U.S. Active Wildfires by #Hashtag | Monday, July 18, 2016

Here are the active fires for Monday, July 18th.  Due to time constraints, there have been several fires left off this list:

#BearCreekFire (AK) NEW!  Southwest Area Forestry.  51 miles SE of McGrath.  598 acres. 0% containment.

Safety Officers Fluharty and Hudson

Tok River Fire (Credit: Tom Hudson)

#BeaverCreekFire (CO) – Routt NF. 24 mi NW of Walden. Timber and brush.  22, 885 acres. 5% contained.

#BigRiverFire (AK) NEW!  Southwest Area Forestry.  27 miles NE of Lime Villages. 300 acres. 0% contained.

#BlairFire (CO) – White River Field Office. BLM.  30 miles W of Meeker.  Brush and short grass.  White River Field Office.  BLM.  22,885 acres. 5% contained.

#BogusCreekFire (AK) – Southwest Area Forestry.  15 miles southeast of Kalskag. 3,084 acres. 0% contained.

#ChicagoLakesFire (AK) NEW!  Tanana Zone. BLM.  8 miles NE of Rampart.  750 acres. 0% Contained.

#ClavelFire (NM) – Las Vegas District.  New Mexico State Forestry.  State Lands.  20 miles NE of Roy.  Brush and grass.  5,696 acres. 95% contained.

#ClearwaterCreekFire (AK)  NEW!  Southwest Area Forestry. 51 miles northeast of McGrath.  775 acres. 0% contained.

Lava Mountain Fire, afternoon of Jul 16, 2016 #1

Lava Mountain Fire (Source: Inciweb)

#ColoradoPeakFire (AZ) – Arizona Tucson District, Department of Forestry. 15 miles NW of Tubac. Brush and grass. 1,050 acres. 70% contained.

#DoestockCreekFire (AK) NEW!  Southwest Area Forestry. 5 miles S of Chuathbaluk. 1,209 acres. 0% contained.

#FeatherFire (CA)  NEW!  Off of El Capitan Truck Trail. South of Ramona (San Diego County).  CAL Fire.  133 acres.  Forward spread stopped. 100% contained.

#FleckFire (ID)  NEW! Sawtooth NF.  18 miles north of Fairfield. 205 acres. 50% contained. 

#FolgerCreekFire (AK) NEW!  Southwest Area Forestry. 28 miles northwest of McGrath. 3,216 acres. 0% contained.

#FullerFire (AZ) – Grand Canyon National Park.  IMT 2.  4 miles NE of North Rim.  Timber and medium logging slash.  National Park lands.  11,382 acres. 0% contained.

#GeorgeRiverFire (AK)  NEW! Southwest Area Forestry.  16 miles northwest of Red Devil.  858 acres. 0% contained. 

#GweekRiverFire (AK)  UPDATE! –  Southwest Area Forestry.  Started on BLM land 17 miles NE of Akiachak. Timber and grass. Active fire behavior with torching, running and creeping. 1200 acres.  0% contained.  0 personnel or resources.  $36,000 CTD. BLM lands.

#HaydenPassFire (CO) – Fort Carson Army Base. Rocky Mtn Blue Team IMT. Started 7/8/2016. 21 mi SW of Colorado Springs. 20 miles SE of Salida. Hardwood slash, brush and tall grass. 16,350 acres. 30% contained.

Firefighting Vehicle

Fire vehicle on the Hayden Pass Fire (Source: Inciweb)

#HighCreekFire (AK) NEW! Galena Zone. BLM.  35 miles northeast of Huslia. 4,386 acres. 0% contained.

#IsrathorakCreekFire (AK) NEW! Southwest Area Forestry.  17 miles northwest of Tuluksak. 8,000 acres. 0% contained.

#OwhatRiver2Fire (AK) NEW! Southwest Area Forestry. 7 miles northwest of Aniak.  1,100 acres. 0% contained.

#PontagFire (AK)  NEW! Southwest Area Forestry.  75 miles northwest of McGrath. 200 acres. 0% contained.

#ReindeerRiverFire (AK) NEW! Southwest Area Forestry. 30 miles southeast of Flat.  9,375 acres. 0% contained.

#RockFire (NE) NEW! Nebraska NF.  15 miles southeast of Ardmore. 309 acres. 99% contained.

Wildland Fire Engine monitoring fire perimeter

Wildland Fire Engine on the Hayden Pass Fire (Source: Inciweb)

#SmithCreekFire (AK)  NEW! Southwest Area Forestry. 19 miles northwest of Crooked Creek.  3,997 acres. 0% contained.

#SouthForkRiverGeorgeFire  (AK)  NEW! Southwest Area Forestry.  14 miles north of Red Devil.  527 acres.  0% contained.

#SpringFire (CA) NEW!  Sierra NF.  17 miles south of Mammoth Lakes. 174 acres. 80% contained.

#TaylorFire (FL) NEW! FL Forest Service.  9 miles northeast of Sanderson. 880 acres. 80% contained.

#TokRiverFire (AK)  NEW! Tok Area Forestry, Department of Forestry.  7 miles S of Tok.  731 acres. 18% contained. 

#WallyFire (NV) NEW!  Elko District. BLM.  5 miles west of Oasis. 1,556. 40% contained.


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