Bellevue Firefighters Respond to Structure Fire

Firefighters from the Bellevue (WA) Fire Department were dispatched to a building fire in a multi-family structure on Saturday, February 22, 2020, around 0725 hours this morning.  The incident was located in the 14000 block of Bel-Red Road.


The first due engine (E106) reported units on floors one and two were fully engulfed and all fire operations were going defensive.  E107 and other unknown units were on-scene.

Upon a search of the structure, one fire victim was located and CPR was in progress with Medics and EMTs successfully reviving the male victim and he was transported to a nearby hospital.


Fire was knocked down quickly and no other victims were found during their primary and secondary searches.

Red Cross was called in for two displaced families.

The cause of the fire has not been released as of this released.

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Firefighters Respond to Commercial Fire, Save Structure

California | Alameda County Firefighters responded to an apartment complex in unincorporated Ashland to a commercial structure fire around 2033 hours this evening.

A fire reportedly broke out in the elevator control room which extended to the second floor.

Firefighters quickly egressed and stopping the fire from extending further into the structure, saving the building from additional damage.

This was a single fire response.

We have reached out to the ACFD for a block number and street name for the address and the unit that responded. – Ed.

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Texan Firefighters Respond to 2-Alarm Commercial Fire

Incident Summary

Firefighters from the Austin Fire were dispatched to a commercial building fire located in the 6800 block of East US 290 in Austin (Travis County), Texas.

First Due Images

Firefighters arriving on-scene were met with this fiery image of the structure being fully engulfed and the Incident Commander escalated the first alarm to a second alarm around 1513 PST/1713 CST.

Fire Operations

Firefighters quickly egressed on the fire and were able to knock down most of the fire aroudn 1748 PST/1948 CST with containing damage to the fire building. Exposure buildings were saved and not being reported as damaged or destroyed.

The fire building, a 16-unit structure is considered to be a total loss.

Location of Fire Building

These are the Menlo at Mueller, luxurious homes centralized near Highways 290 and 183 and near Interstate 5, as well as near Austin’s city center, shopping, dining and recreational districts.

Credit | Zillow


No word on the cause of the fire and no preliminary report has been released yet.

The cause is under investigation.


No reports of injuries to residents, the public or to firefighters were reported.

Evacuee Resources

The American Red Cross was called to help an unknown number of residents. The property manager was also said to be assisting with their tenants’ needs.


Austin is a vibrant City that proudly is host to many great venues with shopping, entertainment, recreational and additional opportunities in mind for all walks of life.  It is also a fabulous place to photograph, as you can see in the image below. Credit:  Michael Barera (under the Creative Common or CC SA 4.0)

Austin August 2019 19 (skyline and Lady Bird Lake).jpg

The City is the Capital of Texas and the largest in Travis County and considered one of the most populated cities in Texas. Texas is home to 964,254 residents, as of their 2018 census records.

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BELLEVUE | Firefighters Respond to Early Morning Fire

BELLEVUE, Wa. | Firefighters were dispatched to a working fire in a multi-family apartment building in the 14300 block of NE 7th Place on Sunday, March 23, 2019 around 0250 hours PDT.  First arriving units reported fire on the south side.

Less than 10 minutes later, firefighters would get a good knockdown from the exterior enabling crews to access the interior of the building.  It was determined that the fire only impacted the original unit and none to the other nearby units.

Ladder 103 aerial as Roof Operations, checks for extension to the attic. | Credit: Bellevue FD.

Crews checked for extension and found no exposures to the attic space.  Primary and secondary searches proved to find nothing.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

There were no reports of injuries or fatalities to residents or to firefighters.

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Lynnwood Wa | 3 Alarm Commercial Structure Fire

Lynnwood, Washington

Incident Summary

A fire broke out in an apartment complex under construction on Wednesday, January 25th around 2136 PST as a first alarm but would the alarm would be quickly elevated all the way up to a 3rd Alarm.

The commercial structure is located on the 19600 block and Scriber Road in Lynnwood, Washington.  Many reports of this being a replacement for a former apartment complex that also burned down.

Police and Fire began demobing around 0010 hours on Thursday morning.

Parts of the building in sections have collapsed, including the chimney in the center of the structure and appears all of the exposure buildings have been saved by firefighters.

Fire Tactics

Crews had continued to battle flames, while Public Works assisting w/water flow,  Reports of water flow issues.

Fire units continue to work on large commercial fire in Lynnwood. Police continue to evacuate surrounding areas. People were evacuated by several Community Transit buses to areas nearby.  A nearby church was being used as a shelter.


#FireImage Courtesy of Lynnwood Fire Department

Mutual Aid

Firefighters around the area locally from Lynnwood, Shoreline and others along with a Snohomish County strike team were dispatched to this multiple story apartment complex.

Red Cross was on hand to help local residents by staffing a local evacuation shelter at a nearby church located near the Command Post.

Police Officers were tasked with evacuating residents from exposure buildings which took up much of the City’s and Mill Creek Departments.  They provided perimeter security around the building.

Level2 Firefighters helped put tape up to keep drivers from continuing driving through the fire scene, as Police Officers were tied up with assisting with evacuations.

Public Works set-up barriers to keep the public back in a safety zone and to help Fire with scene control.

PSE secured power to the buildings, which others reported power was out in the whole area.


Reports of one firefighter was injured from a fall.  He was said to be alert and talking.  Another source said he will be okay.

A second report of another firefighter being injured but his/her condition was unknown at the time of this fire.

Unconfirmed Reports

There were several 9-1-1 calls into SNOCOM of reports of those claiming responsibility for starting the fire.  Police are working to investigate those potential leads.

Looking Through The Eyes of Social Media (What people are saying on Social Media)

“Huge fire in Lynnwood…new, unfinished apartment building.”

“Massive fire south of me in Lynnwood. Not sure where it’s located, but it’s lighting up the sky.”

” Falling ash is everywhere at the fire. Flames are definitely lowering.”

“Firefighter injured as crews battle massive 3-alarm fire in Lynnwood.”

“Windows in adjacent buildings exposed to the fire are breaking out due to the heat.”

“Fire can be seen from Brier.”

“Fire burning in new unfinished and unoccupied condo building.”

“This is the new building replacing the former apartments when that structure burned.”


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Arizona Firefighters Fight 5-Alarm Apartment Complex Fire for Hours


Maricopa County, Arizona – Firefighters were dispatched to a very large apartment complex under construction around 1906 hours MST this evening, located in the 100-200 (multiple sources reporting different block #s} block of East Civic Center in Gilbert, Arizona.  It was dispatched as a  1st Alarm with limited resources responding to the scene.

The initial report called into Dispatch by Battalion Chief 252 as the Incident Commander [IC] reported a “working apartment fire with multiple exposures”.

As you can see, this is a densely populated area.

Photo of the apartment complex fully engulfed in flames. Photo Credit:  Gilbert Fire Rescue.

Photo of the apartment complex fully engulfed in flames. Photo Credit: Gilbert Fire Rescue.


1st/2nd Alarms:  Around 1910 Hours MST, BC252/Acting IC reported “heavy fire from a 2-story apartments under construction with several exposures.  An immediate 2nd Alarm was requested.

Media Relations meeting at 85 E Civic Center Drive in parking lot on the south side.

3rd Alarm:  At 1929 Hours MST, BC252/IC reported still heavy fire from the 2-story apartment complex with master streams operating.

Defensive fire. A 3rd Alarm is  requested.

4th Alarm:  At 2002 Hours MST, BC252/IC requested a 4th Alarm was requested as in continuous defensive active firefighting mode.  Master streams still operating.

Citizens needs to avoid the area.  Extremely heavy traffic.

5th Alarm:  Later in the evening around 2019 Hours MST, BC252/IC requested a 5-alarm due to a high concern for fire affecting exposure nearby buildings.

Gilbert Fire when things were just a little heated. Photo Credit:  Gilbert Fire

Gilbert Fire when things were just a little heated. Photo Credit: Gilbert Fire

Flying embers were reported as affecting the complex’s clubhouse which firefighters were able to contain very quickly.  They were still fighting the fire defensively.

Road closed from Warner Rd from Gilbert to Lindsay due to the fire.

Evacuations from Civic Center Drive to Nunneley to Devon have been evacuated.


According to the Phoenix Public Safety CAD showing fire units dispatched beginning at 1906 Hours MST and progressing as more alarm levels began increasing up to a 5th Alarm.,

Remembering a former Chapter in our Lives:  

When we were once on a small house fire (in our Firefighter REHAB days) where residential and commercial structures were so close to one another.  A Citizen perplexed that so many Fire trucks, Ladders and other resources showed up for such a small house fire. He thought that the City was wasting too much of the taxpayer’s dollars.

We explained that you WANT that many to show up so they put the fire out quickly and limit the damage to your home.  Also, they are very pro-active in saving lives.

The Citizen responded to our answer very quickly and agreed that he, too would prefer to see more fire personnel showing up to his home to get the flames out and minimize the amount of damage, while working to save his family.  – Lisa Swenson, formerly with The Seattle Fire Buff Society, a firefighter rehab non-profit organization.

Mutual aid poured into the area, outside of Gilbert.  Here are some of the Mutual Aid companies that responded as the level of alarms increased into the evening.

Apache Junction:   RH [Rehab?]263.

Chandler Fire: Battalions 281, 282.   Engines 281, 285, 286, 287, 288.  Ladder 288.

Gilbert Fire and Medical:  Battalions 251 (Command), 252,  Engines 251, 252, 254, 256, 257, 258.  Reserve Engines:  2510, 2511.  Ladders 253, 255.  Misc:  U251.

Mesa Fire:  Battalion Chief 203.  Engines 201, 202, 204, 205.  Ladders 204, 206, 214, 273.  SS208.  EV201.  EDC.

Phoenix:  Ladder 43.

Queen Creek:  Engine 411.

Sunlakes Fire and Rescue.

Superstition Springs Fire and Rescue:  REHAB support unit/rehydration services.

Superstition Springs Fire and Rescue provide Firefighter rehydration services. Credit:  Gilbert Fire and Rescue.

Treating Fire and Police members in rear of Superstition Springs Fire and Rescue own support unit. Photo Credit: Gilbert Fire and Rescue

Tempe Fire:  Engine 274.   Ladder 274.

Over 40+ Fire trucks were on scene along with 120 or more firefighters fighting the fire.


The fire’s fury grew so intensely and endangering so many exposure buildings, evacuations of nearby neighbors were assisted by Evacuation Center volunteers to the Gilbert Public Safety Amphitheater.  Residents are still sheltering-in-place at the City’s building located at 75 Civic Center Drive in Gilbert, Arizona.

While evacuations were in progress, Firefighters worked tirelessly to provide structure protection of all exposure buildings.  The only exposure that was damaged was the apartment complex’s clubhouse caught on fire due to flying embers from the increased winds.  Firefighters were able to contain and extinguish the fire before it destroyed the complete structure.

Gilbert Fire’s Deputy Chief / PIO Mike Connor briefed all evacuees at the shelter giving them an update.

Gilbert Fire Rescue DC / PIO Mike Connor

Gilbert Fire Rescue DC / PIO Mike Connor. Photo Credit: Gilbert Fire


Warner and Gilbert may be closed into the night as they are affected by the fire.  Firefighters are still working to tap the fire.

At around 0000, Warner and Gilbert have been reopened.  Remember, that Firefighters and others may be still working on the scene, so please drive slowly through the area.


All Media outlets are meeting with Gilbert Fire Rescue’s Deputy Chief / PIO Mike Connor at the Banner Health Center parking lot at 155 E. Warner Road.

One of those representing the Gilbert Fire Rescue using Periscope was asked by those on the Social Media platform why it took so long to put the fire out.  Answered by Gilbert Fire’s PIO Mike Connor, “The apartment complex is under construction and in the wood frame construction phase, which quickly ignited and was fully engulfed very quickly due to the winds kicking up.  We put out as fast as we were able to.”


No cause is known at this time and as we know for a fact that they will have to wait for the structure to cool down before the Fire Investigator can gain access to the fire scene.  It may take a long time before the cause is determined.  However, we have been on some fires where the FIU investigator found the cause right away.

Fire next to City Hall. Photo Credit:  Gilbert Town Hall

Fire next to City Hall. Photo Credit: Gilbert Town Hall


At the last time of the press release around 2210 Hours MST, it was determined that things had greatly deescalated and the 5th Alarms companies were being released, returning to their own Cities.

Prior to releasing Mutual Aid companies, firefighters were busy with putting out spot fires that had spread previously but were able to successfully stop the forward spread to any other structures.  No homes or other structures were affected by the fire.

The fire could be seen by many from Phoenix to the far East of the State.

Darkness is now reigning over the scene which looks like a great sight considering the earlier event that took place.

The Aftermath.  Photo Credit:  Gilbert Fire Rescue

The Aftermath. Photo Credit: Gilbert Fire Rescue

The Red Cross has 7 Disaster volunteers on scene assisting residents of the Legacy Village Apartments which may be a long process. Others have returned to their home.


According to news media sources, one Firefighter was injured with burns to his hands.  Three Police Officers were treated for smoke inhalation.  We hope they will med quickly.


It is also the venue to 1.3 Million workers that only have a 30-minute commute or less.  About 40.7% of the state’s residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher and is probably due to the 69 colleges, technical and other schools in the area.  The number of educated residents is much higher than your 30% national average.  Gilbert seems to lure those to a most favorable business climate, lower corporate taxes and a great collaborative Research and Development opportunities.

Great Fire Service

Gilbert has 10 Fire Stations in it’s large City.

Station 1:  The Station is located at 2730 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ. It is headquarters for the following apparatus:  B251, E251, L251/Ladder Tender 251, Utility 251, Command Vehicle 251.

Station 2:  Station 2 is located at 2855 E Guadalupe Road, Gilbert, AZ and is home to Engine 252 only.

Station 3:  This Station is located at 1011 E Guadalupe Road, Gilbert, AZ and is the venue for B252, L253/Ladder 253, Engine 2540.

Station 4:  Engine 254 resides here at Station 4 located 909 E Roy Road in Gilbert, Arizona.

Station 5:  Station 5 is located at 3630 E Germann Street in Gilbert, Arizona and quarters for Ladder 255 / Ladder Tender 255.

Station 6:  Engine 256 and Water Tender 256 reside at Station 6 located at 3595 E Warner Road in Gilbert, Arizona.

Station 7:  Engine 257 is at this station located at 625 W Warner Road.

Station 8:  Station 8 is located at 1095 E Germann Road in Gilbert, Arizona and the station where Engine 258 and HazMat 258 reside.

Station 10:  E2510, NMRS Vehicle and the Civilian Decon units are located at 1330 W Guadalupe Road.

Station 11:   The City’s last but not least Fire Station is located at 2860 E Riggs Road and the station for Engine 2511, Battalion 2511 and Water Tender 2511.


Great job to all firefighters, IC and Police Officers – and to the Dispatchers and Support personnel.  This was a major event and you all worked great as a team to reach the ultimate goals of tapping the fire and saving lives.  You all did a fabulous job!


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Seattle Fire’s International District Fire *Update*

Seattle, Washington – Firefighters were dispatched around 1557 hours yesterday to an apartment fire that would turn into a two-alarm blaze.  The fire located in the three-story structure included businesses on the first floor with two upper residential unoccupied not maintained floors.

Firefighters fought the blaze from a defensive tactic knowing that the upper two floors were unoccupied and not maintained.   Throughout fighting the fire with several Ladder pipes and hose lines over the course of time, Firefighters were concerned with a possible collapse of the upper two floors forcing them to back fire apparatus away from the building.  A collapse zone was created for all of South King Street and fire apparatus was moved back outside of that zone.

Seattle Fire states, “Residents living in two apartment complexes located directly across the alley and west of the fire building were evacuated. King County Metro provided a bus as a warming shelter for the 20 adults and 2 children who were initially evacuated from their homes. The American Red Cross worked with the City of Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management and Seattle Parks to set up an overnight warming shelter at the International District/Chinatown Community Center located at 719 8th Avenue South.”

Around 2023 Hours, Seattle Fire reported the fire under control, however, Firefighters continued to deal with hotspots throughout the night into the morning.

The cause is still under investigation.  The Fire Marshal has yet gained access to the fire building.  There is no estimated cost of damages known at this time.

Thankfully, there were no injuries reported and all Firefighters and Command Staff went safely home.  There are current additional relief firefighters on scene as we write this post.


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Bellevue Fire Injures and Displaces Residents

At approximately 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, Bellevue Fire received multiple calls of a fire at the Hampton Greens Apartment complex, in the 4500 block of 148th Avenue Northeast.

Fire and police units arrived within four and a half minutes and encountered a large thermal column of smoke, visible from 148th Avenue Northeast. Initial units confirmed heavy fire involvement of multiple floors and units within the structure, as well as potential extension into the neighboring building.

In addition to fire operations, a number of residents sustained injuries from the fire and were cared for by other tenants. Fire crews and police officers provided medical care and evacuations of tenants. A total of six residents were transported to local hospitals; one resident taken by Bellevue Medic One to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Fire and police also searched for and evacuated tenants of neighboring buildings.

Fire investigators estimate damage to the structure at approximately $1.5 million; they estimated the loss of contents at approximately $150,000.

Due to the amount of fire involvement a second alarm assignment was requested and multiple master stream operations were established. Approximately 75 firefighters and 25 police officers were on the scene. The fire was brought under control at 85 minutes after the first engine company arrival.

Fire companies from Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell and Woodinville assisted in suppression operations. Bellevue Police detectives, with the assistance from the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, were called to the scene to assist the fire investigators in determining the cause of the fire. City of Bellevue structural engineers assisted with ascertaining the integrity of the building as well. Fire and police personnel continue to investigate.

Red Cross, Metro bus service and the property management company assisted with providing temporary shelter and support for displaced residents.

Source:  City of Bellevue website

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