U.S. Active Wildfires by #Hashtag | Sunday, July 17, 2016

Here are all active wildfires by #Hashtag that we are aware of happening in the United States:

#AlatnaComplex (AK)

Tanana Zone. 15 miles SE of Alatna.  Timber, brush and short grass. BLM lands.  90,504 acres. 66% contained. Active fire behavior with crowning, wind-drive runs and spotting. Structures threatened.10 personnel. $2,200,000 CTD.

#BacaFire (AZ)

Northwest District.  AZ State Forestry. 52 miles NW of Prescott.  Brush and short

Baca Fire in the early stages (Courtesy: Inciweb)

grass. Fire being monitored by air.  4,118 acres. (Private – 2078, State 2040) 35% contained.  11 personnel.  1 helicopter.  $60,000 CTD. State Lands.

#BeaverCreekFire (CO)

Routt NF. 24 mi NW of Walden. Timber and brush.  Active fire exists along the fire perimeter and is consuming not burned areas within the interior of the fire with short

Firefighters working on the Beaver Creek Fire. (Credit: Mike McMillan)

crown runs, single tree torching and short-range spotting. 22,885 acres.  %5 contained.  290 personnel. 5 crews. 25 engines. 3 helicopters.   4 structures lost.  $10,200,000 CTD. Forest Service lands.

#BlackRangeComplex (NM)

Gila National Forest.  45 miles North of Silver City. Timber. Moderate fire behavior

Cooney Fire Fire crews using hand igintions 7/16/2016

Cooney Fire crews on Black Range Complex. (Credit: Noah Daniels)

creeping and smoldering.  3,915 acres.  5% contained.  115 personnel. 6 crews, 7 engines. $253,000 CTD. Forest Service lands.

#BlairFire (CO)

White River Field Office. BLM.  30 miles W of Meeker.  Brush and short grass.  Extreme fire behavior with wind-driven runs, crowning and flanking. Minimal fire behavior withisolated torching.  1140 acres. 101 fire personnel,  70% contained. $250,000 CTD.

#CampCreekFire (AK)  NEW!

Galena Zone, BLM.  58 miles SE of Galena. Timber, brush and hardwood slash. Active fire behavior with backing. 885 acres. No personnel or resources assigned to this incident.  $10,000 CTD.

#ClavelFire (NM)

Las Vegas District.  New Mexico State Forestry.  State Lands.  20 miles NE of Roy.  Brush and grass. Minimal fire behavior.  5,696 acres. 95% contained.  5 personnel. 2 engines. $28,000 CTD.

#ColoradoPeakFire (AZ)

Arizona Tucson District, Department of Forestry. 15 miles NW of Tubac. Brush and grass. Moderate fire behavior with running.  800 acres.  15% contained. 47 personnel.  2 crew. 2 engines. $26,000 CTD.

#CliffCreekFire (WY)  NEW!

Bridger-Teton NF.  Discovered 7/17/2016 @ 1430 hours. 5 miles N of Bondurant.

structures in the fire area

Cliff Creek Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

2,200 acres. Active fire with group torching.  Type 2 IMT ordered and will assume command on Monday, July 18, @ 1800 hours.  Evacuations in progress.

#DulbiFlats (AK) NEW!

Galena Zone, BLM. 18 miles NE of Huslia.  Timber.  Active fire behavior with torching and backing. 55,818 acres. 0% contained. 0 personnel or resources on this wildland fire. $35,000 CTD.

#FullerFire (AZ)

Grand Canyon National Park.  IMT 2.  4 miles NE of North Rim.  Timber and medium logging slash.  National Park lands.  Extreme fire behavior with wind-driven runs and

Fuller Fire (Credit: Christine Schroll via Inciweb)

crowning. Road, area and trail closures in effect.5,940 acres. 0% contained. 511 personnel. 14 crews. 14 engines. 4 helicopters. $2,000,000.

#GalateaCreekFire (AK) NEW!

Galena Zone. BLM.  52 miles SE of Galena. Timber, brush and hardwood slash. Extreme fire behavior with running, torching, and backing. 817 acres. $0 personnel/resources on this fire. $12,000 CTD.

#GallagherFire (NV)  NEW!

Gallagher Ranch in Lamoille.  4 acres. Hay meadow. Still trying to get further details.

#GreenFire (CA)

Fresno County. CAL Fire. Off Auberry Rd & White Thorne Rd, near Prather.  Forward progress stopped. Evacuations are in effect for residents on White Thorne, Dry Pond, Hokes Corner Ln. and Wellbarn Road. Evacuation shelter opened at:   Foothill Middle School located at 29147 Auberry Rd, Prather, CA 93651.  A large animal evacuation center has been established at: Sierra High School, 33326 Lodge Rd, Tollhouse, CA 93667. 123 acres. Cause was deemed to be from discarded smoking material.

#GweekRiverFire (AK)

Southwest Area Forestry.  Started on BLM land 17 miles NE of Akiachak. Timber and grass. Active fire behavior with torching, running and creeping. 500 acres.  0% contained.  0 personnel or resources.  $36,000 CTD. BLM lands.

#HairyFire (CO)

Fort Carson Army Base.  21 miles SW of Colorado Springs.  Hardwood Slash, brush and tall grass.  Minimal fire behavior.  720 acres. 95% contained.  11 personnel. 4 engines. $350,000 CTD. DOD property.

#HarrisFire (MT)

Miles City Filed Office. STarted on private land 26 miles South of Ashland. Timber and brush. Minimal fire behavior. 3,400 acres. 80% contained. 98 personnel. 3 crews. 5 engines. 1 helicopter. $180,000 CTD. Private lands.

#HaydenPassFire (CO)

Fort Carson Army Base. Rocky Mtn Blue Team IMT. Started 7/8/2016. 21 mi SW of Colorado Springs. 20 miles SE of Salida. Hardwood slash, brush and tall grass. Southern area will be primary focus for firefighters.  16,350 acres. 30% contained.  Active fire behavior with groups torching, smoldering and backing. Numerous structures threatened.  Evacuations, road area and trail closures are still in effect.  3 Hotshot crews with support of 3 engines, and 2 bulldozers working around Baumann Reservoir and Rainbow Lake.  816 total personnel. 17 crews, 51 engines, 7 helicopters 1 structure lost.  $3,800,000 CTD.

#IndianCanyonFire (SD)

South Dakota Wildland Fire Suppression. Department of Forestry.  State lands. 6 miles E of Edgemont, SD. Fire has moved much closer to Edgemont and crossed over 471. Timber and short grass.    Active fire behavior with running, torching and short-range spotting. Structures threatened. Evacuation and road closures in effect.    12,000 acres.  0% contained.  95 personnel.  42 engines.  2 structures lost. $20,000 CTD.

#LavaMtnFire (WY) NEW!

Shoshone National Forest. IMT2. 20 miles NW of Dubois. Timber and heavy logging slash. Extreme fire behavior with uphill runs and long-range spotting. Numerous structures threatened.

Lava Mountain Fire, afternoon of Jul 16, 2016 #2

Lava Mtn Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

220 acres. 0% contained. 56 personnel. 1 crew. 2 engines. 3 helicopters. $100,000 CTD. Forest Service lands.

#LittleUnderhillCreekFire (AK) NEW!

SW Area Forestry, DOF. 24 miles E of Line Village. Timber. Moderate fire behavior.150 acres. 0% containment, no personnel/resources.  $N/A CTD.

#PachecoFire (CA)

Tuolumine-Calavaras Unit. CAL Fire. 2 miles SE of Jenny Lind. Timber, brush and grass. Minimal fire behavior. 341 acres. 100% contained.  8 personnel. 2 engines. 2 structures lost. $306,000 CTD.

#PantherFire  (FL) NEW!

Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge.  5 miles W of Miles City. Southern rough and tall grass. Moderate fire behavior with torching, flanking and backing.1500 acres. 15% contained. 19 personnel. 2 engines. 1 helicopter. $15,000 CTD.

#PineFire (CA)

Los Padres NF. 30 miles NE of Santa Barbara. Timber, chaparral and brush. Minimal fire behavior.  2304 acres. 96% contained. 2 crews. 4 helicopters. $15,400,000 CTD.

Visit http://go.nps.gov/1r7kum for a photo tour of the Fuller Fire.

Fuller Fire (Credit: NPS)

#WestBaldyFire (NM) NEW!

Roswell Field Office, BLM. 20 miles W of Roswell.  Brush and grass. Moderate fire behavior.  422 acres. 40% contained. 28 personnel. 8 engines. $50,000 CTD.

#WinnebagoFire (NV) NEW!

North of I-80 @ Milepost 374 and located East side of Pequo Mtns. Elko County. 1556 acres.  15% contained. 210 personnel fighting the fire.

#YokiFire (AK) NEW!

Galena Zone. BLM. 40 miles E of Kaltag. timber.  Minimal fire behavior. Rain fell over the fire area on Saturday. 187 acres. 0% containment. 0 personnel/resources. $No CTD known.

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