The Wildfire Log | 243 Fire | WA | 4


UPDATE 4 – 6/7/2019 FRIDAY – @2300 PDT

Incident Summary

The 243 Command Fire started on Monday night on June 3, 2019, near Hwy 243 and Wanapum Dam.

Photo Credit | GCSO

A more pinpointed area lists the fire about 20 miles away the Gorge in Washington State.

Those travelling to the Gorge this weekend were reassured by the Grant County Sheriff’s Office that the fire was far enough away from them on their way to this venue.  Many were worried but would later rest reassured by GCSO.

Photo Credit | GCSO

Fire behavior was reported as wind-driven and with a high rate of spread and spotting.  It quickly ran easterly through the Lower Crab Creek Canyon were it was being within its northern and southern ridges.


There are still 280 total personnel currently assigned to this incident. (earlier in the day).  More will be released as they put out this fire completely.

Photo Credit | Chief Deputy Gregg/GCSO

Current Status

Fire Managers reported on Friday, June 7th around 2100 hours tonight, there was a hot spot the size of 30 (ft) x 30 ft flared up.  There was a little spark among Fire Managers but they were able to deploy engines and fire crews whom were already on-scene to extinguish it.

Most personnel were said to be released from the incident as containment increases and therefore Incident Command (SE WA IMT) would be disbanded but with this new information with the hot spot – the number of personnel on-scene is unknown.

A total of 20,380 acres have been destroyed. Firefighters have reached a 65% containment status.

The cause is still undetermined and under investigation.

Due to the out-of-control wildfire during the last few days, the Level evacuation orders (1, 2, 3) were all lifted as of last night.  A Red Cross evacuation shelter was opened at the Royal Itermediate School was opened but would later be closed due to a low amount of evacuees using the facility.

Damage Assessments

There were three outbuildings damaged according to Fire Officials’ damage assessment report, along with one of three railway trestles as being destroyed.


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California | Ferguson Fire | Update

Fire activity on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 near Mariposa Pines

UPDATE 1 – JULY 20 (FRIDAY) – 2245 PDT

The FERGUSON FIRE is located off of Highway 140 and Hite Cove on the Crater Lake National Park and about 10 miles north of Mariposa, California.

The wildfire is in the Sierra National Forest that started at the Savage Trading Post.

The fire started on July 13, 2018, from an unknown cause.

Command is in Unified Command with CA IMT Team 4, USFS, CAL Fire and the Mariposa County Sheriff Office. The ICP is located at the Ahwanee Regional Park.

The fire has burned 24,450 acres of brush and timber in very steep and inaccessible terrain.  Fire crews have reached a 7% containment status.   This canyon has held the record of having the largest fire on the Sierra NF back in 1924. (Prior to the ROUGH FIRE).

Fire behavior is moderate with short-range spotting, backing and flanking.

There are 2,832 personnel along with 204 engines, 38 water tenders, 17 helicopters, 70 crews and 40 bulldozers!

Incident Cooperators include:

  • CHP
  • CAL Trans
  • PG & E
  • CA Conservation Corps
  • Mariposa County Public Works
  • American Red Cross
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Mariposa County Sheriff Office
  • Sierra NF
  • CAL Air Quality

Evacuations are in effect for the following areas:

Mandatory Evacuations  (LEAVE NOW)

  • El Portal Trailer Court
  • Incline Rd from Clearing House to the last BLM campground
  • Jerseydale/ Mariposa Pines
  • Cedar Lodge/ Indian Flat Campground
  • Savage’s Trading Post
  • Sweetwater Ridge
  • Rancheria Flat – Government Housing
  • Old El Portal
  • Yosemite View Lodge
  • Foresta
  • Incline Rd from Clearing House to the Foresta Bridge to the last BLM campground

Evacuation Advisory  (GET READY)

  •  *Yosemite West
  • Lushmeadows Community
  • Ponderosa Basin Community
  • Triangle Rd from Jerseydale Rd to Hwy 49 South including all side roads
  • Darrah Rd from Triangle to Sherrod Rd
  • East side of Hwy 49S from Darrah Rd to Harris Rd
  • Boyer Rd
  • Woodland Area
  • Wass Rd
  • Tip Top Rd

Shelters (PEOPLE)

  • New Life Christian Fellowship – 5089 Cole Road – Mariposa, CA 95338
  • Yosemite Valley Elementary School – 9009 Lost Arrow Rd – Yosemite National Park, CA.

Shelters (ANIMALS)

  • SPCA – 5599 California 49 – Mariposa, CA 95338 (Small animals)
  • Mariposa County Fairgrounds – 5007 Fairgrounds Road – Mariposa, CA 95338 (Large animals)


The total cost-to-date fire suppression and containment expenses have reached $11,000,000.

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Active Wildfires – California – June 25, 2016

Thank you for joining us during our journey through active wildfires in California.  Please sure to follow us for other States, i.e. Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and many more!

ERSKINE FIRE – Lake Isabella (Kern County)


This fire located is located in California’s Central District in the Lake Isabella area and outside in various canyons in Kern County.

Current Status

It now at 36,810 acres with a 10% containment status.  Fire exhibits extreme wind-driven and uphill runs. Strong wind, light flashy fuels, and steep topography combined to produce extreme fire behavior when in alignment.

06252016 FS Erskine Fire Camp 9 -2

Infamous USFS Camp 9 where ICP and Resources are located. (Source: Inciweb)


There are 1,712 personnel assigned to this incident.

Management of the fire is still under Unified Command including the following Agencies:  Bureau Of Land Management, USFS & Kern County.

Damage Assessment

At least 150 homes have been destroyed with 75 that have been damaged.  1500 homes are still being threatened.

A damage inspection team is in the process of creating a comprehensive report documenting all structures damaged or destroyed.

Red Cross Shelters

A second shelter has been opened by Red Cross for evacuees:

  1. St. Jude’s Catholic Church
    86 Nellie Dent Dr.
    Wofford Heights
  2. Kernville Elementary School
    13350 Sierra Way

Safe and Well Registration

To let loved ones know OR look for loved ones, register for Red Cross’ Safe & Well website at

# # #


Incident Summary

The Marina Fire broke out just North of Lee Vining on June 24th @ 0530 hours from an unknown human caused ignition.  It is still under investigation.


The fire is under Unified Command with the US Forest Service and Mono County Sheriff’s Office

SoCal Team 1 will assume command of the incident tomorrow morning at 6:00 am.

Current Status

The fire has


There are 350 fire and support personnel assigned, including 8 hand crews, 23 engines, 6 helicopters, 2 fixed wing aircraft, 2 bulldozers, and 3 water tenders are assigned to the fire incident.

# # #



Firefighters are battling 3 fires off WB 580 & Grant Line Rd, on Altamont Pass; about 10 miles east of Livermore (Alameda County).


This is a newly reported fire located on Altamont Pass, 10 miles east of Livermore of Alameda County.  It is currently at 75%. No other info provided.


The total of acres are 100.

# # #


Incident Summary

Both the Fish Fire (4,035 acres) and the Reservoir (1,200 acres) were combined under this Complex.

Photo of the San Gabriel Mountains. (Credit: Photo by LACoFD volunteer photographer Craig Durling via CALFire)


The Complex is located on the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles County; North of Azusa.


The San Gabriel Complex is under unified command, Mike Wakoski commanding with Vince Pena Deputy Fire Chief, Los Angeles County Fire, David Halm Commander, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Lt. Paul Dennis, Azusa Police Department.

Incident Cooperators

Assisting agencies include Arcadia Fire Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff, Arcadia Police Department, Southern California Edison, CalTrans, Los Angeles County Public Works, American Red Cross, Los Angeles County Health Department, California Conservation Corp and California Office of Emergency Services.

Current Status

A total amount of 5235 acres (1200 acres for the Reservoir Fire and 4035 acres for the Fish Fire) have been scorched. Containment is at 48%.

All evacuations for the San Gabriel Complex have been lifted. The American Red Cross evacuation center has been closed

VLAT over the San Gabriel Complex

Very Large Tanker (VLAT) over the Complex. (Source: Inciweb)


There are 917 personnel assigned, including including 54 engines, 24 handcrews, 11 water tenders and 5 bulldozers, 15 helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

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Multiple Earthquakes Shake Japan, Cause Widespread Death and Destruction


Three large earthquakes have rocked Japan causing widespread damage and major infrastructure ruin in the Kumamoto area and E of the city Uto.  Here are the facts:

Thursday, April 14, 2016.

  • 6.2M. 2126 Hours.  Located 4.3 miles of Ueki, near city of Kumamoto, Japan.

Friday, April 15, 2016.

  • 6.0M.  0003 Hours.  Located 37 miles E of the City Uto, Japan.

Saturday, April 16, 2016.

  • 7.0M.  0125 Hours.  Located 0.6 miles from Kumamoto-Shi.


  • 74 miles NE of nuclear plant in Kagoshima Prefecture.
  • Southern Japan.
  • Mostly in Kumamoto, Japan.

Historical Facts:

  •  Largest since 2011 [9.0M].
  • Japan has been shaking as far back as 2 yrs ago with quakes in the 4.2M – 5.8M range.
  • Larger Quakes in the 5.9M – 7.1M occurred on 11/13/2015 – 4/15/2016. Could this have been a sign of the upcoming BIG one?

Donation History

  • US poll shows giving almost to $750M for Japan’s 2011 Earthquake recovery.


Incident Cooperators

  • Japanese Law Enforcement
  • Japanese Fire Personnel
  • Self-Defense Force troops
  •  Military Personnel:  350
  • The Japanese Red Cross
  • USFJ to assist with Airlift Operations
  • Japanese Coast Guard
  • medical Units
  • The government states to provide 20,000 staffing levels

Mutual Aid Pending Deployment

  • U.S. Forces


  • Meals.  The Japanese Government is working to acquire 900,000 meals. 3 days worth of food supplies x the number of people evacuated.

Search & Rescue

  • Village of Minamiaso.  The focus has shifted to this village due to many may be entrapped under collapsed structures.
  • Rescue Operations.  Will continue 24/7 including during the evening/night as they are racing against time when they are expecting high winds and torrential rain.


  • Kumamoto airport.  Closed.  All Flights cancelled until April 17, 2016.
  • Hong Kong Flights. Also cancelled.
  • JR Kyushu Railway trains shut down, including Kyushu Shinkansen bullet trains.
  • Nuclear Reactor.  No abnormalities reported by Kyushu Electric Power Co’s Sendai Nuclear Plant in Kagoshima Prefecture. Only 1 operating in Country. All others in Fukushima shut down in 2011 due to tsunami that knocked off the plant’s cooling equipment.
  • Toyota Plant:  work suspended after earthquake.
  • Outages:  100,000 are without power.  105,000 are without gas.  420,000 are without water.  The Japanese chief Cabinet Secretary states water is their highest priority in getting restored.  They are distributing water and other supplies.


  • Nishihara.  Temporary Evacuations due to fear of dam collapse.
  • Japanese Government:  90,000 people evacuated in 681 evacuation centers inside Kumamoto Prefecture area.


  • Kumamoto Hospital.  45 admitted or treated with 5 serious injuries.
  • Social Media:  reporting from 968 – 1500-plus.
  • Japanese Government:  190 severely injured. 807 with minor injuries.


  • Thursday:  9.
  • Saturday:  32.
  • Sunday:  Updated to 35 confirmed by the Japanese government.


  • Uto:  Municipal Building partially destroyed.
  • Assohashi bridge collapsed.
  • ASO Shrine collapsed.
  • Mashiki:  Calls for Help and damage reports given.  Town approximately 800 miles SW of Tokyo.
  • Kumamoto:  90 homes destroyed.
  • Kumamoto: 775 homes destroyed.
  • Major Landslide:  has taken out a highway and communities as it has come down the mountain as images appear all over Social media.
  • Volcano Eruption:  Mount Aso has erupted after Saturday’s earthquake.  No word on if any evacuations are happening in this area or the status of the eruption.


  • Current:  18C degrees. Light rain.


  • No Tsunami alerts, warnings or occurrences have been broadcasted.


  • IFRC Asia Pacific. Red Cross Response Media inquiries.  Rena Igarash. Phone: 818096491577.


  • Safe & Well. American Red Cross. Register at this site to let Friends and Family know you are safe and well, or if you are searching for a Loved One.  Website:
  •  Five Zero Japan.  Free Wi-Fi access point regardless of carrier.  Code:  “00000JAPAN”
  • Airbnb.  Offering accommodations to those affected by the Japan earthquake. All fees have been waived.  Website:


  • IFRC Asia Pacific.  Red Cross.
  • AAR Japan.  Association for Aid & Relief Japan. Works with countries around the globe in disaster relief.  If you wish the funds to be donated specifically to this 2016 quake, indicate “Kumamoto Earthquake”.  Website:
  • Peace Winds America, a disaster preparation and response organization.  focuses on the Asia Pacific.  If donating on this site, make sure to indicate “2016 Kumamoto Earthquake” as the Japan Recovery fund on this site is for the 2011 Quake recovery.  Website:


  • #JAPANEarthquake
  • #Kumamoto


Japan is an island Country in East Asia that is located in the Pacific Ocean that lies East of the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea, China, North Korea,  South Korea and Russia.  It stretches from the Sea of Okhotsk in the North of the East China Sea and Taiwan in the South.

Japan is a stratovolcano group of 6,852 islands.   The four largest are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyunshu and Shikoku, which make up about 97% of Japan’s land mass.   The Country is divided into 47 prefectures in 8 regions with a total population of 126 million people.  It is considered as the 10th largest world group.  They are considered to make up 95.8% of the population.  Tokyo is home to over 9M people.

Kumamoto is listed as Japan’s 18th largest City with a population of 734,294 people per the 2010 Census stats.

Disclaimer:  All information has been verified to the best of our ability.  Organizations mentioned in this post are not being endorsed by us nor have they been verified as to those we would donated too.  They are simply part of the equation and assisting with recovery and aid to the earthquake victims.  Please verify you are giving to a legitimate organization prior to making a donation.

Sources:  USGS, PM Office of Japan, Earthquakes Japan, Red Cross Japan, Wikipedia Japan, Census and other multitudes of Social Media sources.

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Solimar Beach Brush Fire | Ventura County, California | Update 2



The fire is located 6 miles NW of Ventura [Ventura County], North of Hwy 101 and West of Hwy 33 in SRA. It is burning along Rincon [San Diego County], the Northern part of the City of Ventura, California.

Embedded image permalink

Courtesy of Ventura County Fire PIO Capt Mike Lindbery

Date and Time of Origination

The fire started on Christmas Day around 2242 Hours PST.

Incident Command Post [ICP]

The ICP is located at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.  This is also the site for Press releases to the Media.

Containment Status

60% contained. Fire crews are making great progress in mopping up hot spots.

Damage Assessment / Threats

1236 acres have now been scorched. 1 minor ankle injury reported.

Embedded image permalink

Pilot Jim Dalton & crew, in Copter 7,have been making water drops all night keeping the fire away from houses. [Courtesy: VCAirUnit]


All Evacuation Orders have been listed.


Red Cross

The Red Cross Shelter has been demobilized.


101 Freeway

The Highway has been opened in both directions.  Fire and Police ask drivers to be cautious as equipment is still working in the area.

Emma Wood Campground

Closed.  Remains closed until further notice.



Ventura County Fire Department, CALFire and Ventura County Sheriff’s Office working together on this incident.




For tips on how to get prepared for a Wildfire, visit  For those not affected by this fire, now is a great time to start preparing for one.



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Solimar Beach Brush Fire | Ventura County, California | Update 1



The fire is located 6 miles NW of Ventura [Ventura County], North of Hwy 101 and West of Hwy 33 in SRA. It is burning along Rincon [San Diego County], the Northern part of the City of Ventura, California.

Date and Time of Origination

The fire started on Christmas Day around 2242 Hours PST. At 0200 Fire was at 100 acres, light fuels, wind-driven. It soon became a 2-Alarm Brush fire with an IC requested. Both sides of the 101 Freeway was shut down to drivers and all traffic.  It would soon ramp up to 250 acres with 150 Firefighters and 30 homes being threatened.

Containment Status

10% contained.

Damage Assessment / Threats

0 buildings lost and 0 injuries reported. 1200 acres scorched as of 0900 Hours.   The fire is being pushed by strong NW Winds, causing threats to oil, gas, power and rail infrastructure.

Weather Conditions

As of Saturday, December 26, 2015, current Weather conditions are Sunny with temps of 40 as the low and 57 as the high today. Humidity is 28% and winds are 6.1 knots from the WSW with 11.3 knots wind gusts.


Solimar Beach Residents

Previously the Solimar Beach residents and campgrounds were on a voluntary evacuation basis but as the fire grew and the danger became imminent, the evacuation order was changed over to a mandatory order.

Paria Beach Residents

The Paria Beach residents at the time of this post, were on a voluntary evacuation order. They should be ready to move at a moment’s notice if the fire danger becomes imminent for them.  It was stated evacuees were being told to go North out of the area.


Red Cross

The Red Cross has opened a Shelter in the Carpinteria VA Building located at 941 Walnut Avenue in Carpinteria, California.


101 Freeway

The Northbound 101 Freeway was closed at Highway 33 and Southbound at Bates Road.  At 1045 Hours, CALTrans was doing a sweep to see if it was safe for drivers to use the freeway again. No word on an update.

Union Pacific RR

All train activities have been halted due to the fire in the area.


Air Support

4 Fixed Wing Tankers have been ordered.  Unknown from which agency or where they are responding from.  LA County Fire’s COPTR 16 has been assisting with fire suppression air support.

Fire Personnel

At 0930 Hours, there were 600 Firefighters either on scene or en route assigned to the incident.  CALFire stated they have 8 engines, 2 handcrews, 2 dozers with a total of 80 personnel assigned.

Police Support

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office is working an Incident Cooperator and the official Law Enforcement on scene.



For tips on how to get prepared for a Wildfire, visit  For those not affected by this fire, now is a great time to start preparing for one.



We will be covering this incident with some limited interruptions as we go in / out of service throughout the day.  We will be posting updates on our Twitter account @nwfireblog so stay tuned for any new info.


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WA WILDFIRES | Okanogan Complex | August 22, 2015


Complex Fires:  9-Mile, Beaver Lake, Lime Belt [Knobbly merged with this fire, with Blue Lake later also merging into], Tunk Block, Twisp Fire [merged into complex on 8/20/15]

  • Location:  13 miles NW of Omak
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Acres Total:  124,083
  • Containment:  38%
  • Fuels:  Timber


Fire Behavior

  • Extreme fire with crowning
  • Wind-driven runs
  • Long-range spotting.

Fire Ignition

  • 8/21 Update:  80% expected due to high winds.  Spotting distance could be up to 2-miles.

9-Mile Fire:

  • 8/22 Update: Mop-up & Patrol in progress. 4720 acres.  95% containment.

Beaver Lake: 

  • 8/22 Update: Fire grew significantly overnight to the SE and is at Hwy 20. 14,760 acres. 0% containment.
  • 8/21:  Last 24 Hrs:  grew to 14,760 acres . Fire managers: anticipate very high rates of fire spread in the lighter fuels. Where the fire gets into heavier timber, expect crown fire runs with long range spotting.

Twisp River: 

  • 8/22 Update: Fire crews providing structure protection along the river.
  • 8/21: Grew overnight on 8/21 to 8402 acres. Fire moving down into the valley.   The Fire that faces the Methow Valley will be exposed to strong winds.  W Flank: fire is expected to spread with single and group tree torching. In the Twisp River drainage, winds will vary in speed and direction, resulting in the potential for flare-ups and spotting.9,054 acres. 0% containment.

Lime Belt/Blue Lake 

  • 8/22:  Fire moved SE and crossed over Salmon Creek Rd.65,715 acres.  20% containment.
  • 8/21 Update:  A major run the last 24 hours, gaining almost 20,000 acres to the S & Wt. Fire managers anticipate very high head rates of spread in the lighter fuels, with the fire backing and flanking actively into the wind and on protected slopes. Crown fires with long range spotting is expected where the fire gets into heavier timber.

Tunk Block Fire

  • 8/22 Update: Active fire in the North corner area. 68,066 acres.  15% containment.
  • 8/21:  Fre grew  36,000+ acres, now burning on the Colville Reservation. Fire managers are anticipating very high rates of spread at the fire’s head, potentially resulting in the Tunk Block Fire to join the North Star Fire to the E. Tunk Block is burning in grass and timber about four miles NE of Riverside


Spike Camp @ Concully State Park

  • Costs:  Disbanded due to Costs
  • Governor:  Has requested a Federal Emergency Declaration to provide additional resources to cover some of the costs.



  • Personnel:  820 incl from Canada
  • Crews:  16
  • Type 2 Hand crews: 9
  • Type 21A Crews: 4


  • Engines: 76
  • Water Tenders: 28
  • Type 1 Helicopters: 3
  • Type 2 Helicopters: 3


  • IC:  Ted Pechota
  • Complex Team: Rocky Mtn Type 1 IMT

Fire Mobe 

  • Authorized
  • Effective:  8/17/15

Incident Cooperators

  • USDA Forest Service
  • Dept of Natural Resources [WA DNR]
  • Okanogan County Sheriff Office
  • Okanogan County Emergency Management Office
  • Okanogan Public District #1
  • WA Dept of Transportation
  • American Red Cross
  • WA National Guard
  • Graham FD
  • Multiple FDs, Agencies across the State & outside of WA
  • Canadian resources


LEVEL 3 [Means to leave now, you are in imminient danger or fire is near]

  • Aenas Valley
  • Area NE of Nespelem
  • Concully
  • Malott
  • Twisp River Rd
  • Winthrop

LEVEL 2 [Be Ready to Evacuate a moment’s notice]

  • Okanogan [ as of 1020 Alert now a Level 1]
  • Riverside
  • Tonasket
  • Twisp

LEVEL 1 [Alert only, but beware]

  • Brewster
  • Carlton
  • Chesaw
  • Mazama
  • Molson
  • Omak
  • Oroville
  • Pateros


Red Cross

  • Brewster Middle School
  • Brewster H.S.


  • Okanogan Fairgrounds


Community Meeting

  • Twisp Mayor  Soo Ing-Moody called Meeting
  • 8/22/15 1700PDT
  • Methow Valley Comm Ctr. 201 Methow St


“Eyewitness News, Discussions”

August 22

  • Seattle TV Station: “Fire now 227,226 acres. That’s 27k larger estimate than we got late last night.”
  • Eyewitness [Media]: Incident Command Post has nearly 1,000 Fire personnel based.
  • “There’s an orange tint and haze to everything in Portland” – rockyfierro [@finnslighthouse]
  • Via Seattle local TV Station:  “Impressive news video of fire spread at the Okanogan Fire Complex that claimed the lives of 3
    Firefighters and badly burned 4 more. Fires across the state continue to burn fiercely, but a calmer day of winds in some areas have firefighters hoping to improve lines and go on the offensive in some areas. Resources remain stretched extremely thin and President Obama has issued a disaster declaration in many Washington counties.”
  • DNR Calls for Citizen Volunteer Firefighters;  Firefighting resources are stretched so thin across central and eastern WA that fire resources have been requested from across the United States and even Canada. Now there have been requests for citizen volunteers to respond, but news media stories on this unique request tends to leave out that very specific requirements are being called for.
  • DNR Volunteer Program: – Guidelines are very strict. Please read carefully before visiting or applying.

August 21

  • “Okanogan Complex Fire at 88,000 acres; New Level III evacuations in place”
  • “Fire has been reported at the Okanogan city limits.”@LastAlarmAlert tweeted
  • Local media during a press conference:  “Fires is now 161,633 acres and growing fast.”

On the Loss of USFS Firefighters

  • The Bellevue Firefighters express our deepest sadness at the loss of 3 firefighters in the Okanogan Fire Complex in a burnover on Wednesday. 4 other firefighters reportedly suffered burn injuries and were treated. One of the 4 was transported to Harborview Burn Center in Seattle. We delayed this announcement in part to confirm facts on this tragic event and to account for our own firefighters operating on fires in the area. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and fellow firefighters of those lost and badly injured.

August 20

Strike Teams Deployed

  • Engine 101 as part of a type 1 engine strike team from King County at the Okanogoan Complex last night. Fire conditions were heavy to the say the least. Note: We have very limited posts at this time as our primary moderator is deployed to fires in central/eastern Washington.

On the Loss of USFS Firefighters

  • Western WA Fire Dept:  Our hearts are with the families of those killed but not forgotten: Tom Zbyszewski, Andrew Zajac and Richard Wheeler.

August 19

August 18

August 17

October 10, 2012 – The Okanogan Complex occurred 5 years earlier.

Our prayers, thoughts and support is for all of our Firefighters, Pilots, Fire Managers, Dispatchers, Mutual Support, Volunteers, Incident Cooperators are with you during this tough time with firefighting operations.  We wish you Safety, emotional and mental support and a safe journey to/out off of the fire ground.  Your loved ones are praying too. – Lisa/Editor

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WA WILDFIRE | Chelan Complex | August 20, 2015 | PM SitRep


Complex Fires: Black Canyon, McFarland, Reach and Wolverine Fires.
Location: 1 Mile S of Chelan
• Start:  8/14/15
Cause: Unknown
Fire Mobe:  Approved, as of 8/14/15

Sikorsky Skycrane dipping straight out of Lake Chelan in support of initial attack.

Sikorsky Skycrane dipping right out of Lake Chelan. Courtesy via Inciweb


  • Wolverine Fire: 40,904 acres. 30% containment
  • Reach Fire:  68,465 acres. 49% containment.
  • First Creek:  1902 acres.  2% containment.
  • Black Canyon Fire:  11,394 acres. 2% containment.
  • Blakenship Fire:  180 acres.  0% containment.
  • Total Acres:  122,845.

Courtesy of Reach Complex Fire Info Facebook page.


  • Personnel:  993
  • Crews: 27
  • Engines: 78
  • Water Tenders: 17
  • Bulldozers:  16
  • Helicopters: 5
  • Fixed Wings: 2

This Image shows you where most fires lie. Courtesy of the Reach Complex Facebook Page


  • Chelan Co Fire Districts #7, 10
  • Chelan Co Sheriff Office
  • WA DNR
  • USDA Forest Service
  • National Park Service
  • Bureau of Land Management
Wolverine Fire

Smokey conditions at the Wolverine Fire. Courtesy of Inciweb


  • Chelan Co: 67 lost
  • Douglas Co: 17 [incl residences, businesses & outbuildings] lost

# # #

The Whos. The Whys. The Whats.  And, The Hows – Important Contact Info [Persons Affected by Wildfires]


USDA Farm Service Agency

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Indemnity Program

Tree Assistance Program

WA State Dept. of Revenue

Wolverine Fire

The Wolverine Fire burns hot and heavy in this #FireImage. Courtesy of Inciweb


Dept of Licensing –

  • Offering those affected by wildfires expedited service
  • Accepts inquiries via phone #360-902-0172, in person or online


DSHS Community Services Office [Wenatchee]

  • Open & serving clients affected by wildfires
  • Assists with food and cash assistance replacement
  • Contact by phone:  800-209-5446


  • Basic Fire Info:  800-803-0622 from 0800-2000 PDT, Monday – Saturday.
  • Emergencies:  Dial “9-1-1”
Tree torching with smoky sky.

This is what “Tree Torching” looks like. It is very dangerous for Firefighters. Courtesy of Inciweb

National Forest Closures

  • Methow Ranger District:  509-996-4003
  • Chelan Ranger District:  509-682-4900

Roads, Highways, Evacuations

  • Chelan County Emergency Management:  509-667-6863
  • Douglas County Emergency Management:  509-888-6841
  • Okanogan Emergency Management:  509-422-7207
  • Washington State DOT:  5-1-1 or on Twitter: @wsdot
  • Washington State Patrol:  509-682-8090


  • Chelan County PUD:  877-783-8123


Masks Supplies

  • Chelan: Chelan Hospital, Chelan Clinic or Chelan County Sheriff Office
  • Manson:  Red Apple Market – go to Customer Service Desk
  • Wenatchee: Emergency Managment Office @ Fire Station on 5 St / Western
  • Cashmere:  City Hall
  • Leavenworth:  Hospital


Red Cross Shelters

  • Moe Elementary:  407 E Woodin Ave, Chelan
  • Sterling Middle School:  600 N James St, E Wenatchee
  • Brewster H. S. :  503 S 7th St, Brewster
  • Evacuation Shelters [Red Cross]: 509-663-3907

Animal Shelters

  • Small Animals:  Humane Society in Cashmere. [Evacuees must be at a Level 3 to bring animals in]
  • Large Animals:  Cashmere Fairgrounds. Note:  Use gate in back [Tillicum Gate] and gray stalls.
Sunset in Railroad Creek drainage with smoke from Wolverine fire.

Some serious smokey skies. This is a Sunset in Railroad Creek drainage. Courtesy of Inciweb

How YOU Can Help Those Affected by Wildfires


Red Cross

Washington State Employees

“Thank you for your tireless efforts, commitment, dedication and everything else in between.  We know it will be never enough for our appreciation for what you all are doing out there on those wildfires, but it’s the least we can offer.  Some of you may be strangers to us, but we will also be related via fire.  That’s a pretty good benefit to us because we consider all of you a HUGE part of our Family.  Wishing you safety on the fire ground, mental well-being, much support offered and a safe return wherever your home base may be.”

We also thank the countless personnel who are Dispatchers, Police Officers, Fire Managers, EOM Volunteers, Pilots, Staff and everyone else we probably have unintentionally have forgotten.  Your actions to support the many fire personnel on the ground and taking care of the Public is very admirable.  We appreciate your tireless hours of staffing the EOCs, Dispatching, road blocks, evacuation notifications and much much more that we can even name.  Keep up the great work that you all do! We Thank You!”

~ Lisa, Editor/Blogger

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September is National Preparedness Month – Creating an Emergency Pre-Plan for your Pet]


Some of you reminded us that Pets should be included in the Emergency Pre-Plan and we couldn’t agree more! We briefly touched base on this subject in our last post but felt we needed to “dig” a little deeper into the subject.

They are just like our “kids” and we want to do everything to include them should we have to evacuate from our homes or Shelter in Place if we are unable to go outside.

Being Pro-Active and Ready for Everyday Emergencies.

First and foremost, start practicing for “Everyday Emergencies” by becoming pro-active regarding your Pet’s Health and Wellness.  We highly recommending microchipping your beloved pets.  This is similar like having a Driver’s License which includes: their pet mircochip number in a database telling the rescuer, their name, address, who is their owner and a contact phone number.

Secondly, make sure your pet has a collar with a pet license and ID tag.  Even though your pet may be microchipped, this is one way rescuers or how a shelter can quickly reunite you with your beloved animal.

Including Your Pet in the Emergency Plan

It is natural to evacuate you and your family, but what do you do with the Family dog, cat, rabbit or ?  You do the next best thing and bring them with you when the WHOLE family evacuates from your home.  Including your pet in the Emergency Plan is something that should be done automatically, as you would any child or family member in your home.

No one ever wants to have to worry if their pet will be OK if left behind.  We know, we would be more than just heartbroken if we were facing that same situation.  This is why it is important to NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET BEHIND.  Your pet is just like family and you would never leave your child behind – so take your pet[s] with you.

Leaving pets behind is a stark reminder of terrible disasters like Hurricane Katrina did to those who were left to fend for themselves, be chained to the front porch or stranded to be rescued.  Unfortunately, not all of them were rescued.  We really don’t want that image to go through our minds once again, therefore means we all need to be pro-active together as a community.

  • Evacuate Early | Don’t wait until the mandatory order has been given and then it becomes a stressful time for you, your family and your furry friends.  Evacuating Early also gives you time to pack up more precious items [valuables, photos, your Survival Kit, First Aid Kit, etc.]  Some whom have waited until the last minute, have been told by Officials to leave their pets behind.  We don’t want this be your case and therefore, recommended you leave early.
  • Remember Your Evacuation Plan | Remember, the Evacuation plan you and your family including your Pet[s] practiced over and over again? This is now time to put it into good use.  Some shelters will allow your family to bring in small pets. Check the local Police Department or Office of Emergency Management’s websites to see what resources you can connect with.
  • Pet Evacuations | Large animals also may need to be evacuated and for this, there should be a pre-plan included indicating how you will transport the animals, location and when the evacuation should begin. This will be determined during your Evacuation Plan drills.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.
  • A Pet “GO” Bag |   What is a “Go” Bag you may ask?  Every househould should have one of these.  It is a water-proof bag that contains extra Pet Food, Water and Supplies for your Pet[s].  Depending on your pet[s]’ needs, you may to pack a minimum of three days away from home supplies and food.  We recommend: extra leashes, collars, booties [in case you are walking in and around shattered glass or broken pieces of wood], extra water, pet food and treats [for helping calm stressed pets].

If It’s Not Safe For Humans to Evacuate, It It’s Not Safe For Your Pets

Sometimes when a disaster strikes, like an Earthquake for example leaving your home may not be an option.  As you know, Earthquakes can strike at any moment’s notice with very little warnings or none at all.  Not only do they cause serious damage to infrastructures, buildings, vehicles, homes, public utilities and scare pets into escaping from  their own “safe” haven, it is something that you should be prepared for.

  • Make sure all nooks and crannies are closed off to pets, to ensure they won’t try to escape or become lodged inside.
  • Remove any toxic chemicals that may have spilled from the shaking of the Earthquake or whatever has caused the chemical to spill.
  • If a warning of impending danger is coming your way, practice your Emergency Plan and bring all those animals you can inside with you.  Larger animals may need to be moved to another “safe” location. This should be in your Pre-Emergency Plan.
  • If doing a “property inspection”, make sure to keep your dogs on leashes and cats in carriers inside your home or they could possibly escape.
  • If you are told to “Shelter in Place” by your Local Office of Emergency Management Office, find a “safe” room for your animals to stay until all danger has cleared.
  • Should you find your home seriously damaged, it is time to evacuate your home and put your training of evacuating into play.
  • If your home is flood, it is vital that you act in a cautious way because wildlife can take refuge in your home or yard becoming a danger to you and your pet.

As stated before, September is National Preparedness Month but this should be something we should be prepare for every day.  Being prepared helps Save Lives and those who we greatly care about.  First Responders will find it easier knowing the homeowners and their pets are in a safe pre-determined location and they won’t need to be searching or rescuing them unnecessarily putting their Safety in jeopardy.

Thank you for joining us and hope you enjoyed our “Human Touch” on “Pets and Emergency Pre-Plans” Tip #3.

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City of Lynnwood (WA) Collecting for Typhoon Victims

City of Lynnwood Collecting

In the wake of the devastating Typhoon Haiyan that tore through the Philippines last Friday, people across the globe are responding with emergency food, supplies, cash donations, and thoughts and prayers. The City of Lynnwood’s Diversity Commission is also springing into action. 

Personal Connections

Diversity Commissioner, Pining Reyes, who was born and raised in Kawit, Cavite in the Philippines says that her hometown was hit by severe flooding days prior to the typhoon landfall.

Commissioner Reyes said she “is heartbroken over the devastation” and is urging the Lynnwood community to come together to support the victims of this disaster.

Communities Come Together

In collaboration with the Filipino Community Center of Seattle, the City of Lynnwood and the Diversity Commission will be collecting personal hygiene products (such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoo) and first aid kits and supplies.

Drop Off Sites

Drop off bins will be located at the Lynnwood Recreation Center and the Lynnwood Library through the end of the month. The collected supplies will be delivered to the Filipino Community Center of Seattle for shipment to Tocloban, Philippines.

If you would like to make a cash donation to the relief efforts:

  • Mail or drop off donations to the Filipino Community Center

    5740 MLK Way, Seattle 98118,

  • Make a donation to the American Red Cross at

Contacting Loved Ones

If you are trying to reach a family member located in the Philippines, contact the American Red Cross Snohomish County office at 425-252-4103 and they can help initiate the process through the Red Cross’ Restoring Family Links program.

 About City of Lynnwood

Incorporated in 1959, Lynnwood is the economic hub of South Snohomish County. Situated at the convergence of interstates I- 5 and I-405, Lynnwood’s accessibility, variety of housing and employment options, colleges and outstanding park system attract a wide variety of businesses and residents.

For its diverse population of more than 36,000, Lynnwood is a great place to live, work and play. Lynnwood Moving Forward: Our Community Vision – the City will be a regional model for a sustainable, vibrant community with engaged citizens and accountable government. Lynnwood is…a great deal more!


Julie Moore, Community Outreach Specialist, City of Lynnwood

(c) 2013 The NW Fire Blog