass. Min fire behavior. Structures threatened.  3,566 acres.  90% contained.  8 personnel.  1 engine. 1 copter.  $60,000 CTD.  FWS. ~

NEW | Alatna Complex Fires – 4 fires. (AK):  Tanana Zone, BLM. Previously reported incident. Ten miles west of Alatna, AK. Timber, brush and short grass. Minimal fire behavior.   113,157 acres. 98% contained.  $1M CTD.  BLM lands. ~

Beaver Creek Fire (CO):  Routt NF.   NIMO (Quesinberry). 24 miles NW  of Walden, CO. Timber and brush. Forest Service lands..Active fire behavior with single tree torching, creeping and backing. Numerous structures threatened. Evacuations, road, area and trail closures in effect.. 34,677 acres. 18% contained. 300 personnel.  6 crews. 27 engines. 5 copters, 2 dozers, 1 masticator, 1 feller bunchers and 1 air attack. 17 structures destroyed. $16.6M CTD.  ~

firefighters look at map on a truck hood.

Fire Managers at a briefing on the Beaver Creek Fire (Credit: Mike McMillan)

Blue Lake Fire (MT):  DNRC. Started on BLM land 10 miles southwest of Ennis. Timber and brush.   Moderate fire behavior with torching, spotting and creeping. Residences and sage grouse habitat threatened  629 acres. 44% contained. 113 personnel.  4 crews. 3 engines. 1 copter. 0 structures destroyed.  $2.8M CTD. Private lands. ~

Box Canyon Fire (UT):   Uinta/Wasatch-Cache NF.  23 miles NE of Heber City. Timber and closed timber litter. 56 personnel.  2313 acres.   made good progress on the west side of the Box Canyon fire near Smith and Morehouse Creek. Today, they will continue to keep fire from advancing into Erickson Basin utilizing 2 heavy Helitankers and crews to slow spread. Unknown containment status . ~

Broad Mouth (UT):  Bear River Area, Utah DOF. 15 miles NW of Tremonton. Chaparral and tall grass. Active fire behavior with spotting and running. Structures threatened. Sage-grouse habitat threatened. 15,000 acres. 30% contained. 3 crews. 17 engines. 129 personnel. $10,000 CTD.  3 structures lost.

Butte Fire (MT):  Miles City Field Office.  Started on private land 14 miles SE of Forsyth.  Min fire with backing and creeping.  1617 acres. 20% contained. 85 personnel.  18 engines. 2 copters. $350,000 CTD. ~

NEW | Chuck Box Fire (AZ):  Fort Apache Agency, BIA. Previously reported incident. Thirteen miles south of Heber. Timber. Minimal fire behavior. 2219 acres. 0% contained. 13 personnel.  1 crew.  $150,000 CTD. ~

Clark Fire (CA):  East of US 395 in June and Mammoth Lake areas.  South of Mono Lake in Inyo NF.  150 miles South of Reno.  Started 8/4/2016 by lightning @ 1400 hours.   Timber, brush and short grass. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs and spotting. Evacuations in effect. 200 acres. 10% contained. 120 personnel.  2 crews. 8 engines. 5 copters. $200,000 CTD.  0 structures lost. ~

Forest Service sign burned by the Clark Fire

Inyo National Forest sign burned. on the Clark Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Cliff Creek Fire (WY):    Bridger-Teton NF. Transfer of command from IMT 2 (DeMasters) to IMT 2 (Bird) occurred yesterday.15 miles East of Hoback, Timber.  Moderate fire behavior with group torching. Structures threatened. Road, area and trail closures in effect. 31,169 acres. 84% contained. 290 personnel. 5 crews. 5 engines. 5 copters. $12.6M CTD. 1 structure lost. ~

Cold Fire (CA):  Off Hwy 128 / W of Pheasants Valley Rd / W of Winters in Yolo County.  Incident Cooperators:  Napa Co FD, Winters FPD, Dixon FPD, Vacaville FPD, North Bay IMT, CHP and Sheriff Offices from Napa Co, Solano Co and Yolo Co. Active fire behavior with uphill runs, creeping and backing. Structures threatened. Road and area closures in effect.  4,700 acres. 15% contained. 903 personnel.  21 crews. 96 engines. 8 copters.  $3.7M CTD. State lands. ~

Comet Fire (ID):   Salmon-Challis NF. 13 miles North of Salmon. Timber and short grass. Min fire behavior.  358 acres. 90% contained. 10 engines. 9 personnel. $1.3M CTD.. ~

Copper King Fire (MT):  Lolo NF.   IMT 2 (Thompson). 7 miles East of Thompson Falls, MT. Timber. . Moderate fire behavior. Residences threatened. Road, area and trail closures in effect.  1286 acres. 0% contained.  383 personnel.  10 crews. 14 engines.  6 copters.  $1.8M CTD.  0 structures lost. ~

NEW | Eden #4 Fire (AZ):  Coconino NF. Forty-five miles southeast of Flagstaff, AZ. Timber. Minimal fire behavior. Precipitation occurred over the fire area yesterday. 500 acres. 0% contained. 20 personnel.  2 engines. $25,000 CTD.  Forest Service. ~

NEW | Elk Fire (AZ):  ASF.  1887 acres.  100% contained.  28 personnel.  4 engines.  $55,000 CTD. Forest Service lands. ~

Fuller Fire (AZ):  Grand Canyon National Park.  14,541 acres. North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, near Point Imperial.  121 personnel.  Unknown containment status. ~

Night fires on the Fuller Fire (Flagstaff ICH)

Goose Fire (CA): Fresno Co. Off of Gooseberry Lane / Morgan Canyon, South of Prather.  Transfer of command from Cal Fire IMT 1 (Bravo) back to the local unit will occur today. Min fire activity.  2241 acres. 90% contained.  1294 personnel.  43 crews. 46 engines. 1 copter. $7.6M CTD. 9 structures destroyed.  ~

NEW | Hall Fire (SD):  314 acres. 100% contained. 3 Personnel.  1 Engine. $20,000 CTD. BIA unit. ~

NEWLY REPORTED | Hinson Road Fire (GA).  161 acres. 98% contained.  10 personnel.  2 engines. $35,000 CTD.  State lands. ~

Imperial Fire (AZ):  Imperial National Wildlife Refuge.  FWS. 14 miles North of Yuma. Brush, hardwood litter and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior.  100 acres. 50% contained. 29 crews.  1 crew. 1 engine. $330,000 CTD. FWS. ~

Lava Mountain Fire (WY):  Shoshone NF.  Minimal fire behavior with isolated torching, spotting and creeping. Numerous structures threatened. Road, area and trail closures in effect.  14,471 acres. 80% contained.  7 crews. 36 engines. 7 copters. $16.7M CTD.  ~

McGaffey Fire (NM):  Carson NF.  Camino Ranger District.  Started by lightning.  . ~

Modesto Fire (CA):  Near Hatch/Carpenter.  Vegetation Fire. Stanislaus County.  ~

North Tullock Fire (MT):  MT DNR. 2,720 acres.   20 miles SE of Custer. Timber and tall grass.  2,720 acres. 100% contained. 105 personnel. 1 crew. 11 engines. $770,000 CTD. ~

View of Fire from Mt Manuel

View of Soberanes Fire from Mt Manuel (Credit: Phil Hernandez)

NEW | Outlook Fire (WY):   Uinta/Wasatch-Cache NF.  25 miles South of Mountain View. Timber, heavy logging slash and brush. Moderate fire behavior with torching and creeping. Trail closures in effect. 187 acres. 0% contained.  1 engine. 8 personnel. $230,000 CTD. ~

NEW | Pine Hill Fire (AZ):  COF.  516 acres. 100% contained.  $20,000 CTD.  Forest Service lands.  ~

Pioneer Fire (ID):   Boise NF. IMT 1 (Lund). 5 miles North of Idaho City.  Timber.  Active fire behavior with group torching, spotting and running. Structures threatened. Road, area and trail closures in effect.  50,478 acres. 27% contained. 43 crews. 52 engines. 10 copters. $21M CTD.  1489 personnel.  5 structures lost.

Poodle Fire (NV):   Winnemucca District, BLM. 20 miles NW of Gerlach. Timber and brush. Minimal fire behavior with isolated torching. Sage grouse habitat threatened. 6,557 acres.  95% contained.  243 personnel. 8 crews. 6 engines. 2 copters. $1.6M CTD. 0 structures lost. ~

NEW | Porcupine Fire (UT):   Manti-Lasal NF. 16 miles NE of Salina, Timber. Moderate fire behavior with isolated torching. 278 acres. 0% contained.  1 engine. 25 personnel. $20,000 CTD. ~

NEWLY REPORTED | Roaring Fire (ID):  Salmon-Challis NF. 31 miles NW of Salmon. Timber. Active fire behavior with short-range spotting, short crown runs and backing. Trail closures in effect. 1500 acres. 0% contained. 1 personnel.  $10,000 CTD. ~

Roaring Lion Fire (MT):    Bitterroot NF. IMT 1 (Poncin). 5 miles SW of Hamilton. Timber.. Moderate fire behavior with group and single tree torching. Numerous structures threatened. Evacuations, road, trail and area closures in effect7,753 acres. 15% contained. 735 personnel.  13 crews. 49 engines. 9 copters. 61 structures destroyed.  $3.4M CTD. ~

NEW | Rock Creek Fire (CA):  USFS – Inyo NF.  Rock Creek area, along lower Rock Creek Rd. 10 acres.  CHP traffic control area.  Need #Fire ID to get into area/access to the area. ~

NEWLY REPORTED | Rocky Peak Fire (ID):   Franklin County. 10 miles North of Preston. Brush and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. Residences threatened. 950 acres. 80% contained. 7 engines. 65 personnel.  $70,000 CTD.~

Smoke plume as seen from June Lake Junction.

Smoke plume of fire burning sage on the Clark Fire. (Credit: Dave Marquart)

Sobranes Fire (CA):  Monterey County. Soberanes Creek, Garrapata State Park, north of Palo Colorado/Big Sur. 1 fatality. Cause is an illegal campfire. Unified Command w/CAL Fire – San Benito Monterey, USFS and Los Padres NF . Active fire behavior with torching, uphill runs and backing. Numerous residences threatened. Evacuations, road, area and trail closures in effect. 53,900 acres. 40% contained. 108 crews.  466 engines. 17 copters. 5533 personnel.  $72.8M CTD.  68 structures lost. ~

Tokewana Fire (WY):  Kemerer Field Office.  1,313 acres. Unita County. IMT 2 (Greer). 15 miles South of Mountain View. Timber, brush and short grass.  Timber, brush and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. Road closures in effect. Sage grouse habitat threatened. 1287 acres. 90% contained. 240 acres. 5 crews. 9 engines. 1 copter. 8 structures lost. $3.4M CTD. County Lands. ~

Tribal Fire (UT) :  Salt Lake Field Office, BLM. 25 miles SW  of Tooele.. Grass.   1829 acres. 100% contained. 16 personnel.  4 engines. $70,000 CTD. 0 structures lost. ~

Virginia Mountains Complex (NV):   (2 fires), Carson City District Office, BLM. IMT 2 (Roide). 40 miles N of Reno.  BLM lands. Moderate fire behavior with group torching, backing and smoldering. Sage grouse habitat threatened. 59,727 acres. 73% contained. 16 crews. 19 engines. 8 copters. 607 personnel. $7.3M CTD.  12 structures lost. ~

Whit Fire (WY):  Wyoming State Forestry.  20 miles west of Cody.  Timber, brush and tall grass. Active fire behavior with running and flanking. Numerous structures threatened. Trail closures in effect. Sage grouse habitat threatened. 9652 acres.  0% contained. 237 personnel.  8 crews. 13 engines. 7 copters. 8 structures destroyed.  $301,000 CTD. BLM lands. ~

Drone over the Cold Fire ground CAL Fire air resources today (Credit: CAL Fire)


NEW | Yellow Glow Fire (NM):  2000 acres. 100% contained. 22 personnel.  8 engines.  $4,000 CTD. State lands. ~

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