U.S. Active Wildfires | Sep 5 2016

Here are a few active fires happening around the United States.  Thank you for reading our post today.


ATTENTION FIRE – 35 miles SW of Superior, Idaho

The Attention Fire is burning on the Idaho Panhandle National Forest and has consumed 930 acres.  There is a 0% containment status at this time.


B-ARROW FIRE – 23 miles SW of Dodson, Montana

The B-Arrow Fire is burning on lands managed by the Fort Belknap Agency in Montana and devoured 1130 acres.  Fire crews have gained an 85% containment status.


BEAVER CREEK FIRE – 24 miles N of Walden, Colorado

The Beaver Creek Fire began on July 19th from an unknown cause and is under investigation.  It is being managed by the Portland National Incident Management Organization (NIMO).  Active fire exists along the perimeter and is consuming unburned areas within the interior of the fire. Hotter, drier conditions persist in the fire area and are supporting increased fire activity.  The fire has destroyed 37,627 acres of timber and brush and fire crews have reached a 60% containment status. There are 199 firefighters, 1 crew, 16 engines, 2 dozers, 4 helicopters, and 2 water tenders.


BERRY FIRE – 19 miles NW of Moran, Wyoming

Berry Fire at night. Photo by Mallory Smith

Berry Fire during the evening. (Photo Credit: Mallory Smith/via Inciweb)

The Berry Fire is on the  Grand Teton National Park that was ignited by Lightning on July 25th.  The fire has burned up 14,551 acres and is still being reported as minimal fire behavior rain over the fire area with an unknown containment status.


BROADWAY FIRE – 11 miles S of Encampment – 30 miles NNW –  Medicine Bow National Forest, Carbon County, Wyoming.

The Broadway Fire was discovered on August 14th @ 1815 hours by lightning and has burned 615 acres with a 0% containment status.  There are 88 personnel assigned, along with 81 firefighters, 1 crew, 3 engines, 1 dozer, 3 water tenders and is being managed by Portland National Incident Management Team.   This team is also managing the Beaver Creek Fire.


CENTRAL FIRE – 9 miles W of the Lake developed area – 2 miles S of Hayden Valley on the NW Corner of the 2015 Spruce Fire, Wyoming

Smoke column from the Central Fire in Yellowstone National Park


The Central Fire was sparked by lightning on August 26th, located W of the Fishing Bridge.  Fire behavior is minimal with flanking, creeping and torching.  This incident is unstaffed and is being monitored by a single helicopter and a remote cam at Mt. Washburn Lookout.  To see the progression of the fire, you too can view the same footage through the webcam here –> http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/article/4992/33332/


CLEAR CREEK FIRE – 13 miles southeast of Plains, Montana

The Clear Creek Fire is burning near Plains, Montana in Flathead Agency territory.  Approximately, 1257 acres have been consumed but a 50% containment status has been reached.


COOPER KING FIRE – Lolo National Forest, 8 miles E of Thompson Falls; 1 mile N of Highway 200, Montana

Fire burning after dark

The Cooper King Fire started on July 31st from an unknown cause that is under investigation.  The fire is actively smoldering.  The fire is being managed by the Type 1 Northern Rockies IMT Team A.  There has been 29, 322 acres consumed but firefighters have reached a successful 68% containment status.  Due to great firefighting suppression efforts, no structures have been lost.  There are 5 Type 1 hand crews, 10 Type 2 hand crews, 3 camp crews, 4 dozers, 32 engines, 24 water tenders, 9 helicopters with a total of 682 personnel assigned to this incident.


CUERNO FIRE – 19 miles northwest of Los Alamos, New Mexico

The Cuerno Fire is burning in the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico’s forested lands.  There is a 0% containment status with 140 acres burned.


FAWN FIRE – 11 miles W of Mammoth Springs –  16 miles NE of West Yellowstone – 13 miles SW of Gardiner – 35 miles SE of Big Sky, Wyoming

Fawn Fire Aug 5, 2016

The Fawn Fire is burning just West of Fawn Pass in the back country of Yellowstone.  It is currently unstaffed but is being monitored by Fire Managers with one helicopter and a remote camera on Mt. Holmes.  The fire was ignited by lightning on August 4th around 2030 hours.  It has scorched 2,566 acres.


FREEMAN FIRE – 40 miles E of Lowell, Idah

The Freeman Fire is burning in the Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forest burning 132 acres and has a 0% containment status.


GAP FIRE – Seiad Valley, California

Fire slowly creeps along the northern edge of the Klamath River near Hamburg, California.

The GAP fire started on August 27th around 1945 hours from an unknown ignition source that is under investigation.  The fire has consumed 24,096 acres that has an 28% containment status.  However, there has been increased fire activity and is now forcing new evacuations.  See the locations here –>  http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/4997/  Fire crews will continue structure protection in the Community of Hamburg and work on containment lines due to the Fire behavior increasing with a Rapid ROS.  This fire is burning on the Klamath National Forest.


GLEASON FIRE – 9 miles SW of Nordman, Idaho

Another fire is burning in the Panhandle National Forest.  The Gleason Fire has burned 111 acres and has a 0% containment status on the Forest lands.


GRANITE FIRE – 28 miles SW of Superior, Idaho

More fire activity on the Panhandle has caused multiple incidents.  This one is burning near Superior, Idaho and consumed 1,030 and too, has a 0% containment status.


GRAPE CREEK FIRE – 6 miles SW of Elba, Idaho.  

The Grape Creek fire is burning timber, brush and short grass. Moderate fire behavior with single tree torching and smoldering. Sage-grouse habitat threatened. Reduction in acreage due to more accurate mapping bringing it to 1580 acres with a 5% containment status. There are 240 personnel assigned along with 8 crews, 7 engines and 5 helicopters.  Total Cost-to-date is $300,000.


HARLAN CREEK FIRE – 58 miles NE of McCall, Idaho

The Harlan Creek fire is burning in the Payette National Forest in Idaho and scorched 600 acres. There is a 0% containment status.


HICKOK FIRE – 5 miles NW of Bellmont, Arizona.

Burning in the Coconino National Forest near Bellmont, Arizona. 1000 acres. 4% contained.


HOLY FIRE – Trabuco Canyon of the Trabuco District. Cleveland National Forest, California

Holy Fire from a distance

The Holy Fire began on August 31st around 0400 hours and is in Unified Command  with Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) and the Cleveland National Forest (CNF).  Currently, the fire has been held at 186 acres and has reached an 100% containment status.  Rolling large rocks pose a hazard and are a concern for the 217 assigned personnel.  5 hand crews, 3 helicopters, 13 engines, and 3 water tenders  listed as resources.  Fire Managers report they have had to halt air / ground fire suppression efforts due to drones flying in the area.  They state their actions may result in Law Enforcement actions.


JOHN DOE – 9 miles SW of St Maries, Idaho

The John Doe fire is burning on State Lands in the West St Joe Area Office, Department of Lands in Idaho.  The fire has scorched 441 acres but fire crews have reached a 41% containment status.


KEN FIRE – Shoulder of I-15, North of Kenwood exit, near Scotland, California

Ken Fire East of I-15, North of Kenwood Ave

The Kern Fire is reportedly burning on the shoulder of I-15, North of Kenwood exit burning in the NE’rn direction threatening the Mathews Ranch, just North of the fire.  The fire behavior is slow – moderate ROS and moving uphill.  It is started on September 3rd at 2148 hours from an unknown cause.  It is about 20 acres at the moment but is spreading.  Containment has been achieved at 20%.  185 Firefighters are assigned to this incident.



PIONEER FIRE – 8 miles N of Idaho City, Idaho.

Pioneer Fire Column

The Pioneer Fire started on July 18th around 1700 hours from an unknown ignition but it is being investigated.  The fire has consumed 181,065 acres of Timber (grass and understory) and has caused many evacuations.  Currently the fire behavior is expected to be moderate after the inversion lifts off.  It is concentrating itself in the Deadwood River and Bear Valley drainages.  There are 1,087 personnel assigned  along with resources of 19 crews, 10 helicopters, 38 engines, 4 dozers, 10 water tenders and 3 masticators. Crews have successfully reached a 55% containment status.


St. Bernards visit Soberanes Fire ICP

Therapy dogs at the ICP helps release stress. (Photo Credit: Kale Casey/via Inciweb)

SOBERANES FIRE – Soberanes Creek, Garrapata State Park, Palo Colorado/Big Sur, & Ventana Wilderness, California

The Soberanes Fire started on July 22nd around 0845 hours from an illegal campfire. The fire has devoured 98,420 acres and still continues to do so when the winds increased causing the fire activity to be very active on the SE side of the fire.  It moved 1.8 miles yesterday now passing Marble Creek trail and Black Cone Mountain.  Crews put out two spot fires.  Fire is being managed by Commanding Alaska IMT.  57 homes and 11 outbuildings have been destroyed. 410 structures are being threatened. 1 fatality and 6 injures have been reported. Resources include 1153 personnel along with 16 hand crews, 59 engines, 15 helicopters, 3 dozers, 7 water tenders and 2 masticators.  For a list of road closures, areas of evacuations and other Public information go to Inciweb’s website —> http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/4888/


TIE FIRE – 10 miles SW of Victor,  Idaho

The Tire Fire  is burning in timber, brush and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior with isolated torching and creeping.  There has been 1031 consumed acres and an 86% containment status. 7 crews, 8 engines and 3 helicopters are assigned to this incident.  Cost-to-date is $5.1 Million.


WEST GOVERNMENT CREEK FIRE – 10 miles SW from the Town of Vernon, Utah

Plumes of black smoke surrounded by billowing whilte smoke extends from the grass-covered landscape into bluesky.

The West Government Creek Fire was ignited by lightning on September 2, 2016.  This is a wind-driven fire with some spotting over the Red Pine Ridge on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  Level 1 evacuations began last night at 1800 hours of the area West of Sharp Rd and Rd 597.  Other areas include hiking/camping/hunting between the cross intersections of Erickson Rd and Pony Express Rd and Little Mt Rd and Pony Express Rd.  The fire has consumed 4,006 acres.  Resources assigned to this fire are 3 Hot Shots, 2 hand crews, 1 squad, 5 engines, 4 water tenders, 3 heavy air tankers, 3 SEATs and 3 helicpoters.  200 personnel are on this fire.  A TFR is in effect.

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