Active Wildfires – July 13, 2016


Fuller Fire – North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, north of Fuller Canyon Road,

Fire activity in ground fuel (burning logs).

Fuller Fire (Credit: NPS)

about three miles west/southwest of Point Imperial.  Started 6/30/2016 @ 1700 hours by lightning.66 personnel.  1 hotshot crew. 1 helicopter and 3 engines. 1324 acres. Burning in the Outlet Fire scar from 2000.


Big Fire – CAL Fire.  Big Springs Rd and Watts Valley Rd.  Fresno County.  180 acres. 60% contained.

Briggs Fire – CAL Fire. Off of Briggs Rd / Louis Rd in Romoland.  Riverside County.  30 acres.  30% contained.

Fiddler Fire – Shasta-Trinity Unit / CALFire.  9 miles NE of Platina.  Brush and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior.  441 acres.  95% contained. 73 personnel.  3 crews.  5 engines.  1 structure lost.  $310,000 CTD.

Pacheco Fire – CAL Fire. Calaveras County. Off Lanford Pacheco Rd, S of Valley Springs.  350 acres. 30% contained.

Pine Fire – Los Padres NF.  30 miles NE of Santa Barbara.  Timber, chaparral and brush.  Minimal fire behavior.  Road, area and trail closures in effect. Transfer of command from IMT2 back to the local unit will occur on Wednesday, July 13th.  2304 acres. 93% contained. 343 personnel.  11 crews.  5 engines.  9 helicopters. $14 Million CTD.

Sage Fire – Los Angeles County FD.  1 mile SW of Santa Clarita.  Brush, chaparral and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior.  Numerous homes threatened.  Area closure in effect.  1109 acres.  85% contained.  550 personnel.  24 crews.  21 engines.  6 helicopters.  $900,000 CTD.

Stagecoach Fire – CAL Fire. Off Stagecoach Rd / Highway 4, S of Copperopolis. Calaveras County.  35 acres. 30% contained.

Trailhead Fire – CAL Fire. Along the Middle Fork of the American River near Todd Valley. Placer and El Dorado Counties. 5646 acres. 95% contained.


Beaver Creek Fire – Routt NF.  24 miles NW of Walden.  Timber and brush. Detected on 7/9

Smoke column taken from Parsons Draw looking northwest.

Beaver Creek Fire (Credit: J. MIchael Johnson)

@ noon. Active, flanking, short range spotting and short crow runs heavily in beetle kill. To continue monitor and patrolling. 231 personnel.  19,464 acres. 5% contained.  3 crews. 19 engines. 3 helicopters. 4 structures lost. $9.2 Million CTD.

Cold Springs Fire – Boulder County. 2 miles NE of Nederland.  IMT 2.  Timber..  Moderate

Santa Fe NF Engine Crew

Santa Fe Engine Crew during Mop Up Ops (Source: Inciweb)

fire behavior with single tree torching and creeping.  Numerous residences threatened.  Evacuations, road, area and trail closures in effect.  Start 7/9 @ 1330 in lodge pole, ponderosa, spruce, Douglas Fir.  Minimal ROS, smoldering and creeping. 486 personnel. 528 acres. 25% contained. To continue with mop up and structure protection.  10 crews, 42 engines, 7 helicopters. 9 structures lost.  $1.7 Million CTD.

Hayden Pass Fire – 20 miles SE of Salida.  Pike & San Isabel NF.  Type 2 IMT Rocky Mtn

Hayden Pass Fire at Night July 10

Hayden Pass Fire at Night (Source:  Inciweb)

Blue assumed command on July 11th @ 2000 hours. Timber, heavy logging slash and chaparral.  Extreme fire behavior with crowning, running and spotting.  To continue with direct and indirect line construction. Structures threatened.  Evacuations, road, are and trail closures in effect.  247 personnel. 12,193 acres.  5 crew, 11 engines, 3 helicopters. $1 Million CTD.


Springs Fire – Florida Forest Service. 4 miles NE of Apopka.  Southern rough. Minimal fire behavior.  775 acres.  95% contained.  7 personnel.  No additional information.

Toms Creek Rd #2 Fire – Goeorgia Forestry Commission.  10 miles SW of Fargo.  Southern rough. Active fire behavior with runs, torching and short-range spotting.  460 acres.  80% contained.  22 personnel.  5 engines.  $10,000 CTD.


Buck Fire – Boise NF.  27 miles SE of Cascade.  Timber.  Minimal fire behavior. Road, area and trail closures in effect.  1255 acres.  95% contained.  241 personnel.  5 crews. 5 engines.  1 helicopter.  $4.5 Million CTD.


Harris Fire – 26 miles south of Ashland.  Started on private land and moved on to Stateand Federal lands on 7/9/2016 by lightning @ 1845 hours. 13o personnel.  3500 acres. 50% contained. Type 3 IMT team assigned 7/12/2016. Burning timber and brush.  Fire behavior is minimal and creeping.  Crews to continue with securing perimeter and construction line on the West flank. Structures and sage-grouse habitat threatened. 3 crews. 11 engines. 1 helicopter. $322,000 CTD.

Observation Fire – Bitterroot NF. 10 miles SW of Hamilton.  Transfer of command from IMT1 back to the local unit occurred on 7/12/2016.  Timber.  Minimal fire behavior. Area closure in effect. Ran fell over the area.  1429 acres.  90% contained.  235 personnel. 4 crews. 4 engines.  $7.4 Million CTD.


Cove Fire – Fishlake NF.  8 miles SW of Emery.  Timber and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior.  610 acres.  0% contained.  7 personnel.  2 engines.  $20,000 CTD.


Browning Fire – Crook County. 15 miles SW of Sundance. Tiber and brush. Structures threatened.  809 acres. 64 personnel.  1 crew.  7 engines.  1 helicopter. $200,000 CTD.

Sources: Inciweb, NWICC, CALFire, web

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